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My husband & I are total bookworms. We were both honors students & had running GPA competitions all through college. I am very proud of graduating Magna Cum Laude, because I worked very, very hard in college…both in school and at my job. I loved school. I always have. My education at Saint Mary’s College […]

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kicking. my. self. I did something really stupid last week. Really not smart. I am trying to fix it. It’s not working. Please learn from my mistake. I showed my daughter the LCD monitor on my camera. & she saw babies. Herself, to be exact. But given her current obsession with babies…this is disastrous. I […]

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My friend Nicole recently asked me if I had done any personal projects. My gut reaction was “crap, I keep forgetting!” Because I really do. I have lots of ideas (surprise, surprise) and hope to make them a reality over the next few years. I feel like I was blessed with this talent & I […]

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