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Fuzzibunz Pocket Pack Starter Kit | Spotlight on MyTotsTravel

I used to love to travel. Then I had a baby & decided to cloth diaper her & make her baby food myself. Then…traveling meant that these two things had to be sacrificed in some way. And then traveling made me sad. :(

A couple of weeks ago, my friends Lauren & Rebecca showed me the Flip Diaper. The Flip is a bit of a hybrid, using pads OR disposable inserts, allowing you to take CDing on the road! I, of course, had to try it. (My review will be coming soon) I logged on to the Flip Diaper site & began calling local retailers. This is when I found Lilli. Though she was patiently waiting for her shipment, we got to talking & turns out we have a lot in common! She has put together a great offer for those of you wishing to begin CDing, and asked me to give it to my readers. Just MY readers! See how special you are? You are now getting EXCLUSIVE offers!!

As I spotlight retailers in the near future, I want to get up close & personal with them. That’s just the way I work. I want to get to know the person behind the company & thought you might too. So here’s a bit more on Lilli in a Q&A format. She has such a unique business. Then the fab offer follows!

I stumbled upon your company recently, and you have a very cool service to offer! Tell me about it & how you got your start?

Our site is all about making travel with kids easier.  We sell products that help with travel and also rent baby equipment such as car seats, strollers, cribs, etc. to families traveling into San Antonio, TX. For families traveling to other destinations we also ship food, diapers, formula, baby supplies of all kinds to their travel destinations so that they don’t have to lug it with them and it’s there when they arrive.

Our company was born from need.  My husband and I love travel and use to be able to without a lot of planning but when our daughter was born we realized what a huge production traveling with an infant (or any child for that matter) really is.  We wanted to keep traveling (she had a passport at two months).  We knew we could not be the only parents who felt this way and after a lot of discussions we jumped in and went online.

My husband used to be a contractor.  He coordinated major commercial construction and now he coordinates the major construction of our daughter’s character by being the stay at home parent and all of our web business making sure deliveries are timely and products are shipped and received as needed.  I work on design, product addition, and do all the marketing, pr, blogging and social media interactions.  We strive to offer exceptional customer service since we are parents and understand the needs of our customers from personal experience.

In five words or less, tell me about your customer?

Savvy online traveling parents & grandparents.

What is your very favorite item from your shop?

The CARES is hands down the best thing for flying with kids we love it. (*I first heard about this from my SIL, GENIUS product. Allows you to check a car seat & safely fly with your kiddo. Check it out: Child Aviation Restraint System*)

But my *NEW* favorite item is the FuzziBunz One Size diapers that we just started carrying.  I only wish I had found them sooner… they are AMAZING and look so super cute on my daughter.

What is your current favorite baby item outside your shop?

The Height Right High Chair from is a favorite. It has grown well with my daughter and she enjoys sitting in it for meals and play time.

How did you find styleberry? What do we have in common?

I found the styleberryBlog on the FuzziBunz diapers site before I started carrying them on our site.  We were contemplating the idea and I saw your video and thought that if Modern Cloth Diapers were this easy why wouldn’t other moms want to use them and help both their kids and the environment. After a lot of research and trying it out for myself on my daughter I decided that the Flip diaper would be a perfect addition that could help make cloth diapering on the road easier and that started this whole new part of our business. Once we jumped in we added other convenient diapering options as well as more economical options.

Lastly, because much of this blog is about encouragement, what is your greatest piece of mommy wisdom??

I was 33 when my daughter was born therefore I had a few extra years of being an over achiever in my career field & I wanted to apply that to parenting.  I must admit that the first 8 months or so were the hardest… not because she was hard to parent but because I was so very hard on myself.  I felt so lost and inadequate from time to time.  To complicate things I also felt so incredibly guilty for having to go to work every day and really felt like I wasn’t cutting it as a mom.  My husband is a great father and a neat freak so it was not like I had extra work or an uncooperative spouse… but maybe that was it!  He was so good at it and I always questioned my choices and felt like I was walking around in the dark.

