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in my shoes | iPhoneography

I used to write in a journal. I still do, but it is different now. I write to my daughter. I write for her. I write so she can remember the times she won’t remember. I began doing this the day I found out I was expecting & plan to do this for her until she has children of her own. So she may someday take my thoughts, words and actions and laugh…cry…learn. I use these simple journals. I love them. Of course, hers are pink. Hot pink.

However, I do journal in my own way, just for me. I take pictures. Now that I have an iPhone, I have found myself taking pictures a lot more than I did before. I grab moments here & there that make me smile. Glimpses of beautiful in my otherwise hectic day. This is how I see my life. You can read below for words, or you can just enjoy the pictures. I like the pictures best. :D

Top row to bottom row, left to right:

  • one of my favorite gifts that I don’t get to use enough. and a nice look at my shoulders, that I am working hard to build.
  • the furminator. YAY for the furminator.
  • the current favorite toy. a non-toy toy. hoping for a future fashion designer.
  • sweet, sweet husband.
  • BJ’s Mediterranean pizza (FAVE) complete with a pepper shaped like a heart.
  • from my garden.
  • boppin around town in some beautiful light.
  • first tastes.
  • relaaaaaaaaaaaaax mama.
  • asking for breakfast.
  • heaven. my heaven.
  • bath time. complete with lovely under-eye bags cause this gal can’t go to bed before 2am.
  • learning to love.
  • caroline is 1! party decor. made by me.
  • melting sugar for cupcake frosting. burned it.
  • bow. polka dots. just right. just me. around the house.

My girl turns one this weekend [sniff, sniff] so I will be a tad busy with our visitors for the next few days. Promise to be back soon. :D

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  • Jen - Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration! 1st birthdays are SO much fun! Do you have a theme? I did a ladybug garden party for my daughters first! Of course this year it’s all about sesame st! Enjoy the day!!! :) Happy Birthday little one!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - Happy Birthday sweet Caroline! Can’t believe you’re turning one!ReplyCancel

  • kristen fenton - hi Shawna! I finally got a chance to visit your blog/website and am BLOWN AWAY! You have amazing talent! It was so fun to meet you this week. I’m now a follower and looking forward to future posts! :)ReplyCancel

  • Lilliana - Happy Birthday Caroline! Shawna, hope you enjoy the celebration and all the family and friends that will be here to spend time with your family. Let me know if we need to switch Kim’s stuff before she leaves. Have a great weekend and celebration.ReplyCancel

  • Tori - I love this! I started w/ your idea WAY early and mine has taken this similar turn as well. I wish I had my mom’s thoughts at this age…..what I would learn to understand about myself and my family!!! What a gift!!! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)ReplyCancel

  • Carrington - Oh I LOVED this, I hope you don’t mind I might do my own day in a life through iphone photos :).

    Happy Birthday to your little girl!

    I love that you journal to her. Reminds me in a way of when I used to journal to my “future” husband starting from when I was 12? I dated my NOW husband for 6 years, never telling him, and gave him the letters on our honeymoon. It was really special, and I’m sure your letters to her will be even more so!ReplyCancel

  • Katrina - Ok I just found your blog via YHL – about CD and jumper over to your blog to read the entire post! My husband and I are planning another little one this year, and I’ve been thinking about CD so its great to hear another mom thoughts etc…

    BTW love your blog – so glad I found you!ReplyCancel

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