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The leaves are changing. (THE LEAVES ARE CHANGING!!) I wish I could fully exude my happiness about this Autumn colorshow. I have been staring in awe all day, every day. Seasons. Oh, how I missed them. I was recently in conversation with a family member who was living back in the Midwest after a stint […]

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Handprint Rudolph Ornament

Isn’t it funny how the moment you release yourself from pressure, stuff becomes fun again? I made this with no intention of blogging it–it was just an idea that came to me after I fell in love with some plates we painted with a reindeer just like this. Why not make it 3D? Why not […]

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A Modern Tree | The Creative Mama

Wait…a new blog post? One last one. Over on The Creative Mama. ;) Need an easy, cheap and fun craft? Head on over to check out our modern turned math teaching tree! Happy Monday!

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DIY Rag Wreath…to conquer the boredom.

My daughter has decided her meals need to take foooooooorevvvvvvvvvverrrrrrr to consume. & I am bored. Problem is…if I get up from the table, she just stops eating & resumes her much more fun than eating activity. ::sigh:: So I have felt like a prisoner at the kitchen table for nearly three hours a day…sitting…watching…barking […]

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The 2011 styleberry Gift Guide

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine was the best I’ve had in years. We spent the weeks before & after with our family, but the actual holiday was just the three of us. It was perfect. We established new traditions (Christmas Eve milkshakes + Christmas Lights tour & finished […]

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What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

Christmas has always been my absolute favorite time of year. Add the wondrous eyes of a two year old and there is a whole new level of magic to the season. The simplest joys light her up. Santa…not so much. But twinkle lights elicit oohs-and ahhs from the back seat and plenty of “it’s so […]

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These are a few of my favorite things…

I have so much randomness I want to share floating through my head & I think that this is a perfect way to cover a bunch of the stuff I am loving right now! You know I always do a holiday gift recap, but I can’t do it until *after* Christmas, or I give away […]

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