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A day of mourning…

Okay, so maybe I am being a little over dramatic (I blame my newly raging hormones) but a sad day it is. I am a magazine-a-holic. I read them constantly and am so inspired by new trends, current products available in the marketplace and the glossy pictures of so many fabulous ideas. Three of my most loved magazines are now calling it quits in this tough economy and I feel like three good friends have died. First it was Blueprint, Martha’s take on young hip design. I still have every single issue. Then it was Cottage Living, my go to source for making small spaces work. I haven’t yet thrown many of those out either. But yesterday, my FAVORITE magazine, the one that I have four years worth of subscriptions for, of which I will not part with a single issue, that I read as soon as it comes in the mail, is sadly biting the dust too. My beloved Domino Magazine, the design source that hit exactly my demographic cannot continue.  What will I do now? Elle Decor & House Beautiful just aren’t the same as my modern, young, fresh Domino. If I have a son, my son’s room will be a product of a very inspiring spread from the November issue. The art in that room will come from an old issue of Blueprint. My future daughter’s room will be directly inspired by the many shades of damask printed all throughout my Domino. It makes me so very sad.

blueprint cottagelivingcover dominomag

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  • amy - …and Wondertime too…SO sad…ReplyCancel

  • Tori - I’m sorry to hear that for you…I wasn’t a huge fan… what are they replacing it with for those of us who have paid for scripts?ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - ugh, wondertime too! major bummer. i used to read that in OB waiting rooms all the time with my previous job & was eager to get a subscription. It was like real simple for kids. If real simple goes under, I’ll be devastated. Tori-I havent seen anything about that yet. :(ReplyCancel

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