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save the color for in front of the lens… | Photog Tip

Last week…my mind was empty. This week, I could write a book. So goes it in the world of shawna…ha!

I rarely ever have pictures of me shooting. I love to see other photographers at their craft, so I thought I would post this. My friend Lauren took it for me, sneaky sneaky! Thanks, Lauren! I will tell you, this is not a super accurate representation of a typical shoot for one reason: what I am wearing. I always, ALWAYS wear white. Why? I use only natural light. I love backlighting. The lighter colors I wear, the better the light reflects off me & onto my subject. This makes for some even better catchlights! So there you have it…

& that’s my Kelly Moore Bag (which I love) on the right. See the bottom of my blog for a link to get your own. Next on my lust list is the Epiphanie Clover Bag. :)

Below is what I was looking at when this was taken!

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