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…is a state of mind. Remembering to practice gratitude is a life changer. It really does significantly impact the way you view the world. But more on that tomorrow.

Don’t let these images fool you…it’s not pretty down here in freaking hot Texas. I know of ONE field with bushes that turn this color for about a week every November, and then it’s blah. Back to blah. But I sure am grateful for this week! Even if it is 80 degrees and my air conditioning is still on and we were all sweating by the time we got back in the car after taking these. At least we could pretend it was fall-ish with these beautiful colors.:) Sure reminds me of one of my favorite little mini sessions with my girl ever! How life has so wonderfully changed…

He is the most serious little boy. He smiles when he tries to be funny, is doing something he’s not supposed to, or is making a really loud noise. But this is baseline Everett. I predict a lifetime full of explaining that he’s not grumpy, it’s just his face. Juuuuust like his father. :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Turkey Day, full of family and friends! I’ll be hanging with these two monkeys and we’ll be celebrating this weekend, as the hubs has to work. I might just dig into those Christmas decorations early!

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  • kristin - i never think he looks ‘grumpy’ with that face. to me, that is a ‘soaking it all in’ face. (otherwise… we have some grumps here as well…!)
    thanks for posting your sweets!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea - Your children are precious and your photos of them are incredible! A friend of mine turned me on to your blog and I assure you if you ever wanted to do sessions in Austin for a day or so we could get you booked up… bring the littles.
    Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing those babes with us.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - “he’s not grumpy, it’s just his face” hahahaha. So funny. Beautiful children, sober faced or not…you are blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!!ReplyCancel

  • Erin - Oh, such great pictures. His faces make me laugh, because I get the same sort of thing from my 9 1/2 month old, who isn’t grumpy either. Caroline’s love for him is so clear in these photos.ReplyCancel

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