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pick a color…any color… | Choosing Paint

I miss my camera. She is still away. (sniff sniff) Now that that is out of the way….

I have been doing other things that don’t require a camera & using the backup when a camera is necessary! I have been planning the loft makeover in my head & am finally getting it underway. I currently testing paint & finally FINALLY found just the right shade of lime to accent the fabric! WHEW! But I learned a few more things along the way, so I thought I should share.

Some of you new readers might not know that my business spent a year as styleberryHOME, where I was living life as a color consultant & certified home stager. (I still do color consults upon request!) I love to decorate & I looove color. I spent a good amount of time in college in the art studio working with paint & color. I was just a credit shy of an art minor (chose “integrated media” instead, which is incredibly useful for my current career) but art and paint are both things I love & happen to know a lot about. I set out to color hunt & found that the big box stores are finally copying My Perfect Color & are offering little samples of any color you can dream up. These half pint samples can be color matched to other brands or color matched to a fabric. They are under $3 & can be found at Lowe’s & Home Depot. (military folks–I knew Lowe’s offered year round 10% off with a military ID & it appears Home Depot is now doing the same) I picked a few colors & got samples up on the wall to live with and it has been SO helpful! My favorite color during the day was GLOWING neon at night. Not so good. It has undoubtedly saved me both time & money, as there will be no mistake when I finally buy the paint & get to work.

I also thought you might enjoy a recycled post on paint finish that is very useful if paint knowledge just isn’t your thing. I always aim for the most matte paint that a room can get away with. Most of my house is Eggshell. For more on that, read Choosing a Paint Finish.

& the winner……………is the one with the berries on it. After looking at six different brands of paint, the perfect color for my project is La Fonda Olive, part of the National Trust Historic Preservation colors, inspired by the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Though I can’t help but chuckle…I just cannot get Napoleon Dynamite out of my head) This will be my first experience with Valspar, as I am still heart broken over the discontinuation of my beloved Ralph Lauren from Home Depot. I wanted to use Benjamin Moore, but the perfect color was not in their palette. We’ll see how it goes!! :)

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    1. They are great at HD and if you didn’t know they had the discount and you just made a big purhase or (like me) your hubby always forgets…take the reciept back in for a price adjustment. I just did one last week and got $25 back from 2 months ago!

    2. I will totally be trying your idea when we touch up the kitchen this weekend…I am going to take in the color of our cabinets and have them match it and give me samples!! Thanks for the tips! Keep ’em coming!ReplyCancel

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