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Everett’s Dreamy Nursery

I haven’t yet decided if nurseries are actually for the baby. I kind of think they are mostly for the mama. She saw four walls and had a vision. A vision full of hopes and little moments, of snuggles and kisses. This is the place where her dreams come true…the dream of becoming a mother.

The first time I got to plan a nursery I planned two. See, we are the rare few parents left that love having a “surprise,” but this means that there has to be some grace given when it comes to completing the nursery decor. Since I knew I would not have the same time to finish the space as I did with just one child, I planned this room as a gender neutral space, and left the details for after delivery. This way I could customize the room in either direction. It’s definitely less masculine than it would be had I known I was having a boy, but the truth is, we’re moving in less than two years. He’ll be transitioning to a big boy bed at that time & most of the boy details are going to translate to the “big boy room” I have in my head, full of oranges and greens and navy. But this room is about NOW. I spent every night for his first six months rocking him in the chair in this nursery, staring at the details that I adore so much. And I am so glad I invested the time in to this space. I love it. By the time he’s old enough to have an opinion, he can help me create a room of his own. But right now, this is the perfect place to love on my sweet baby boy.

I am not a buy a bedroom in a bag kind of gal. I want rooms that look like none other on the planet, with pieces collected along the way, often irreplaceable and unique to our home. This room was no exception. The very first piece that I found to inspire this room & the color palette here was the quilt. It set the tone for everything. I originally intended to have a bed in here, but I later changed my mind, when I figured out a way to make it work in our guest room/office space. So orange, turquoise, lime, white, grey and pops of bright red were where I was headed. Here’s my mood board (created before we knew “it” was a boy!):

Now, some of my plans have changed (as all good designs do) and I just love how it is coming along. I am sure we’ll be making little adjustments here & there, but for now, welcome to Everett’s Dreamy Nursery. All resources linked throughout the post. Feel free to comment with any additional questions…enjoy the eye candy!

  • GIANT BUTTON: Hobby Lobby
  • STAR KNOBS: Hobby Lobby (spray painted with rustoleum in stainless steel)
  • QUILT HANGER: Ikea Dignetet Curtain Wire, (with four brackets total)

Oh, the painting. I love painting. Sometimes. [ha!] We (my dad and I) painted this room beige the first time. Then a chocolately orange when I got bored. Then (four years later) we painted it what I thought was the perfect gray….only to hate it as soon as we (and by we, I mean he) got two coats on. I looked and looked and the first gray, Wickham Gray, was just too blue. What if it was a girl? It was just not right. [sorry Dad!!] Back to the paint store we went again. Stonington Gray was the PERFECT shade. Whew!

I planned out the stripes based on the top and bottom color–I knew I wanted both to be turquoise. So I needed an odd number of stripes. I wanted them at least 12 in wide, so I did the math & started marking. (we had already painted the wall white.) I used a level to mark the lines in pencil on the wall first, then ran a line of Frog Tape along my mark. Don’t bother with the blue tape. The green is a far superior option! After I had the tape up and rubbed it on well, but instead of doing my perfectly straight line trick like usual, I brushed a stroke of white over the tape line (in the section where the turquoise would go), sealing the tape to the wall. After it dried, I painted the Turquoise, Valspar’s Sprinkle, over top. It took two coats to cover the white. It is the perfect shade of not too minty, not too blue turquoise. & trust me, I tried out a TON. Like, at least a dozen. The perfect turquoise is really hard to find.

  • DRESSER: Ikea Expedit, on its side + feet (found in store) + (2) two drawer inserts + (2) one drawer inserts (found in store)
  • ORANGE POT: Homegoods
  • STRIPEY BIN: Anthropologie
  • CHANGING PAD COVER: DIY (using this tutorial), fabric from Hobby Lobby
  • LAMP: Homegoods
  • WALL SHELF: Homegoods
  • CHAIR: PB Kids Comfort Grand Swivel Glider (scored for a mere $200 at the outlet, un-upholstered) + DIY slipcover (oommmmgg) fabric: Premier Prints Chipper Twill Storm
  • THROW PILLOW: Homegoods
  • VARIEGATED KNIT POUF: Land of Nod (it usually sits in front of the rocker…my feet don’t touch the ground without it! It’s necessary!!)

& for the record, I finished sewing the slipcover for that chair exactly five hours before I birthed a baby. WHEW. :)

Ahhh. My favorite wall in the room! Too bad my back is usually to it. I originally intended for this to be an alphabet wall, but after I got the room together I decided it would be too much. AND there was no place for pictures in this room if I did just letters, so I decided to make this an eclectic treasury of goodies. All of the frames are either from Homegoods or Target. I’ll source it all from left to right, top to bottom:

  • CUSTOM WHALE PRINT: Tree Top Studio
  • (2) STANDOUT MOUNTS: WHCC, of my work
  • BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: my work & design
  • DREAM BIG: Barking Bird Art
  • WRAPPING PAPER: World Market
  • PRINT: WHCC, my work
  • LINEN PINBOARD: Homegoods, I color-washed it turquoise & it’s full of Instagrams. More on it here.
  • BALLOON PRINT: Card, World Market
  • CRYING IS FOR BABIES (letterpress): Sycamore Street Press
  • WOOD FRAME: Hobby Lobby, “e”: Pottery Barn Outlet (I bought a standout print for in the frame and had that random “e” lying around since our girl name started with “e” too, and threw it up there to hold the place…but it has actually become one of my very favorite things on that wall!)

& finally, my DIY Night Light that casts the most beautiful glow on this room at night. Lord only knows how many hours I have spent staring at it. Good thing I love it so much. Full Night Light Canvas DIY here. The dresser (an old piece from college with at least three layers of paint underneath) is painted the same as the stripes, Valspar Sprinkle.

