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Project 52 | THIRTY SEVEN

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There is so much about this “testing the light” image that I love. As many of my favorites are, this was not my intended shot. But it is everything warm and sweet and glowy about our earlier mornings on non-preschool days that I suddenly long for & appreciate so much more.

caroline & I made crepes while everett played, and while I put the final touches on hers, she pulled a chair close to her brother to try and soothe his gentle fussing. Then she realized that I’d have to sit far away, so she grabbed another chair from the head of the table and pulled it close to hers & asked me to sit with her. She won’t wear pants at home. She is obsessed with wearing her disney t shirts to bed. She is the constant remedy to everett’s frustration. She pickes up his toys as he throws them and is always the first to mother her little brother when I can’t get there right away. Smudgy finger prints all over my table. A sweet conversation between my two greatest joys.

I cannot tell you how full my heart feels.

Maybe because I am getting a wee bit more sleep?

I’ve abandoned baby led weaning for the time being. As I suspected, everett’s nighttime waking was due to hunger. As soon as my little guy got some fruits & veggies in his belly, he has started sleeping longer at night. I’m guessing he burns through my breastmilk so fast that he just needed it more often through the night. I never cut him off—he regulates himself at all feedings, but if I were going to continue to have him rely on breastmilk only (and go with the food for fun until one motto of BLW) I would have to either supplement at night to sleep longer (which I won’t do) or suck it up and continue to get up every 2.5/3 hours around the clock. So purees for the first month or two it is. I have fed him chunks of steamed food BLW style and he gets really frustrated with it slipping out of his hands. Being patient with the process is not a recipe for success for either of us. Not to mention I have had to beat the crap out of his back three times because he was choking. In theory, baby led weaning seems like a great idea but it is just not for me. At least right now. Which I guess means at all–because I am using purees which worked so well for us the first time. I am letting him play with most foods that I puree but right now, sleep trumps a new food experiment and my daughter is proof that starting with fresh/frozen purees can create lovely eaters as well. So, my homemade baby food it is! :)


& Project 52 is off to a very collaborative start! If you’d like to join in–it’s not too late. Here’s everything you need to know about

my 2012 Project 52.

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  • Cindy - Precious photo! On the BLW subject…I think every baby is different and has it’s only individual needs. To be candid, after reading your older post about making baby food, when DS(14m) came along last summer, I was so excited to make my own food since DD(7) never took to baby food. I even went to Williams-Sonoma and drooled over the BabyBrezza. Good thing I didn’t buy it! Like his older sister, DS was not all interested in purees or cereal. Both fought me when I tried to feed them starting at 6M. So I quit trying; I wasn’t going to make eating a negative experience for either of them. They both nursed exclusively until 8-9M when they decided they were ready to feed themselves. By that age, neither one was interested in letting just me operate the spoon (darn independent kids! ;-)). You just have to go with what your baby wants, not what others, or a book, tells you is best. For what it’s worth, DD was a BLW and she eats like any other kid her age. Right now she’s rather picky, which seems to be norm for other friends kids that age, no matter if they were BLW or spoonfed.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - I love your blog and look forward to your weekly Friday posts. This was a great one for me… my daughter (my first) is 2 weeks younger than Everett, and I was set on doing BLW with her. I love the theory, and the book makes perfect sense to me. However, now that she is ready to start solids, I’ve realized that BLW scares me to death! I am nervous to feed her when my husband isn’t home (and he works long hours), and the process just isn’t fun for either of us right now. I’m kind of doing a hybrid approach at the moment, and I love that you’ve acknowledged that there isn’t one right approach that will work for all families. This weekend I am going to reread your homemade baby food posts and figure out what will work for us!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - I love this picture. :) we’ve been doing a mix of BLW and purées, which seems to work. My little one loves to fees herself and pick up her food but she also loves to eat so it’s been a win win situation. She’s 9 months and still waking up to nurse once a night. I figure she’ll drop that eventually but for now I’ll enjoy my midnight snuggles.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I love the picture :) Have fun with your new toy!ReplyCancel

  • Beth - This shot is so beautiful!

    Here’s mine for the week:

  • Amy - What a lovely real life picture. I have to admit I am glad to hear your honesty on BLW. It is so popular right now, and it is hard to find honest views for those that BLW doesn’t seem to work. My little guy is 5 days older than yours. We attempted BLW with steamed foods, but he has no interest in them. Once he did get a bite, and he began to choke it was so scary. So we are just using plum organics for now, but like his older brother he hates purees. He’s at the point where he cries if I even put him in the highchair. So we are nursing, and will try solids in another month or so. With the older one I went gangbusters making his baby food, and he never ate any of it, I’m not making that mistake twice. They are all so different, and only a Mama knows what is best for her babies. :)ReplyCancel

  • Tori [at] - keep in mind choking and gagging are different! :) it’s hard to tell the difference at first! if there’s sound it’s gagging and they’re working on it themselves and learning their gag reflex, which is much further forward at 6 mo old for safety! :) so glad you found something that works…sleep is KEY!!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Meier - Thank you for calling this type of delivery “drug -free” and not “natural” I always felt like “natural” should apply to all processes of becoming a mother :)ReplyCancel

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