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When BabyWise Fails (and what’s not wrong with my baby)

It’s been a long eight months. I stood and washed dishes at 10pm with tears streaming down my face more evenings than I care to remember. I was held completely hostage by the monitor. Waiting. More anxious by the minute. Is that the baby? Of course it’s the baby. Wait, it’s not the baby. Am […]

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Project 52 | TWENTY EIGHT

Metadata: f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 6400 ••• Gone are the five hour stretches of sleep. We are back to four. If I am lucky. & I am tired. I can’t put my baby down when I am home. He won’t sleep longer than 45 minutes during the day. He wants to eat nonstop. He cries & […]

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The Secret Swaddle | my sleep solution

I am a huge fan of swaddling. I cannot even begin to count the number of hours of sleep I have enjoyed thanks to a good swaddle–both of my babies took to it very well. When Caroline was 4 months old, she was snugly wrapped in a Miracle Blanket, with a fleece SwaddleMe on top […]

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Everett the sleep thief (& what is finally working)

Ahhhh. Nothing is quite as humbling as parenting. I’ve made no secret about struggling with my little guy. He’s the polar opposite infant than my caroline was. He’s restless. He cries. He doesn’t go back to sleep. He’s up every hour. He wants to be held. He fights the swaddle. He hates the car seat. […]

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styleberryFAQs | Mommy Topics…

Okay…two more to do! Today & one more day of FAQs then I have GOT to once & for all share my playroom with you. Mostly because I am starting another room makeover & I need to get the 7 month old playroom pictures out of my “to edit” folder & onto this blog! It’s […]

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styleberryFAQ | Homemade Baby Food, Breastfeeding & Nutrition

What better way to follow up some chit chat about cloth diapers than by talking about something else I am equally as passionate about–homemade baby food & breastfeeding! You all asked some great questions–so hope these answers help! BABY FOOD What were your favorite baby food recipes? This is, hands down, the question I get […]

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mama the night owl | how to survive

Ok. So if you follow me on facebook, you know that I often update at 2am. I am crazy like that. My brain doesn’t start really going until about 10pm…& my productive (for-mama-only) hours are 10pm-2am. You read that right. That is my very precious chunk of the day when everyone is sleeping & I […]

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