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details, details, DIY details! | styleberryPARTY Pt. 3

I have always been a detail oriented person. I think that the real separation between good & great is in the details. The grammar. The presentation. The accessories. Details matter & more often than not, they become the most important part.

I really enjoyed putting together little budget friendly things for this shower. I am working on a tight budget right now & throwing a big baby shower was something that I didn’t have extra cash for. I had to make it work. Don’t we all do that when it comes time to party? I think that you can do pretty & creative on a budget if you use your coupons wisely, think outside the box & plan ahead.


I think every party table needs fresh flowers. It’s just a “thing” I have. I checked in with Tori before I drove in & found that she was not finding any hot pink flowers locally. SO…to Costco I went. I bought these four days early & they were perfectly in bloom when I wanted to use them. If you let flowers sit a couple of days they will open & you will need less of them because they will look fuller. I picked up two dozen for $18 & stretched them to three different “vases.” The vases were galvanized steel little pitchers that I found at the Pottery Barn Outlet for $5/ea. I tied a few fabric scraps around the handles to give them a little more character & there you have it. Chic but not stuffy. 3 vases + fresh flowers for just over $30.


I was inspired by this pin over on Pinterest. GENIUS! I could not find gumdrops anywhere, so I used the next best thing: marshmallows. I used a 40% off coupon at Michaels to buy some Lollipop sticks & got a single sheet of scrapbook paper. Add a scissors, a white pen & some hot glue & we were able to tell our guests exactly what was all on the table for them to enjoy. All for about $9.

(& don’t ask me about the brownie balls recipe, because I don’t have it! If Anne lets me, I’ll share because they were a little taste of heaven!)



I have a problem with glass jars. I can never throw them away. I have a whole pantry full, which is great right now, because I just learned I have to bottle up every single thing in there because we have weevils. Gross! The bright spot out of all of this is that I have a zillion empty containers because I have been collecting them for some time! I grabbed a couple of my upcycled spaghetti sauce jars & used my pinking shears, some scrap fabric & ribbon to make them pretty. Perfect for holding utensils. Fabric is from Hobby Lobby & was 30% off. I only bought a half yard of each, which means that I spent under $5 on fabric. The ribbon I already had.



I really kind of despise baby shower games. Does anyone really like shoving their face in a “dirty” diaper? Well, I don’t! & we were not going to do that! This was a classy affair & since I planned on so many guests, I decided to do a baby shower bingo to help pass the time during the marathon gift opening session. Each guest filled in the items she thought were necessary to have a baby & as Tori received them, her guests crossed them off the list. We had a couple bingos & the winners received some super cute oven mitts (for their buns in the oven!) that I picked up for $3/ea at the Pottery Barn Outlet. I designed the bingo cards in photoshop using the invitation design. & after asking Tori if she had a bunch of pens I could use for the day of the shower she reminded me of my former career…drug reps are NEVER short on pens! & I had stockpiled plenty from my reppin’ days!! ;)


next up: making chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick!

are you finding this stuff useful? you all sure are quiet this week!

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  • The Up North Writer Mama - I love the simplicity of the DIY stuff. Definitely keep this in mind for my son’s first birthday part (less than two months away, sniff). And for future showers I help throw! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - i LOVE that photo of the flowers. Details totally count! Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Randi - Just stumbled across your blog after “pinning” an item from Pinterest! Annnnndd… I think we share the same brain- among other things! (I’m also a Texas girl (Corpus area to be specific) & my daughter was the same pretty little kitty for Halloween)! LOL Anyway, I can’t wait to “catch-up” on your blog- keep it up, girlfriend… I love the way you think!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Marylin - Not quiet just patiently waiting for your oh-so-gorgeous tips and secrets! Perfect timing because I have to start planning for Aubrey’s second birthday party in July. I’m LOVING this. Such pretty stuff and at such reasonable cost. Tell me about the table cloth in the brownie ball pic please :) Your blog is my treat to myself every other day at work (one of my locations is somewhat slow so I have some time to peak at your goodies!). Can’t wait for more!!! Thank you for taking the time to share with us.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley E - WONDERFUL ideas Shawna — so crafty! Thanks for sharing!! :o)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - Super helpful!! :) My sister-in-law’s baby shower is in June, so I’m on the hunt for good ideas!

    (I think this is my first comment ever, actually!)ReplyCancel

  • Baby Shopaholic - Thanks for sharing! I am in the midst of planning my babies 1st Birthday!ReplyCancel

  • Erin W. - Yes I’m finding it helpful! I’m planning my sister’s baby shower next month, so I’m eating it up! I need all the ideas you can throw out! :)ReplyCancel

  • Shannel - 1. Love the tips and how tos
    2. How I envy your proximity to a PB Outlet!
    3. Baby Shower Bingo!! I love it! I too am not a fan of baby shower games, and for “marathon gift opening sessions” this sounds like a perfect way to keep the guests entertained and the mama-to-be not feeling awkward as everybody stares at her as she opens gifts.
    Thanks as always for sharing your talent & creativity with us.ReplyCancel

  • Casey - LOVE! LOVE! You are a GOD send for us visual gals!!!ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - Yes, loving the baby shower posts. Please keep them coming!ReplyCancel

  • Joy - Fabulous post! I love your craftiness! Will definitely keep your projects in mind for future party planning :) Can’t wait to read more!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey Jo - i hate baby shower games too! but bingo is brilliant!ReplyCancel

  • Zantia - All such great ideas! They look great, and I agree with Shannel about the Pottery Barn Outlet!ReplyCancel

  • Katy - Such a great post with wonderful ideas! I chuckled at the Mirena pens. :)ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McCown - So much fun to see how your creative brain works! I’ve been anxious to see how you would use those adorable PB outlet finds for the shower! Tori is so blessed to have you as a friend :)ReplyCancel

  • Bree - I love that you have Mirena pens at a baby shower! That made me laugh. What a beautiful party!ReplyCancel

  • Hiria - I love your blog! All the way from NZ I am loving it..DIY is a wonderful thing and you make it that much more exciting as your projects look devine….thank youReplyCancel

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