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Project 52:23 | celebratory [potty training]

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Well…last week I was fighting the potty training & dare I say…this week it is done?! The only credit I can give myself is that (a) I bought her two potties (both the Baby Bjorn potty & the Baby Bjorn Trainer) when she turned one & she has been using them here & there ever since and (b) she certainly could “learn by example” because there is an open door policy around here when it’s just us girls around the house.

Last week she decided it was time. For both of us. She was soaking diapers overnight & I was fighting her unsnapping them all day long. It took just about a day…& she is now eagerly using the potty. & then we celebrate. like CRAZY! One m&m or reeses pieces and lots of squeals & smiles. She is so proud. & mama is happy. & now my fingers are crossed that this lasts!

How? I give her the credit. She was completely self motivated. Logistically–here’s what I did: we went straight to undies. Nothing in between. She wears a fuzzibunz both for naps & to bed at night…but they have been totally dry for days. When out & about I have the little Bjorn potty in the back of my SUV (it stays there & the trainer inserts are in the potties at home) & she goes every hour, or when she requests.

I swear, if we have another baby I am screwed…because this was way too easy. Though…she challenges me in other ways. So maybe this is just my little bit of smooth. ;)

Do you have a “secret” that was your magic for potty training? I know I have learned a TON from wise mommies. I’d love your wisdom too!


& if you happen to be new here & want to learn more about why my project 52 looks the way it does, head on over to

my project 52 story.

& here are the links to some of you who are doing this with me! Be sure to let me know if I missed you by adding a comment to this post. I promise to add you, as long as you link me back!

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  • Shannel - That’s awesome and definitely cause for celebration! Way to go baby girl & mama!ReplyCancel

  • Candace - Congrats! I definitely stick by the straight to underwear method. Did the same with my daughter and she was potty trained by 15 months. Way to go!ReplyCancel

  • Tori [at] - I love it. She is going to hate you for that cute little bum picture one day! :) But I love it! :)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Wohooo!! I hope it sticks. She seems like such a big girl, and a smart little cookie, so I’m sure it will.

    Ryann recently started telling us either right before or after she poops in her diaper. She is only 14 months so I still have at least a couple before I will try to potty train, but I’m starting to freak out about it!ReplyCancel

  • Katie - Wow, potty-trained! So she is not two yet right?!? I have my second on the way and would love to have my daughter potty trained by 19 mos…pipe dream :) She is a cd’d baby so I am hoping it will help. I think I might be ordering that potty today!ReplyCancel

  • maren - Yeah for potty training success! I’m in the throes of potty training, too, this week and just blogged about it yesterday! We’re definitely on the downhill slope though!! Glad you’re there!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Good job Miss Caroline!!!!! I love her cutie little bum :)ReplyCancel

  • lala - Congrats! Where’d you get those adorable undies?ReplyCancel

  • Marylin - Awesome! WTG Caroline!ReplyCancel

  • - Aw congrats to your little girl!!! That is such a big step – and those little undies are too cute!!
    Star Hughes LivingReplyCancel

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