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The Match

For many people, medicine is a mystery. As I try to explain here & there, exactly the process that we are going through right now, it’s quite clear that unless you have a family member involved in a career in doctoring, most people just don’t understand the path to become one. It’s not a process […]

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Today on The Creative Mama…

…I’m talking about yet another thing I am loving. Head on over for my current favorite book & how I find time to squish reading into my hectic days! Happy Friday! :)

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the status update

Lessons. This year has been fulllllll of lessons. Some I needed to learn and some I didn’t know I needed to learn, but I am walking away a much more intentional person than I was before February 2012. One of the things my dear, sweet, handful of a boy, Everett has taught me is a […]

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Love is a Decision.

I have always looked forward to my 30th birthday. Everyone seems to dread it (maybe I will in a few months when it is closer), but for me, it marks a really neat milestone–it means I will have spent half of my life with my husband. We met when we were 15. We’ve been exclusive […]

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Project 52:45 | goal-oriented

Metadata: f/2.8, 1/100, ISO 1600 ••• I’m not quite sure how to describe how I am feeling other than to say it’s a lot like the feeling I had the day before I gave birth: nervous. excited. anxious. ready. accomplished. fulfilled. at peace. All of those things & more. This is the week before one […]

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baby steps, baking & the styleberry brand journey

You can gauge the state of my mental health by the amount that I bake. No joke. When I am seeking clarity I reach for flour, butter, sugar & the stand mixer. Baking is a very peaceful thing for me. Cooking is a necessity. Baking is therapeutic. Plus, then I get to make someone smile, […]

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on blogging. & business.

Every so often, a series of events seem to occur & force me to stop what I am doing & really think about my intentions. I am having one of those moments. It started when I read a post from the mom who quit blogging. Then an officer came to speak to my mops group […]

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