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sweet. sweet. & lots of sweet talkin’ | San Antonio Maternity Photographer

Soft. Sweet. Joyful. That is what these images are all about. Buuuuuut…

…what you didn’t see…ohhhhmygoodness…was that for a second there, I though this shoot was a total bust. Uh huh. Let me explain. Nic & I had this genius idea that we were going to mini session swap. Let’s bring both the girls. I’ll shoot some of her, she’ll shoot some of us. Yeah. Well. I thought giving caroline the iPhone to keep her busy while I shot Nicole & Makenna was a great idea–until Makenna caught a glimpse of it. Then they fought over who was going to hold it. Then they wouldn’t put it down. Then Makenna wouldn’t take two steps from caroline. & obviously caroline is not the ideal accessory for a maternity mommy & me shoot…when her mother is not the preggers in front of the lens. Oh. Dis-as-ter. Please learn a lesson from me: do not think about mini session swapping with two toddlers in tow. Even if they are your dear friends. Especially if you like that perfect evening glow…which happens after bedtime. Ooof.

But…I [we] did it. Pretty sure we both went home & slept very well that night. Worth every second. If I may say so myself. :) Oh, & here’s a little tip: if the kiddo is upset…well…shoot her cute shoes. ;)

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& if you happened to miss why this is a mommy & me shoot, read this.

Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite quotes, Nicole!

& this is for you, Nic…since I know you love your black & whites! I could have done the whole thing in color…but…well…everything on your walls is b&w!

& you can also find Nicole gracing the blog here & here. & she so beautifully captured my family, here. :)

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  • Rebecca - Shawna, these pictures are beautiful! You have inspired me to pick up a camera and take more pictures of my family (Lord help us).ReplyCancel

  • Drea - Stunning. I love the last color one you posted. Which lens was this? It looks wider than a 50. Im looking for a good wide angle prime that wont break my wallet to much :)ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - I am dying laughing over here…..I do love a good black and white haha! I seriously didn’t even realize how much of my house has black and white photos. Like it just clicked when you said that. LOL!!!! I love pure emotion in photos and that is exactly what you get!!!!!

    Our girls were Wonder pet lovers that night!!!!! Love you guys to pieces.ReplyCancel

  • Jana Perenchio - Lovely in every way!!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McCown - absolutely stunning. They are both gorgeous! These might be my all time favorites of yours!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - wow.. stunning photos!ReplyCancel

  • julia - I am not a big maternity pics fan. These are the first I’ve seen that I love.ReplyCancel

  • robin - where did she get her daughters boot here and in the other photo shoot you did for her?ReplyCancel

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