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Baby Bum Drops + Cloth Wipes | FAB 50:6


  • BABY BUM DROPS: chemical free solution for wipes
  • As You Stitch Baby Wipes: these are single ply serged flannel. I prefer single ply flannel for wiping, found double to be too thick. I think I have ten dozen? Could totally get by with six dozen or so. And…AND…Alison is generously giving my readers an extra 10% discount on the current (sale!) price through the weekend, ending 3/24. Coupon code: STYLEBERRY. Yay! Stock up!!
  • FITori on Cloth Wipes: detailed description on the HOWs & WHYs (she’s the reason I am even doing this at all!)

A couple of notes:

  • I did not do this with caroline. I started with a giant nudge & these as a gift from Tori (see link above!). I do not know why I didn’t use them sooner!
  • I do not use them for most #2 diapers. Breastmilk poop–no prob. Used them 100% of the time for six months. Toddler poop is a different story to me. I use disposable for that. Once or twice a day.
  • I do not use them on the-go. I use disposable wipes for that. (I don’t have my shit quite that together. Ha!)
  • I use the itty-bitty-est amount of the baby bum drops. Literally, maybe a quarter of a cube for that big bottle of premixed solution. It lasts FOREVER. I’ll never use it all! It dissolves best in hot water. & I don’t use vinegar like Tori. I haven’t needed it.
  • I keep the bottle in E’s nursery to pre-moisten his wipes in a wipe warmer. I thought I would be a sprayer, but I am not. I like my wipes soaked. Nice & wet. I found they were a bit scratchy & not very efficient otherwise. The bottle holds about five “changes” of wipe solution. I make it about once a month.
  • I keep the wipes in the warmer pre-folded just like disposable wipes to make it really easy to grab them & use. I fold a stack after each load of wash & keep them in stacks in his drawer. This way I can reload the warmer in a jiffy & dump some solution right on them, without having to do any work the minute they run out.
  • Here’s how I fold them. I would have loved to have done a video but…yeah. I am sure there’s one on YouTube!

What else can I tell you…

This is not a long & involved post because this is not a long & involved process. I made it out to be so much more than it was in my head. It’s simple. It’s easy. & after you do it a week…it’s normal.

Any questions?? Anything you want to add? Let’s share!


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  • Jenny Lynn - I love using reusable wipes too! I made the plunge after I kept separating the diapers from the wipes and having to go two different places (trash and wet bag). I just made my own – from some flannel that I doubled up and zig-zagged around the edges. They actually don’t get folded. They are the length and width of the folded wipe so they fit down in a refillable (disposable) wipes container. Easy Peasy. I just stack them when they come out of the dryer and throw them in the wipes container. And actually, I just use water…. I thought this was kinda strange but when my twins were in the NICU that’s all they used for wiping them and it worked great! But, I’m totally with you on the solid poop…I use disposable wipes for that :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Love this! I use Washy Wafers from Go Baby, Go! and love the Apple Blossom scent. It’s so much easier than I though it would be. We don’t use them for #2s or on the go either. Great idea about making a larger batch to keep on hand throughout the month – that would further simplify the process!!ReplyCancel

  • Ali HuYoung - Hi! I’m the owner of As You Stitch Baby and just wanted to say thanks for the love today :) I’d love to offer StyleBerry readers a discount on our wipes this weekend. Just use the coupon code STYLEBERRY for an extra 10% off the current (sale) price! Thanks again for sharing our little shop with your readers!ReplyCancel

  • Marci - has anyone else not had issues with getting a mildewy smell on the wipes from keeping them in the wipes warmer? We had this problem twice and I tried everything to get that smell out of them. Nothing worked.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Honestly, I had NO idea that cloth wipes even existed! :) Interesting stuff…and maybe something for me to explore (although I’m hoping Neva just potty trains early and we can move on from this whole diaper/wipe thing). My MIL has offered to try to potty train her on our vacation to FL this week and I might take her up on it. (Now, if I could get G not to wet her diapers at night…we’d move on from that too!).ReplyCancel

  • Laura - What do you do with the used wipes prior to washing?ReplyCancel

  • Jayme @ Keeping Up With Myself - I’ve been using a few drops of Dr Bronners with my wipes. But now I want to try the drops! And it never occurred to me to keep a jug of solution in the nursery, you’re so smart. For months I’ve been yelling for my hubs to refill a glass of water when I inevitably ran out mid-diaper change! Now I feel silly. Thanks for this!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen - Love this idea! But I have the same question, what do you do with dirty wipes? Where do you place them during changing and where are they stored before you run a load of laundry?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - wipes go right in with the diaper, straight to the hanging diaper pail!ReplyCancel

  • Bets - I LOVE cloth wipes and the Baby Bum Drops! It took me a while to figure out how to use them– I actually drop one in almost boiling water or it doesn’t melt very easily at all. I use an old spray bottle from my preious (much more expensive) diaper area spray and spray my cloths as I use them. I keep the cloths in a warmer, just wet with water, until I spray them for use. Seems to work. As for the commenter with mildew smell issues, I try to hold out changing the pad in the bottom of the warmer as long as I can, but I find when the mildew smell starts, it’s time for a fresh pad! I DO use cloth wipes on the go– I just moisten them with my spray and throw them in my wet bag with the soiled diapers. Also use them with #2. I have a variety of textures of cloth and just kind of choose what I need at the moment.ReplyCancel

  • Angelina - This is such a great tip! Just ordered some wipes. Thank you so much. I know it’s hard to keep up with the website, but I really enjoy the fab 50. Thank you for making the effort :)ReplyCancel

  • Stacie - Shawna, your blog has been a huge help and inspiration for me with cloth diapering, so I just had to comment here to pose an idea for you and your other readers regarding wipes and #2 diapers. For the first year, I used disposable wipes for my daughter’s #2 diapers. Unfortunately, that left me separating the dirty wipes from the diaper once I was done changing her. Then a few weeks ago something just clicked. My new system is to use regular toilet paper for the big mess with #2 diapers. Then I follow up with a cloth wipe. This way I can dump the toilet paper (that has been placed inside the diaper) along with the liner and mess into the toilet and just flush it all down! This way I don’t have to touch anything! The cloth wipe and diaper then go into the hanging diaper pail together as usual :)ReplyCancel

  • Amber H - I am having my 2nd babe in March & am so excited about using cloth wipes. I can’t wait!! This post just makes me that much more excited.ReplyCancel

  • New Age Nappies - This is really cool. Thanks for teaching me something new.ReplyCancel

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