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Strolling in style | the BUGABOO

There were a few things I knew I HAD to have when I became a mother…some of them I knew I had to have long before I ever got pregnant. I don’t know what happens to our brains (I should speak for myself, maybe I am the only one?) before we have kids. If you are anything like me, the research begins. Strollers, Car Seats, Diaper Bags, Breast Pumps…the list goes on! I thought I needed everything under the sun. I didn’t. A lot of things made life with a newborn a lot easier & some still do. Some have never been used but some…some I just couldn’t ever imagine parenting without. Let me introduce you to one.

I cannot possibly share the extent of my enthusiasm over this stroller in written words. I LOVE my Bugaboo Cameleon. I have been stopped while out & about many times over & asked “Do you love it?” and “Is it worth it?” I think I could make a killing selling these things. Because the answer is “YES” and “YES.” (followed with a demo of my single finger steering technique–oooh la la) Now I, like most people, thought it was RIDICULOUS to spend that much money on a stroller. That was, before I realized it’s utility in my daily life. Here is the official demo video, which might help you understand what I am talking about below. Let me take you through the phases…


  • When Caroline was an itty bitty baby, we used to have her sleep in the bassinet part of the Bugaboo. We had the stroller set up in the house & we simply rolled her around from room to room, wherever we were. This completely took the place of a bulky pack&play in my downstairs space!
  • When I was out & about, I kept her swaddled in the bassinet & could go & go without disruption. She was happy, I was efficient!
  • I could change diapers in the bassinet, and not have to use one of the icky public changing stations. Major bonus if you have a newborn.
  • With this attachment (sold separately) my Graco Snugride could snap right onto the frame, especially nice when the baby is sleeping & you want a quick transition from car to stroller. So, so nice!
  • The stroller also comes with a rain slicker. This has come in handy soooo many times. Particularly when visiting BAMC (which for those of you non-local/military folks…is our hospital with zero parking that requires you to walk a mile to get to an appointment). Even though mom is soaked, the babe is perfectly dry, as is the stroller.


  • At about 5 months, I changed the bassinet into the upright seat. Caroline was ready to look at the world! It was very easy to do & just involved velcro-ing the seat to the frame. Both are included.
  • At 12 months, (listening to Caroline’s cues) I turned the seat so it was facing outward. (sniff, sniff)


  • The Fabric on the Cameleon is completely removable/interchangeable. This is nice for washing purposes & also because it is really fun to pick your favorite color & texture! I, of course, have the hot pink fleece. I like the fleece because it was softer than the other alternative, canvas. If you really want to get fancy, there are a bunch of different vendors that sell fabric for the stroller. Some can be found here on etsy & more adorable options here.
  • I added this toy to the handlebar & it has provided HOURS of entertainment.
  • If you get the cup holder, put it INSIDE the handle bar. If it’s on the outside it will get knocked off on door frames.
  • Fun fact: I can turn my stroller 360° with one finger. No joke. The smooth handling of this stroller is second to NONE. & I have tried A LOT. There will be no waking-of-the-baby when you hit a bump. The shocks will absorb it. Oh the value *right there* is astronomical.
  • It is very easy to open a store door with one hand, swivel & guide the stroller in with the other hand.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom makes valet clips for the handle bar so you can hang your Boxy Backpack or Touring Tote. This always made me nervous, after hearing a pediatrician friend’s story about a bag tipping the stroller over & baby getting injured. So, just be careful.
  • There is an iPhone holder that attaches to the handle bars. I have no first hand experience…
  • Why the Cameleon & not the Frog? One reason is because you cannot change the fabric, so you are limited to a few colors. The more important reason is that you cannot adjust he handle bar. I am short, but still kicked the bar under the stroller when I test drove the Frog in the store. I am sure my husband would have had even more difficulty walking with it.
  • This is a good video on stuff that the official Bugaboo video below doesn’t cover, like how to use the infant car seat adapter.

I probably should not admit this, but I have actually contemplated not having another child until the first one no longer needs a stroller, partly because I am so brand loyal to Bugaboo and there was no double stroller available. Then this weekend happened & I have NO MORE EXCUSES. Ummhmm. Wait until you see this beauty.


Now (FINALLY!) there is ONE product that I would exchange my Bugaboo Cameleon for. Just ONE. It was announced over the weekend & I am BEYOND impressed…just watch this video. I am totally in awe. Ready to sell mine tomorrow if I could get my hands on one of these (not that I need it…so don’t get any silly ideas! ;P)

presenting the new bugaboo donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.

There she is…the BUGABOO DONKEY. Images courtesy of Bugaboo. The stroller’s width telescopes so it can accommodate one baby, a baby and the basket, TWO babies (from what I read you can click two infant car seats in if you have twins), and then back to one baby as your family grows. Hello, versatility.

Now this just looks made for the farmers market, no?

& I am signing off my computer for a bit. I’ll be back soon…but until then, have a great week!

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  • Kristyn - I guess I’ll have to start saving my pennies!! I admired this stroller when you first talked about it before Caroline was born. Strollers can be such a pain in the butt, but….Ahhh, not this one! I totally enjoyed this!ReplyCancel

  • Tori @ - Amazed! From one baby to two & back to one. SOLD!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - I love the fact that they made it possible for you to do two seats. That is pretty awesome. I went with Orbit Baby which is also pricey, but I LOVE it. It is so simple to use, I get asked everytime I’m out “What is that?” The 360 degree rotation is fantastic and instead of buying something extra to snap the car seat into the stroller, the carseat is the stroller. It has the bassinet feature too which I didn’t have for my boy, but I’m definitely doing for whenever we have our second. Isn’t it so fun to have something you love that much.ReplyCancel

  • Colleen Sheehy - Thought you might like to know that knee high socks are on sale at Target this week for $1. I just bought some today and am planning on making some baby legs for my baby. :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin Jensen - I am with you on this bugaboo thing! We have a donkey and I am in LOVE with it! My daughter ( has some health concerns and it is a work horse and can hold her, all of her stuff and ours too!!! Totally worth its weight in gold even with just one kiddo!!! Cant wait to see what it can do when we add another in the future!!!ReplyCancel

  • Steve - My wife Lisa (Nicholson) went to school with you and I think she has commented on here before. I have a question about the Bugaboo – do you have to remove the seat part in order to fold down the stoller, is it the same if you put in a car seat adapter. Your help is appreciated, we are deciding between the Bugaboo Chameleon and the Uppababy Vista. Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Hi Steve! Congrats! & yes–it’s a little annoying, but the engineering & ride of the stroller make that inconvenience worth it to me. I kicked the uppa baby vista when I test-drove it–so make sure you walk with it & walk fast, because you can’t adjust the handlebar like you can the cameleon! I wish I would have looked at the single bob too–as much as I love the bassinet on the bugaboo, it really was only useful for about four months. & I’m loving my double bob–ride comparable to the bugaboo. Good luck!ReplyCancel

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