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It’s getting real. REALLY real. 2014 was always the number. It marked the end of residency. THE goal. The moment we could breathe. The year we could look forward to. I’m going to pretend (for just a moment) that there aren’t several even harder fellowship years right around the corner, and celebrate. Somehow, we made […]

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How to Pick a Preschool

I love education. I love reading. I love learning. I love school. I always have. But for some reason, I have a really hard time picturing my children in school. Weird, I know. Cut the cord already! But I have always considered myself their primary educator, and I take my job very seriously. We learn […]

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Ahh. She’s here.

You know that feeling when your insides match your outsides? …when you finally can say… “YES! I look EXACTLY how I FEEL?” You know that feeling. & right now, that is how I feel too. This design concept has been rolling in my head for years and after I saw Noomie Doodles work, and she […]

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DIY Disinfectant Wipes | FAB 50:9

Holy Cow. It’s been a really long time. But with REALLY good reason. I was preparing for a huge local consignment sale and went through every single baby thing in my house and am sitting about 600 items lighter at the moment! YAY for the great big PURGE! Ah, feels so good. I still have […]

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Introducing Shop Styleberry!

Part of the reason I have been so absent from the internet is because I have been working hard in my home. I have been organizing and purging and reevaluating our living space–making what works work better and fixing what doesn’t. &…it’s time. Time to let a little piece of me go. Time to begin […]

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DIY Chalk Paint | pretty & smart storage for the new year

Ahh…what a lovely holidays. I hope you enjoyed yours. Ours were quiet and sweet and just exactly what I’d hoped they’d be. But now…it’s a new year. New goals. New ideas. Aaaaand (yippee!) new projects…but only because my parents came to visit! I had a glorious week’s worth of help and was able to knock […]

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Keeping Marriage Fresh…

Today I am helping celebrate my eighth wedding anniversary by sharing some fun, marital rut busters over on The Creative Mama. I hope you’ll join me: Happy Wife, Happy Life. :) Gosh, it’s been a quick eight years. This [sort of] still feels like yesterday! (& yes, yes that is me. I was a blonde […]

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creativity & inspiration: my creative process + common barriers

By request, I thought I’d share some of the stuff that I threw up on the screen at my MOPS meeting this week. I spoke on Creativity & Inspiration and while I listed off bullet points that I wanted to touch on, I let the talk be it’s own organic self…moving where it went & […]

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