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Not becoming the mama-razzi…

It’s a really tough balance. Get behind the camera or enjoy the life we live? It’s one thing that I still haven’t figured out. I want my babies to remember me as part of the moment…not the one with the black box attached to her face running alongside the action.

Should I bring it? or leave it home? Usually the choice is leave it home, but lately, I have been trying to take my fancy camera with me. I give myself a few shots, then I stop & set it down. & keep being us.

Milestones, however, are another story. I had to set the camera down at her first dentist appointment–it got real ugly real fast. But her first haircut? This girl already knows what’s good for her. She seemed to be quite at ease at the salon. (surprise, surprise) Much of it was probably thanks to my sweet friend (& ridiculously talented colorist & stylist) Nowlin Roberts. But she did so well! & now sports a sassy little do. I asked Nowlin if he’d be up for the challenge since I just couldn’t imagine taking my girlie anywhere else for her first haircut! He said he was totally willing…and luckily, I don’t think my babe made him regret his decision. :) She was a champ. First of many salon visits…not sure if that makes me happy or scared… ;)

Thank you, Nowlin! I so appreciate you!!! I was happily her mama-razzi that day. But just for that little window. The rest of the day, she just got mama. :)

How do you set your limits with the camera? Do you regret missed camera ops or are you at peace with living in the moment? I know my iphone stands in in a pinch. & I think some of those images will even wiggle their way into the yearly family album. In fact, I am certain of it!

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  • kristin - SUCH a sweet haircut.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I’ve been having that same struggle lately. With my first (who’s now 3) I felt like I lived behind my lens. I missed so much of his first bath, unwrapping his first Christmas presents, all the best of those first few years. Now with my second, who’s turning 1 in a few months, I feel like I missed capturing all those precious moments. I feel sorry that she won’t be able to have such a detailed album of her first year as her brother will. You’re right Shawna, it’s such a struggle; I’m not sure there is a perfect solution! Keep up the blog, I’m loving it from here in Alberta!ReplyCancel

  • Mara - It is a struggle! I tend to take my camera with me if I expect the light to be nice, or we are doing something photo pretty such as apple picking. I also make an annual photo album of our family, but for this year, in addition to the big camera pretty photo book, I am planning on making one from the iphone photos too. I have been using the iphone for moments I want to remember, but I either don’t have my big camera with me, don’t feel like using it, etc, etc. I am processing all the iphone pictures with the same ap (shake it photo) for a consistent look, and I plan on making a photo book with those square images 9 or 12 to a page (whatever it works out to be). Very simple, but those moments I want to remember too, and I like that I will have enough of those photos to make a seperate book.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Very cute pictures! I think about this all the time. I try to balance it as much as I can. My father-in-law, who loves to photograph said his one regret was his absence in most of family pictures. I try to keep that in mind.ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Adorable pictures and love the hair cut! This is a tough balance to strike! We were behind the camera and video so much Abby’s first year and have definately seen a drastic decrease this year. Part of me just loves being in the moment, playing with her, laughing with her and just being a family. The other part is really wanting to capture these moments so we can alway cherish our time together at every age. The last couple weeks I’ve been trying to pull out my point and shoot and video camera a bit more – hubby is the SLR guy – to snap a few shots/catch a few memories. Keep up the awesome work mama – C will treasure the memories and stories – regardless if there are photos to go with each of them!ReplyCancel

  • nowlin roberts - “I loved being the first one to cut her hair…” Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Marylin - Great job Nowlin!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Caroline and Nowlin…adorable!!! There is no way I could choose just one favorite. Love all of the shots. The B&W where Caroline is looking up at Nowlin… beyond precious. I think Madaline might be ready for Nowlin’s chair!ReplyCancel

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