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Project 52:45 | goal-oriented

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I’m not quite sure how to describe how I am feeling other than to say it’s a lot like the feeling I had the day before I gave birth: nervous. excited. anxious. ready. accomplished. fulfilled. at peace. All of those things & more.

This is the week before one of my life dreams comes true. I have always wanted my own business. I have always wanted to sell something that I made–something that is useful & unique & helpful & smart & pretty. I wanted to design, market and do it all myself. As much as I enjoyed my life in corporate america, I always yearned for more. I was sad the day I walked away. Bye bye six figure income. Bye bye company car. Bye bye world traveling, fancy high heels & expense account. But somehow–I just knew the best was yet to come. I knew that I had a lot to do in my life. & I still know there is so much more I can accomplish–beyond what I think is the most important job of all–being a mother. A present, involved, loving mother.

I have spent every extra moment working on this project. Hours in photoshop. Hours on the phone talking with vendors and legal experts. & as proud as I am to say this product launch is about to take place as a result of my own efforts, I am even prouder to say that I have still been able to be a full time mom. We don’t have daycare. She does not go to preschool. I have used one babysitter, one time (not for my project). I have been the one teaching & enjoying my daughter daily.

Everything else is icing on the cake.

But what is cake without the icing? While being a mom is most certainly enough, I knew–as a business woman–that I have always needed more. I’ve talked about my struggles with managing it all before and these days…I am seeing the light. Maybe an extra latte here & there after a late night working, and fewer playdates than we’d have otherwise, but it has been manageable. & I need it. I have to have an identity outside the home. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

It’d probably be a different story if we had a regular family life. Most of you know that I am married to a man (a very supportive, encouraging, hard working man) who spends well over 100 hours a week in the hospital as a surgery resident. We don’t have regular family dinners. We don’t spend most weekends together. I am mostly a single parent. So my excess time lies in the time we’d otherwise have as a family. So before you think I do have it all…well…there is my disclaimer. I have a lot of time to myself. A LOT of time. & instead of whining and complaining about him not being around I just find things to keep me busy. Good thing I have a lot of interests. ;)

Sometime over the next few weeks my stylebabyLOG is going to be available for purchase online. I am taking my business slow & steady. Not jumping ahead of myself. You’ll see more details soon (you can see the stylebabyLOG here!)–but I am so excited. More excited about it than I have ever been about anything I’ve accomplished professionally. Even more excited than earning that week long all-expenses-paid Bayer President’s Circle Trip through Germany. (& that says a lot!) I hope my enthusiasm is evident–as I know you can’t see it on my face as I hand you your copy of the stylebabyLOG (or maybe you can on Monday or Tuesday!)…but I cannot tell you how much all of your support means to me. Thank you for helping me reach one of my big goals in my life. :)

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& if you happen to be new here & want to learn more about why my project 52 looks the way it does, head on over to

my project 52 story.

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  • Aja - Congratulations Shawna! I am thrilled for you! And, might I add, extremely impressed and inspired by your drive to find something that is simply for you. I struggle with this and really appreciate your honesty. I have no doubt that stylebabyLOG will be a great success! And ps- love that picture!ReplyCancel

  • emily griffith - CONGRATS, Shawna! This is AWESOME! Makes me want a little babe so I could use your amazing log! :)ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Yay Shawna!!!! I am soooo excited about the stylebabyLOG!!! My little one can come any minute (we are 2 days past due date!) and I sooo need one of your amazing Logs!!!! Can’t wait!!!! Congrats on the new business adventure–you’re awesome and will do great with it!!!ReplyCancel

  • Denae @ New Mom Adventure - Love the post it note. Congrats on baby #3. =)ReplyCancel

  • Drue - I love reading your blog. I am so happy for you. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I am so glad that I did. We are a alike in many ways- graduated 4.0 from college, full time moms. I would love to be as gifted in the arts as you though. And always thought being a pharm sales rep would be awesome. I never sent my oldest to preschool – he went straight to K. I don’t know how you do it with your husband away. You are tough! Just wanted to say congrats on the business & baby #2. I had a book for both kids so what an awesome idea. Jealous that you thought of it first! HA
    You should be so proud of yourself!
    Love to see moms who make their children their priority.ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Congrats Shawna!!! I love hearing that woman actually care enough about their childern that they YEARN for your log. (I finally found a “log” after looking extensively when I was a Nanny. That mother didn’t really care, but I wanted a record.)ReplyCancel

  • donya - Oh, Shawna, I cannot believe it’s taken me so long to find your blog (which was just a couple months ago), because you are simply amazing. And I love how real you are. Thank you for that. And good luck with your baby #3!ReplyCancel

  • Bobbi - AHHHHHH!!! I can’t wait to order one for myself…and many for gifts for friends!!! Can’t wait!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - I can’t wait to buy some of these for my pregnant friends! All the hard work it took for you to create this shows in the design. I can’t wait!!!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Congrats! I think this is brilliant. I’m done having babies but I kept a similar log myself in a spiral notebook. My husband teased me because I always had it but it was fabulous for tracking patterns like you suggested. I can’t wait till my sister starts having babies (she’s Type A too!) so I can buy her your fancy log :)ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Congrats, Shawna! So glad to see you are truly happy in your role(s)! We NEED to catch up sometime soon! …and I agree, being a SAHM is simply the best thing…in the world:)!ReplyCancel

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