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sniff, sniff. santa. | & a DIY wreath

MORE ideas than TIME…said the poster on pinterest. Oh-so-true these days. I have crafts & projects & all sorts of things to accomplish in the next few days. I have family coming into town & a hubby who has off & a little girl who deserves every ounce I can give her during this special time of year. So…I’m going to wrap up my internet life & get some stuff done with my hands. :) But before that…some goodies…

I had an idea for a wreath this year. It still isn’t done, but this gives you an feel for where it is going…I decided to try to ruffle burlap. Yes…you read that right! I ruffled burlap & it looks so neat! The raw edges remind me of needles on the Christmas tree & I am so happy with how it turned out! I wrapped it around a cheapie wreath I bought at JoAnns & then ruffled & rolled some more fabric into flowers & rosettes (tutorials HERE) and hot glued everything on. I still need a few more flowers to make it feel complete…but this gives you a decent look at the direction it’s headed. :)

& we had this brilliant idea to go see Santa. :(:(:( You can see just about how well that went.

FYI local gals, the Santa at La Cantera lets your use your very own camera if you ask nicely!!

she was so traumatized that she forgot about the antlers on her head.

I love the image below…but it is a great example of missed focus. It would have been perfect if I had focused on her eyes. But I caught her sweater instead. She was running away from Santa. :(

& what a sad face!!! her little eyelashes are stuck together from the tears! she kept her distance & just watched. hopefully Santa will be more of a hit next year!! :(

got one more thing up my sleeve before I sign off for the year. hope you all are taking some time to be crafty, creative & thoughtful! ’tis the season!!

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  • Heather F. - those reindeer antlers are too. stinkin. cute. i can never get over how adorable she is.ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - thanks, heather!!! :) she broke them the afternoon after I took those. so now those pics are the last of the antlers!ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Here little ruffle butt is to die for!! And that sweater! Oh man!
    For my sake, I hope they make toddler boy clothes as cute as this ;)ReplyCancel

  • Denver Photographer - I kinda like the focus being on the sweater. It seems to soften the shot. Not sure why, normally I would be with you on being bummed about missing the focus, but for some reason I like it.ReplyCancel

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