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How to Tie the MOBY Wrap

Moby & I had a very brief and unfulfilling relationship two and a half years ago. I wanted him to be a certain way and he wasn’t. I didn’t try hard enough. I wasn’t willing to bend. It wasn’t his fault. But he was just wrong. So we broke up.

But…we have recently rekindled things and I am so thankful he is in my life once again. We make a really great team. But it wasn’t until after a lot of trying, shifting and do-overs that we made it work. I love him. Not like xoxo I love you. Like I LOOOOVE him. He is the peace to my chaos. & I am going to show you just how we make it work…since so many of you have asked. :)

Here’s us in action:

A couple random things:

  • in the video I say “criss-crossed” instead of “twisted” a couple of times. The MOBY Wrap is supposed to criss-cross. It’s not supposed to be twisted. :)
  • I have both a black & a turquoise Moby Wrap. I far prefer the turquoise–I find it’s stretchier and cooler than the black one. I can also see the “track” on it better to correct any twisting.
  • It is super tight straight out of the wash & usually takes a day to stretch back out.
  • I wash it about once a week, no fading on the turquoise yet.
  • MOBY Wrap too hot? Wear less under it. :D
  • Caroline’s is authentic; it’s a Moby Mini.
  • Don’t know where to find one? I stumbled upon them in my TARGET the other day. Babywearing is totally going mainstream!

Did I miss anything?

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  • Drea - you are beautiful, just got to say that 1st. and Everett is A DOLL! man is he cute.
    The Moby was my 1st baby carrier (post snugi – hated that thing!) – and I loved it.
    However got to admit… and im not just saying this because I photographed their entire line… but Boba has Moby beat. :)

    Boba Wraps aka Sleepywraps are the butter of all wraps. I love it much more than the moby. The fabric just feels nicer. Its easier to adjust… it fits baby better. The fabric literally molds to baby.

    I may have a spare if you want to borrow one :) – I say borrow, only because I like to pass them onto other moms, so if I ship it to, you can just paypal me the shipping cost – and then once Everett is to big, you can loan it to a new mom doing the same. :) Let me know if you are game – I think you’ll be converted hehe.

    I have a baby blue and I think purple? maybe pink.


    • Jennifer - Yup, I want a Boba wrap for my next baby! :) I first heard about the Sleepywrap from the doula that taught my Hypnobirthing class. She recommended it over the Moby because it has spandex in it, so she didn’t have to readjust/re-wrap it throughout the day. It kept its shape/snug fit because it stretches. But that’s great that you can buy the Moby off the shelf at Target now! Even aden + anais has a line at Target!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Your so adorable! I want to kiss that little man! Muah.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I’m a wrap lover too, although I have a Tricot Slen, which is esentially exactly the same as a Moby. Agreed that they are amazing for getting them to nap on the go or at other people’s houses if your babe isn’t one who will just lay down and sleep anywhere (mine wasn’t!). Can I be a geek and request another video? I would love to see how you organise your change bag. I know you’ll have it totally sorted, so I’m sure I can get some tips, especially for using cloth out and about.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - thanks so much. I’ve been wearing the moby for 8 weeks and love it, but your tips totally helped I can’t wait to try it this afternoonReplyCancel

  • Jessica Sliman - You did a really terrific job with your video! And Everett is SO cute.
    I have to admit that the wrap and I did not have a loving relationship – although I did wear Neva in a wrap WAAAAY more than I wore Grace. Someone gave me a sleepy wrap (which is like a jersey material) and I loved the material. And had it not been crazy hot in the summer, I might have last longer. Once Neva was big enough for the ERGO, that was (and is!) our go to!ReplyCancel

  • Mallory - The video was so well done, thank you! I used a moby with my daughter but not until she was older. She was sooo tiny and the wrap was so big I felt overwhelmed. Seeing the way you wrap yours makes me feel less intimidated for when baby #2 comes along. I had one you find it easy to nurse while wearing the moby? I always had a hard time maneuvering my shirt, but figured you may have some suggestions since you use it so much!ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Agrees that they are amazing for getting them to nap on the go or at other people’s houses if your babe isn’t one who will just lay down and sleep anywhere. Thanks for sharing your site.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Hurley - This was a great tutorial. My daughter, first child, is almost 10 weeks old. There are times where I think my Moby wrap would be very useful but became very discouraged with it when I tried to use it with her around three weeks old. I haven’t used it since. However, I’ve decided to give it another go. I will soon be starting a stay at home job and think this will be a good resource to have when she is fussy and I still need to work. I’m going to give it another try now that she is a little older, and God willing we can make it work.

    On a side note, I really enjoy your blog. I’m a military wife as well. My husband and I are stationed out in California, far, far away from our family back east. And bottom line being a military wife it not easy, adding one child is not easy, and I could not imagine at this point adding a second. And IT’S hard without having family nearby, but we SURVIVE because that’s what a strong military wife and mother does. It’s a constant challenge but I have to believe it will make us better, stronger people in the long run.

    You are an inspiration and I will keep you in my prayers as you and your family adjust to the new challenges ahead.

    God Bless.

    Kristen HurleyReplyCancel

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