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it’s time. | San Antonio Maternity Photographer

“He likes them all” she said. “It’s the first time he’s ever been happy with pictures!” [insert giant ::::::sigh:::::: of relief here] & then she started telling me which ones were getting blown up huge in her house. :):):) mission. accomplished. You first saw a sneak peek of my BFF Victoria here. Knowing full well […]

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BFF. belly. bokeh…dreamy! | San Antonio Maternity Photographer

Nothing says pressure like having your BFF & her husband in front of your lens. Two people with crazy high expectations for both themselves & their friends. But you know what, sometimes a best friend is really the perfect person to take your pictures because she knows you. The real you. The one she adores, […]

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Just Mommy & Me | San Antonio Maternity Photographer

Oh me, oh my. Sometimes…an image just moves me. Can you feel the love? Nicole is one my my dearest friends here. You may remember her from this shoot. She is one of the most capable women I know. I tend to surround myself with women who just make it happen. I enjoy self-sufficient, non-complainers. […]

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on photography | my journey & tips for beginners & beyond

It was somewhere along lonely I-29 on my 300 mile weekly commute from Omaha to South Dakota that I made the decision. I had a great year selling Mirena & earned a bunch of points to use in the Bayer store to buy something nice. After a bit of coaxing from my sister-in law, I […]

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save the color for in front of the lens… | Photog Tip

Last week…my mind was empty. This week, I could write a book. So goes it in the world of shawna…ha! I rarely ever have pictures of me shooting. I love to see other photographers at their craft, so I thought I would post this. My friend Lauren took it for me, sneaky sneaky! Thanks, Lauren! […]

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THE BABY LIST | everything you need to have a baby

Ah, the baby junk. We all have it. We need most some of it. But what do we do with it all? Buy furniture that can house it & clear out cabinets so they can hide it, too! :) I get a lot of friends & readers asking me about my must-have products so I […]

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occupation: storyteller • San Antonio Photographer

Life is about stories. The stories we share with our friends, the stories we create with our families, the stories that are passed on from generation to generation that keep the memories alive. How fortunate am I that my job is to tell stories through imagery? Pretty lucky, I’d say! Recently I had the opportunity […]

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