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redecorating with creativity | DIY Button Bling

Whew! What a busy week–but a really fun one!! Complete with a crafty project that now makes me happy every evening at bath time!

One of my goals is to recycle. I am going to try very hard to teach my children the value of re-purposing & what better way to teach this than to redecorate with stuff you already have? I love this kind of thing. It doesn’t cost a lot to redecorate if you start looking at the things you have with an imaginative eye. Sometimes, a coat of spray paint, some glue & a sprinkle of creativity are all you need to create the perfect thing, and for much less than you would spend replacing it all together. This is a perfect example of that!

I love having hooks in my guest/kids bathroom so everyone can either hang towels to dry or keep clothes hanging while they shower. I find towel bars to be such an inefficient use of space. All we have here are hooks, and they work so nicely! I am adding a burst of color to my formerly nice but fairly traditional bathroom & I had envisioned the perfect “tie it all together” piece in my head. Upon looking & looking & looking and not ever finding what I wanted, a little lightbulb went off–I could do this myself! & all for about $15. I decided that I loved these hooks enough to keep them & I was going to make this my crazy colorful piece in the room. So off to Hobby Lobby I went!

I was able to get some spray paint on clearance & use my 40% off coupon for a nice discount on a bag of buttons. I added a few individual buttons that I found interesting. I chose some buttons in the colors of the artwork on the opposing wall, just so it all goes together. (this is the beauty of DIY–it can be PERFECT!!) I started mapping out the big buttons and establishing a nice pattern before I glued the big ones down. I layered some buttons to add depth & interest. After using some Mod Podge & finding myself growing impatient as it took forever to dry, I switched to my hot glue gun to finish the project. All during an episode of Real Housewives…now that is some good multitasking! (How about those RH of BH? Make you appreciate your marriage, or what?!) So, all said & done, the most challenging part of this project was finding the time to do it. I love how it turned out & am thisclose to finishing this bathroom makeover! It’s become such a happy, fun place for my girl!

You can find the fabulous Tucker Shower Curtain at & be sure to check the sidebar of my blog for your discount code. It is so so so cute. & will be even cuter if I ever get around to ironing it…eh. Maybe I like it wrinkly. Adds a little character, no?

You could also use buttons to decorate a cheap-o picture frame. Or if you wanted something like this & couldn’t find it you could always use a piece of wood & screw hooks right into it. Then you’d be able to get some really fun hooks of your choosing! Hobby Lobby has some great ones & of course Anthropologie does too. Did you know that Hobby Lobby has a lot of the EXACT SAME knobs & hooks as Anthro?! YEP! And about 3/4 weeks a month, HL has them at 50% off. Definitely a big secret my crafty friend Lauren filled me in on! :) I know many of you don’t have a Hobby Lobby close by, but they recently added an online shop, with a lot of the great stuff they have in the stores. You can find some great knobs here!!

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  • -shawna- - my blog really matches well after this post! :) colors, colors everywhere!!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Booe - so cute. you are awesome. I dont think i would have the patience for this type of project, but i love love love it.ReplyCancel

  • Leslie - Love it ;) We grouted the picture frame we did for Caysen’s room which gives it a little different look; either way, I love turning old into new!!ReplyCancel

  • Shibahn - This is adorable!! Love your creativity!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I get exhausted just reading your posts!! Would you mind sending some of your energy – and creativity – this way?????ReplyCancel

  • bhawna - I love your creativity :)…I would love to visit your page again and again to see the evolution and get inspired..ReplyCancel

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