It makes me sad that this will be my very last nursery to decorate, but I am also very excited about the room evolutions that will take place as my babies grow up. I had so much fun doing this nursery and caroline’s over the top girly nursery and I just know that I will be so sad to leave this house! Both rooms are so different and so fun in their own way. Both such lovely places to spend so much time in. BUT…I am sure I will be ready to redecorate when we move! If I missed anything, let me know and I’ll answer in the comments section! :)

For more inspiration & to see what design direction I’m heading in next, check out my pinterest boards!

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  • Rebecca - Gorgeous room! Is the crib bumper a pain to remove before naps and bedtime thou? I left that off since it was cute but the baby couldn’t sleep with it and I couldn’t imagine taking it out and putting it back in so many times a day.

    I love all the beautiful artwork!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I use bumpers. I know it makes some parents nervous and each mama should make the right decision for her baby. But they never bothered me, and when I tried to remove them, it was a nightmare (dropped pacis, legs in the slats and tears galore) so I left them on.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Shawna, this is perfect. I love you! Please move to Colorado and come help me with this house! Ha! I will buy your tickets :)ReplyCancel

  • Beth - It is such a beautiful space and will be hard to leave, but at least you won’t have to paint over it when he gets bigger and wants to start making design decisions. Now THAT would be hard! :) I’m 100% positive this will be blowing up on pinterest.ReplyCancel

  • hanna - Thanks so much for sharing. I am so making the night light for my son’s room. Lately he has been scared of a dark room and I have been trying to find a solution. Love this quick, simple and inexpensive project.ReplyCancel

  • Lani - Inspirational, as always :)ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Will you share what your girl name was? I’m curious now! My guesses based on your other two choices are: Elsie, Etta, Eleanor, Eliza, Elise, or Evelyn. : PReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - haha! that name is going in the vault. God forbid our permanent contraception measure fails, I’ll have it as a backup! :)ReplyCancel

  • Mal - I’m curious about the girl name too :)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Love love LOVE his room. And I love the nightlight. Thinking I might have to do something like it for our little girl on the way. Thanks for sharing! Also love that you must be getting more sleep. Your blog posts are always my favorites :).ReplyCancel

  • April M - I love it! You must’ve slept last night :) I’m soooo happy for you :) yay Everett!ReplyCancel

  • ella @ lifeologia - I’ll be honest. I should be working and I googled frames for ideas for a client…. and here I go scrolling up and down your photos for over 15 minutes to be exact.
    And I’m not even needing a nursery – but I sure do want one now when I see this!
    Incredible design. What a beautiful space mama ;D
    Well done.


  • Christina - Love this. I just found out I was having a boy and was thinking of blue/orange for his nursery and this gives me even more inspiration!

    Also, I have tried finding it on your blog but have had no luck. I would love to know how you approached diapering as infants. Did you cloth diaper? Did the OS fit the newborns? Did you just do disposables until they fit into them? Prefolds? I frequent the bump and it seems that many of the CD mommies advise that OS do not fit newborns and that you will need to do prefolds or disposables initially. I really want to avoid both, so looking for more information since your posts on CDing really helped me to feel that this is something that I can actually tackle!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - 2012 Project 52, week 7! :) I rented newborn dipes from Go Baby Go! OS were definitely too big for the first 4 weeks.ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Shawna, I knew you were going to say that! I can’t say I blame you though, because I would do the same.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - Beautiful, Shawna! I love the colors you picked. I especially love how you updated the crib. What an easy way to make a piece modern.ReplyCancel

  • Aarti - Beautiful with so many details and touches! Thank you for sharing the process and the details.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle R - I agree, nurseries are for the mamas! We moved from the home my daughter was born in when she was six months old. I knew we were going to leave, so the first draft of the nursery was simple. Now with a little inspiration from this here blog, I’m working on Nursery 2.0! Same color as before, but with a little more personalization and pizzaz! Love your blog and that your life seems to be letting you blog more!ReplyCancel

  • Sae - Hi Shawna, I love the nursery! Do you have a good DIY tutorial for the slipcover you made? Thanks so much!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - pillow in the rocker?? I love the fabric!!!! love the room and your style!!ReplyCancel

  • Emma - I am expecting a little boy in april and was having a hard time finding the perfect nursery “look” until i found your blog. This room is perfect! I also have a pb glider from the outlet and am debating whether to buy the slipcover or try to make one myself. Do you feel like that fabric has held up well? Also, do you remember how many yard of fabric you purchased? I would love any slipcover advice you may have. Thanks!!!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - It has held up great! I’ve even washed it–very happy! I bought 17 yards, which was WAY too much. I bet I could have done it with 10-12. :) Good luck! (& it was not easy…and took forever…so just know what you are getting into! I finished it the day I delivered!)ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Flint - I love this room. I first saw it on Pinterest and was so glad it was pinned correctly and brought me to the right site! I have a question on your dresser. I found one similar with the open sides at Land of Nod but hoping to save a little money when I found this one I was so excited! I think I found everything at ikea and also think my husband and I (who are virgins to DIY) can do it. But are there any tips to how to attach the legs? The building material seems like it would split or something if we made a pilot screw hole. Oh and the one drawer inserts are can’t be found…are they the door inserts turned sideways? Love it! Thanks!!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I would not use a pilot hole I would screw right in. I know it seems flimsy, but it’s been fine! & the drawers were in the same section as the double drawers when I bought them! they do slide out, not swing open. Good luck! I still love it!ReplyCancel

  • A Mom’s Guide to San Antonio » styleberry BLOG - […] the end of a significant chapter–and then it hits. We’re leaving her nursery. & his nursery. & I will never rock a baby in them again. The home where we became a family will live on in […]ReplyCancel

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