Best advice I can give any new parent is very simple: Don’t be so hard on yourself.  If you act out of love and keep your child safe you really can’t go wrong.  Trust your instincts.  ENJOY parenting for all it is and allow yourself to make mistakes without feeling like a failure… it is a lot about trial and error and when you let go of the need to get things right you can start to enjoy the miracle you have in front of you.

Now for the fun stuff!! This discount will not be posted anywhere else and can not be accessed through the My  Tots Travel web page. Anyone who is interested must call (210) 849-9061 or email us at to request the package. These packages will be special ordered in your selected colors, so there will be approximately a two week shipping period from the date of order.

The FuzziBunz Pocket Package!

18 FuzziBunz One Size diapers (New colors) with 36 inserts total: 18 large/18 NB & 18 extra elastics
1 Medium (14 X 15 inches) Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag
1 Bag of Rockin Green (HardRock) Cloth Diaper Detergent
1 Shake It Up! Pail Freshner by Rockin Green
1 Large Wooden Scoop for detergent

[Retail Price $399.55 Package discount for styleberryBlog readers -$59.40]

Sale Price $340.15*

*For SA residents, MyTotsTravel can meet you so that you don’t incur additional shipping charges. TX residents must add tax. Anyone out of San Antonio but in TX there will be tax and a flat rate shipping charge of $13.95. Out of TX there is no tax just the shipping charge.

This is a really nice starter pack. I am posting about it because I think it might help some of you get started. I receive no compensation, just so you know. :) I love CDing, local small businesses & my blog readers/friends! There are two products I would add, and consider necessities. 1- The FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail x2 & 2- liners. I use these, but only because they were my original purchase & I STILL have not run out! I cut them in thirds. Big stacks at a time. Got a better one? Tell me!

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  • Jackie - THANKS!! I’ve been wanting to switch. A friend just showed me the flip and bumgenius brand too – there are so many great options out there!!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Booe - This is an awesome deal.When does the offer expire?ReplyCancel

  • Lilliana - First I would sincerely like to thank you Shawna for the highlight and for helping to spread the word on how easy modern cloth diapering is with these great products. Your video blog inspired me to carry these on our website!

    I noticed Renee inquired about expiration date as well as a few other people who emailed me. This specific offer (only for you StyleBerry readers) is good through Aug. 16, 2010. After that we will probably modify the package and still offer a discount although it will probably be a bit less of a discount.

    Some of you also asked about choosing colors if you don’t know the sex of your baby… There are only two colors of the 14 which could be considered “girlie”… these are Crushed Berries and Cotton Candy. All other colors could be worn by either a boy or a girl and they will look appropriate and adorable. If you plan to use these diapers for other children these 12 colors might be your best bet. Of course if you would like to add either of the pinks afterwards I will be happy to give those of you who buy this package a 10% off individual diaper purchases.

    I want to make sure you start cloth diapering off right so I am available if you have any questions. We also offer the Bummis Bio-soft liners, diaper sprayers, fleece liners, wet bags, etc. so you can make it a one stop shopping experience or I can direct you to where you can find anything else we might not carry.

    Finally, if you like the CARES I just wanted to point out that you can buy it from us as well as RENT it. If you rent it for a week and then want to buy one, we will give you a 10% off the purchase.

    Happy Travels to all of you fabulous StyleBerry readers!ReplyCancel

  • Isabel - Wow… That is a really good price for that package!ReplyCancel

  • Isabel - Wow…That is a really good price for that package! We use FuzziBunz for traveling too. Makes life much easier on the go!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Thanks again, Shawna, for telling me about!
    You were absolutely right about Lilli! She is great and sooooo helpful! I found EXACTLY what I was looking for and more!
    I was looking for a great deal on cloth diapers, but was only 2 weeks late to get the deal for your readers! Lilli let me know she had a similar deal, good through the end of the month and even gave me the $59 discount found here. Service and shipping are so much faster than the other online diaper services I’ve used!
    I have already recommended to all my Mommy-friends! Thanks for sharing with us all!

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