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BFF. belly. bokeh…dreamy! | San Antonio Maternity Photographer

Nothing says pressure like having your BFF & her husband in front of your lens. Two people with crazy high expectations for both themselves & their friends. But you know what, sometimes a best friend is really the perfect person to take your pictures because she knows you. The real you. The one she adores, despite knowing everything.

Meet Victoria. She is my BFF. My very best girlfriend. We met almost ten years ago while both of our husbands were cadets together at the Air Force Academy. We have had our ups (like our trip to Germany!) & downs (like a good year of not speaking to each other…my fault). But I credit this woman with teaching me how to trust women. She is really the best friend a person could ask for. & I love her for the kind of friend she is to me. I trust her with everything. She is the sister I never had. The person I talk to (or text or email or voice mail) about ten times a day. We are so so so different, but at the core, we are the same. Our values are right in line with one another’s & that is why our friendship works.

Tori–I am so grateful you sent that email however many years ago asking me why we weren’t friends. & I am so glad that we are at this place in our friendship. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you in my life. You have taught me, supported me, loved me & encouraged me when I needed it most. & I love you for it all. We have laughed and cried…and laughed so hard we cried…too many times to count. & when I tell you how excited I am for you to enter this stage of your life I get tears in my eyes because I cannot wait to see you as a mother. I know you will hold this new role with the grace that is at the core of you. Your baby girl is one lucky little lady.

& you are one beautiful mama…

undefined undefined & just in case you were ever wondering just exactly what my daily schedule looks like, Ashley over at The Domestic Wannabe (cutest blog name ever) invited me to guest post in her “a day in the life” series. Thank you for featuring me, Ashley! Bet you never had a mama who operated until 3am & slept ’till 9, huh?! Ha! Us girls are just not morning people!! :)

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