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Have you missed them?

They get all my attention. Which is why this blog does not. & that’s just exactly how it should be around here! These are my two favorite images from the last two weeks. Same sweet smirk! :) Now…on to processing this sweet boy’s birthday pictures! Oh, one is FUN!!!

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…is a state of mind. Remembering to practice gratitude is a life changer. It really does significantly impact the way you view the world. But more on that tomorrow. Don’t let these images fool you…it’s not pretty down here in freaking hot Texas. I know of ONE field with bushes that turn this color for […]

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RAWR. Twirl. Snap.

Halloween is easily my favorite time to shoot my kiddies. The autumn sun is dreamy and I always make it a priority to head outside with my fancy camera before we trick or treat. I will never miss it. I so love… So, Everett’s costume was store bought…but Caroline’s (Abby Cadabby) was a total DIY. […]

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Did you bring the camera?

I am a serial instagrammer. I will admit that I am addicted. I am AMAZED and INSPIRED by what can be created using the iPhone. & I love using mine. But I IG for one reason, and one reason only: my family. We’re on a particularly bad stretch of work hours for my hubby…which will […]

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Well look at that. I have time to blog. In the middle of the day even. I think I hit the…jackpot! :) It’s hard to describe the first day of preschool. Bittersweet seems to be an understatement. I am so excited for her. So excited that she gets to have a life of her own […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

& this year the tradition continues. With a new addition, of course!   Gosh, how fast they grow! Father’s Day 2011     Father’s Day 2010   Hope you have a special one! (we’ll be celebrating tomorrow…because Dr. Daddies don’t get Father’s Day off. Boo!)

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Halloween. The not-perfect kind.

Yesterday I had two choices: (1) be the kind of mom who puts down the camera because her kid doesn’t look perfect (2) be the kind of mom who sees the beauty, despite the imperfections. & captures it just the way it is. I chose the latter. & now, we’ll remember… the good. the bad. […]

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Not becoming the mama-razzi…

It’s a really tough balance. Get behind the camera or enjoy the life we live? It’s one thing that I still haven’t figured out. I want my babies to remember me as part of the moment…not the one with the black box attached to her face running alongside the action. Should I bring it? or […]

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