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Project 52 | SEVEN


I often wonder what would have happened if I listened to the people who scrunched their noses at me when I told them, three years ago, that I wanted to cloth diaper. Boy was it different back then. Or at least it seemed different….these days it seems that my passion for cloth diapering (& subsequent education on this blog) has affected enough people around me that it is sort of a normal thing around here. I am THRILLED at how much of a shift there has been. Thrilled & amazed that it’s kind of going mainstream! I get so many questions from friends eager to understand and that always brings a smile to my face. I’ve gone from being the crazy one to being a resource. Even on days when I wonder why this blog even exists, I remind myself of those babies who no longer have diaper rashes because their mamas learned a new way to help the problem. I think about all the diapers that are not in landfills because there is just a smidge more information out there for others to absorb. I think about all of the babies that got a wonderful nutritional start on real food because my homemade baby food system helped their mama wrap her head around what seems like a daunting task. Thinking outside the box involves research, education & passion. I hope that you leave this blog knowing all three of those things are VERY important to me. :)

…So here I am. 39+ weeks pregnant. Contracting like crazy. Dilated. Ready. & yet…I had no CDing plans for my newborn baby. I just spent $50 on Seventh Generation diapers on amazon…thinking maybe they’d last until we could use our FuzziBunz. Enter my awesome MOPS group (Isabell specifically) and my “favorite things” item at Monday’s meeting. While we were all chatting about my beloved FuzziBunz & I was fielding some great questions, Isabell mentioned renting newborn cloth diapers until the baby was big enough to fit into the regular stash. Hmm. That is a GREAT idea…and I just had to ask Liz, of Go Baby, Go Shop about it. I visited her bright & colorful new store here in San Antonio and walked out with two dozen newborn diapers, that I will rent monthly until my new baby can fit into our FuzziBunz. How awesome is that?

I think the concept of renting newborn diapers is such a great option that I wanted to be sure that you all knew about it–instead of spending a ton of money on teeny tiny diapers that the baby will grow out of quickly. You can always rent a newborn pack from Go Baby Go (which requires a refundable $300 deposit on the diapers, and will cost you $50 a month). Then you can buy your favorite diapers from Liz once you are done with the newborn phase & decide what brands you like. Talk about a deal. I’d much rather use these adorable, tiny XS BumGenius & Lil Joeys she sent me home with than the disposables that came in the mail. They are so CUTE! (caroline has officially hijacked the pink-est one for her favorite baby doll…ha!) & none of them require stuffing–they are just an all-in-one diaper. I’ll be sure & do a full review of the different styles when I have given them a good enough run to decide what I like best & why.

& if you don’t yet know Liz or the Go Baby Go Shop, then let me introduce you! San Antonio now has a brick & mortar store where you can touch & feel all the pretty diapers–but you can order everything online too–INCLUDING NEWBORN RENTAL PACKS. Liz is having a grand opening celebration this Saturday from 11-1, full of really great door prizes–including a stylebabyLOG! (I’ll be there if I haven’t yet had a baby & feel up to it…) She’s got a rainbow of colors available in all the good stuff: Moby Wraps, Boba Carriers, BumGenius, FuzziBunz, GroVia & Best Bottoms. She also holds classes on Cloth Diapering & Baby Wearing if you have no idea where to start. :) I am, obviously, so excited to have her shop in town & strongly encourage you to drop in & explore. Or even just to learn. She is a wealth of information & I always learn something new when I see her!

Oh, and pretty soon she’s going to be the exclusive local retailer of the stylebabyLOG…in case you want to flip through one before you buy. Yay! ;)

Happy Friday!


& Project 52 is off to a very collaborative start! If you’d like to join in–it’s not too late. Here’s everything you need to know about

my 2012 Project 52.

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  • Lani - Hi Shawna! I also have a project 52 blog (4 weeks late but what the heck – I’m a mom). See the link above, or

    It would be great if you could add me :)


  • Tara - Love the newborn rental concept! I apologize for the shameless plug, but people can go to and type in “newborn rental” and “trial program” to see any newborn rental and trial programs out there! Best of luck to you in cloth diapering a newborn. If you every have any questions I would be happy to help!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - I think I saw your picture on the Great Cloth Diaper Change website. Was that you and your sweet girl?ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Hi Shawna!!! I’d love to link up but how do I do that? My Project 52 isn’t on the same week but I’d love to join if I can! :)ReplyCancel

  • Stef UK - Love this. I recieved similar reactions when I told people that we weren’t buying a pram and would be carrying our baby in a sling. I don’t think anyone believed we would do it. Now we’re 4 and a half months in and I am proud that my baby has never been pushed, only carried. It’s amazing what you can do when you decide to go for it. XReplyCancel

  • Carrie - I, too, am glad you took the time to write about CD’ing and making baby food. It was definitely THE resource that made me not feel so crazy about my own ideas and more firmly planted in what I have planned for my future little ones. Can’t wait to hear about these newborn versions! Please keep your smart, sensible, resourceful posts coming. I’m hooked! :)ReplyCancel

  • Mahina - You were my inspiration to make my own baby food! My family thought I was crazy for doing it but I did it anyway. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Shannel - You’ve inspired me to cloth diaper & now to participate in Project 52. I’ve loved doing the first for my baby, and loving doing the third for myself. You are right, your expertise & experience is valuable to others. :) Happy Friday & good luck with L&D. (& I’m linking up!)ReplyCancel

  • Jenna - I love this post! Too many times we let other’s peoples reactions to our own idea’s affect our ability to follow through with them! In the end the only thin that matters is if you are true to yourself.ReplyCancel

    • Jenna - oh man my computer is a mess! Sorry for the double post you can delete one :).ReplyCancel

  • Jenna - I love this! Too many times we let others affect how we feel about ourselves and our ideas! Always good to stay true to yourself.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny @ Practically Perfect... - I found your blog through Pinterest while looking at baby food ideas, and I live in New Zealand – hopefully that gives you even more of a boost about sharing your knowledge, because people around the world are reading about it!

    I’ve heard about the cloth diaper rental schemes for newborns, and I think it’s a wonderful idea. I wasn’t aware of it when we had our baby, but he was such a big guy (over 9 lbs) that we only needed to use disposables for the first 2 weeks before switching to our cloth supply.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and keep it coming :-)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. I did not know anyone personally who cloth diapered, I was just certain I wanted to do it. But I was scared and unsure of where to even start. The information I found on your blog was invaluable to me! It gave me the courage to move forward with my plans to cloth diaper, and you introduced me to FuzziBunz, for which I will be forever grateful. And now we are moving ahead to cloth wipes, and soon I will be making food for my son to eat, rather than going with jarred. Your experience and expertise are much appreciated!!ReplyCancel

  • Brandy - I love your blog and it was a valuable resource when I began CDing. My daughter cannot wear disposable diapers (she breaks out so bad it looks like she has 3rd degree burns). When I first started on my CD journey, everyone was skeptical and thought it would be lots of work and gross. I quickly proved how easy it was (thanks in part, to all your info) and it has helped m daughter so much.
    I agree with you that it seems so many more people are interested in CD’s and I’m always surprise when people ask me for advice.ReplyCancel

  • Sara B - Don’t forget to mention that they also have a much more affordable prefold option for $15 a month/$135 deposit. Prefolds are very easy to use – we loved them!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - I found you looking for other Project 52 Blogs to follow. Most of my friends have bowed out already:( I love your photography style. AND…. I’m about to have my last baby as well. I’ll be following you here if that’s okay:)!ReplyCancel

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