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Never too late…

After an inspiring trip to Vegas, I returned home and got to see my growing, bouncing, 4 inch long baby in my belly, then promptly came down with what you could call a really bad cold. I haven’t been sick in three years (what a streak) and after a couple of days in bed thinking, unable & unwilling to take any medication, I felt it was time to blog.I think I was stuck in bed for a reason…to process everything that has happened the last few days.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect in Vegas. WPPI claims to be a “life changing” event and after the first day and a couple of lectures that were just ok, I was thinking pppsshhh…life changing? Huh? What am I missing?

Then I went to the right workshops.

I was most touched by a workshop by the phenomenally talented Tamara Lackey, another corporate burnout who sought a creative outlet and is now one of the most successful lifestyle photographers around. She told us her secrets, her process, her failures and most of all, was very inspiring. She opened with this quote, that has been in the back of my head since I heard it:

It’s never too late to be what you might have been -George Eliot-

Many of you reading this know that my dream of having a small business was realized with the startup of styleberryHOME. I do love design, but when I began to find myself reading more about photography than design, I took notice and began to think…and think hard. How can I abandon something I just started? I am far too driven to walk away from something before I declare resounding success. But the truth is, I love photography. The truth is, that I am just beginning and if I were to shift directions, now is really the time…

So, I am going to listen to George and declare that it is not too late. Everything is in motion and I am moving towards photography, but could have never realized this had it not been for this crazy path I’ve taken. I believe in the journey of life and stopping along the way to understand the path and the reasons for certain experiences. I dont think things are coincidental and the fact that I came back from this WPPI experience with more excitement that I have felt in a really, really long time is something I cannot ignore. I am inspired and enthusiastic and motivated and I cannot disregard those feelings.

I also return with a lot to learn. I now have in my posession a new upgraded camera, new software, (thank you SIL!), a website, online proofing, music and most important of all, direction. Every single person who spoke (and these people are regarded as the best in the biz) had the same story…”I was working a 9-5…I didnt have a creative outlet…then I picked up a camera…and I fell in love.” Now what happened after the falling in love is what made them successful, but the point is, they all started in the same place.

You have to start somewhere.

This is my somewhere.

Because every blog post is better with a picture…here is my loot from vegas! Today I learned that i can no longer lay on my belly to shoot. It’s too big!


Some others I heard speak & were so inspiring: Audrey Woulard, Elizabeth Messina & Joe Bussink (both wedding photogs to the stars)

And…because this will be popping up here & there, my talented SIL Kim, of Just Kim Photo, did some head shots for me and I just loved this one. She took it, I processed it…and it’s just me. We tried the smiley, happy happy pics and it just wasn’t happening. I was fussing with the new camera here…with Vegas’ new city center in the background, our view from the room at the MGM.


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  • Shibahn - I am so happy for you!! I would love to even send you some of our wedding pictures and have you “proof” them with your software. I own rights to them, so definitely would love any touch ups you can do to them! You are so talented, and I’m so glad you are going this route too! x0x0x0xReplyCancel

  • Cammie - Way to go Shawna, life is toooo short to not do something you love. I keep that in mind every morning I get up to go to work. I’ve been lucky to have a couple of different businesses that I loved, and they were just perfect for that stage in my life. I’m at a different stage in my life looking forward to the next stage, but timing is everything and good planning as you have said leads to great results. Please let me know what editing software you got.ReplyCancel

  • Meghan - Shibahn, what an awesome idea – I liked my wedding photos, but felt they were missing that contemporary edge. Can’t wait to see where photograhy takes you (and to see what you do with your own little one)! Good Luck on your newer journey!ReplyCancel

  • Jana Perenchio - That is my VERY favorite quote of all-time too!!!!ReplyCancel

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