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Mother’s Day | DIY cards & WHCC accordion albums

My little girlie is becoming quite the queen of helping. Every single time I get busy in the kitchen I hear one of two things: either her working in her own kitchen OR the sound of that wooden chair getting dragged across the tile & little squeals of:


It’s so FUN! I love having her help. & being interested in helping. Whether cooking, crafting, baking or sewing…she’s right there. eager to get her hands dirty. My kind of girl.

[side note: despite how much I thought I’d miss those fuzzibunz…nope! not so much! a potty trained babe is GOOOOOOD!!]

But…to Mother’s Day! Or any holiday. Or any day, really…if you are feeling adventurous! I was inspired by pinterest yet again & made some sweet little hand print cards for the Grandmas. Verdict was: love. Thus, I highly recommend!


(see why I love that font I always use?! …it looks a lot like my own handwriting!)

p.s. I am totally addicted to white pens right now


& last year I started a tradition. Both grandmas & the great grandma loooooove showing off their girl. What better way than to have a pocket album? I made these in photoshop & used WHCC to print. Unfortunately, this is likely only a project for the photoshop literate & those with access to a professional printer. BUT, I know a lot of you are photogs, so I thought you’d enjoy them. :)

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The first template is Melissa Davis Designs. Below is the book from last year; template by Pinkletoes PT4P, which I have been a member of from the start!


I just love personalized gifts!! :)

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  • Ashley - Hi Shawna…I love to read your posts. They are always so fun and inspirational! However, this is my first comment…well, it is actually a question. You mentioned the font you always use, which I love. Are you willing to share the name or is that a no, no?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Thanks Ashley! & thanks for saying “hi!” :) I do like to keep my favorite font part of my own branding just to try to stay unique. But there are a ton of fun (& free!) fonts at :) Have fun perusing!ReplyCancel

  • Joy - Looks like fun! Can’t wait til my little guy is old enough to do some crafting with me :) Thanks for all your great ideas!ReplyCancel

  • Vandana M Khemka - You have a super printer..> which one is it ???..ReplyCancel

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