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stylebabyLOGs are now in stock!

Just a little note to let you know that I have decided to extend my launch pricing of the stylebabyLOG through the end of the year! Now is a great chance to grab one for you or any expecting mamas in your life! I’ll soon be adding an option for some cute styleberry gift wrap, so stay tuned for fun things to come. :)

Also, with this edition I have bumped the size of the coil up enough to easily fit a pen, so your note taking can remain a consistent color. (& yes, I am *that* crazy…I like it all done in the same ink!) For my recommendations on pens & highlighters to use with the stylebabyLOG, be sure to check out the stylebabyLOG FAQs.

& if you’d like to snag one of your own, you’ve got two easy ways to grab one right from the main page. Either look right, & hit the “add to cart” paypal button OR you will find a link to buy on the stylebabyLOG drop down menu above.

Thank you all so so so much for supporting me through this really fun venture. I hope you & your mama friends find as much joy (and peace) in tracking your babe’s schedule as I do! :)

& if you somehow missed what the heck this is all about, then it’s time to catch up! You can find all the details here: About the stylebabyLOG.

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