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Fall Baking Perfection | Peanut Butter Cream Sandwiches

It’s hard to get psyched about fall baking when “fall” weather is a constant 80 degrees (ohhh Texas, you are not my friend) but I am doing it anyway! Fall & winter are my favorite time of year to bake. I came across a yummy looking recipe in my November Better Homes & Gardens Magazine that looked too good to pass up. It peaked my interest because it called for cumin in the recipe, which I thought was very interesting. I cook with cumin a lot, but not bake. Had to try this one out. My hubby, having not seen baked goods in his lunch for 2 weeks now, began calling home and asking me what I was up to, but before I could answer said “oh, baking, SWEET!” Hint, noted. This happened on multiple occasions and you have to realize it is a battle to get my husband to eat anything so when he asks for food, I deliver because it may be all he eats all day long. So…I knew he loved peanut butter and thought these would be a good thing to try. They turned out a hundred times better than I expected! The recipe isnt online yet, so you will just have to go buy the magazine yourself & turn to page 204. Look for Peanut Butter Cream Sandwiches. You won’t be dissapointed. Promise!

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  • -shawna- - just noticed…if you look closely…you can see me in the mug holding the camera! hhahaha!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Percival - what lens are you using? the dof is great! maybe you should try to do food photography on the side. =)ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - it’s my new one. canon EF 28MM f/1.8 USM wide angle. it’s not good for shooting homes, I need the 17MM zoom. Next on my wishlist. But this one is so much fun! i love detail vignettes!ReplyCancel

  • Dominique Crisp - Dear Shawna,

    I LOVE your website and especially all of the fabulous ideas and know-how. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, but have lived in Italy for the last five years. I am a fellow lover of cooking, decorating, photography and style. I have worked in the fashion industry here in Italy for the last three years and am currently on maternity leave for the first time! During these last two months before our little munchkin arrives I have been experimenting with homemade Pumkin and amaretti tortelli, spinach-ricotta ones, a wonderful cake called Sbrisolona, served with grappa and all sorts of other traditional dishes from the area where I live in. I will be looking into the best food processor and juicer to make baby food and drinks for my next purchases. The month of November will be dedicated to decorating the baby’s room. I have decided to use the French, Napoleon bee as my inspiration for the motif of the room but I would like your opinions and ideas on how and where to start. I know I want this bee as the base of the room but not much else. We are buying a raw wardrobe with french doors to paint and put the bee onto and so far I have decided to stencil the bees around the bottom of the room (instead of wallpaper borders). Any suggestions you might have for furniture, bedding, a crib or chaning table, light fixtures etc would be appreciated. Let me know if there is anything I can do for your and your business from Italy! There is a wealth of artisans here so I have heaps of resources for hand made stationary, textiles, antique furniture restoration if they could be of any use to you! Also, I design many of my clothes and have them made by seamstresses or friends of mine. My bridesmaids dresses for example were inspired by Dolce 6 Gabbana and my friends at Mariella Burani and Max Mara snuck them into the production of their Fall/Winter lines so that the workmanship was excellent. Also, my wedding dress was inspired from a 1950’s model I saw and then changed to fit my body type. The dress maker is a friend of mine who only makes one of a kind pieces for Cavalli Ebvening Wear collections for the run-way shows in Milan.

    Compliments on your website and on your photography and recipes! Hopefully we can exchange ideas to enrich both of our passions in STYLE!


  • -shawna- - hi dominique! welcome! congratulations on your upcoming little one. :) couple things, i know i saw an entire baby bees line from restoration hardware baby. You must check this out for inspiration! I also would LOVE to hear your decisions on juicers & such as I too, intend to make all my own baby food as soon we we are blessed with a baby. kudos to you for choosing to do that! i think it’s a wonderful decision. I would also love to try some of your fave recipes…do share! thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Percival - i should have told you that about the 28mm, but forgot. it’s closer to a 50mm on your camera since it’s not full frame, so know that the 17mm is going to be closer to a 30. all the same this picture is fabulous.ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - thanks kim! i should have rented it first. :( The lens is plenty fun for other shots though, just not the intended purpose.ReplyCancel

  • amy - Tag! You’re it! Visit my blog for more details!

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