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The Match

For many people, medicine is a mystery. As I try to explain here & there, exactly the process that we are going through right now, it’s quite clear that unless you have a family member involved in a career in doctoring, most people just don’t understand the path to become one. It’s not a process […]

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I don’t believe my eyes.

You all know I love my iPhone. But today, it took my breath away. I used to feel bad about using it instead of my fancy camera, but I’m over that. A memory captured is a memory captured. Remember my FAB50 about PicTapGO!? Well. I even more firmly stand behind its awesomeness. See? Start using […]

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PicTapGo! | FAB 50:5

PicTapGo! was just released a couple of weeks ago. You can find out more about it here: PicTapGo! or just grab it in iTunes: BUY. It is $2 VERY well spent! My favorite filters are a varying combo of Lights On + Montecito + Get Faded Neutral. I SOOOO love this app!! Happy Friday!

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DIY Personalized Name Pennant Fun

Working with my hands is food for my soul. I often get asked how I get so much done & the truth is, you should really be worried about me if I don’t have five zillion projects lined up and in progress. I just need to make stuff to function. There is something about the […]

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How to Tie the MOBY Wrap

Moby & I had a very brief and unfulfilling relationship two and a half years ago. I wanted him to be a certain way and he wasn’t. I didn’t try hard enough. I wasn’t willing to bend. It wasn’t his fault. But he was just wrong. So we broke up. But…we have recently rekindled things […]

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A Day in the Life…

Today you can find me over on the beautiful re-designed Creative Mama. :) Welcome to my happy little Monday. :) Here’s a taste…for the full article, head on over to The Creative Mama!

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Everett’s Beautiful Birth Story

Two and a half years ago I walked into the hospital completely prepared for caroline’s birth. & by prepared, I mean I scheduled my induction, showed up on time and got the pit going. I read a dozen books on parenting. A half dozen on what happened week by week during my pregnancy. But not […]

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Are you taking maternity leave? You better take maternity leave. But still take pictures! & share them! We want to see the baby!!! Ahh. Welcome to my life. I have never been a gal who can’t say “no.” I pretty much say “no” more than I say “yes” (a wonderful skill I have already passed […]

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