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Is this week over yet?

What I most took for granted while this girl was tiny, was how breastfeeding affected her health. All those precious antibodies that she was pumped with all day long kept her from ever getting sick. Forget the weight loss & the cost savings for me…it was the protection that my baby got from all the ick that made it totally worthwhile.

I nursed exclusively until she was a year old. I am proud to say she’s never had an ounce of formula. But now that she is on less of my milk than ever before, she is getting sick. I cringe a little when I see other kids in the gym daycare…because I know that a few days later we’re going to get hit with something new. My health or her health? Sometimes I wish I could keep her in a bubble. But I can’t. She’s going to get sick. We’re going to have sleepless nights. I am not an over-medicate-er, so she is going to tough it out just like her parents do. She’s only been on antibiotics once, and I’d like to keep it that way. I could not live without Little Noses Saline Nasal Mist, a suction bulb & the humidifier. She loves her Little Noses so much that she smacks her little hands together & asks, in baby sign language, for more. Silly girl. But seriously, this is how we get through it.

But then there is the food problem. Seems to get even worse when the sickies hit. Anyone else have a throw-er? (if you have tips on overcoming this, I am ALL EARS & BEG you to share!) Some days it’s all I can do to keep my calm when I see all the money I spend on organic e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. being thrown on the floor. At least she does it with a smile. I suppose.

I have never been more thankful that I have a dog. Who eats anything. ;)

Hope your day is filled with a little more sleep & a bit less floor mess than mine.

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  • Chelsea McCown - Oh my goodness, looks like my house! When Jarvis gets sick, he wants nothing to do with food (I’m not surprised, I’m not hungry when I have drainage!), and yep, starts throwing the food everywhere… gravity is so interesting to them!

    I too am thankful to have a dog who cleans it all up for me!!!

    Hope see gets to feeling better :)ReplyCancel

  • Leslie - It’s difficult because feeding time should be stress-free so the babes don’t end up with issues about eating, but some times they really test us to see how far we’ll let them go.
    The challenge I am facing right now is that Caysen prefers fruit to vegetables. Also, one day he’ll eat something really well, and the next day he’ll refuse it. Like you, I find it painful to see my organic home-made baby food wasted.
    Caysen’s not feeding himself yet so I don’t have any words of wisdom for you on how to keep the food off the floor; any tips on getting Caysen to eat a variety of foods rather than refusing all things green?ReplyCancel

  • jamie - I think every parent and child go through this! My 16 MO is doing the same thing right now because he’s teething! I still feed him his veggies in puree form because I can control it a little better. Well, he’s begun to “raspberry” it back at me now!! I’d let him feed himself his veggies, since he can use a fork and does okay with a spoon, but we are living at my parent’s pristine house temporarily and I don’t think they couldn’t handle that kind of mess!ReplyCancel

  • Meghan - Haley was a THROWER!! Drove me BATTY!! Then we moved and didn’t have access to her highchair anymore. Problem solved, she moved to a booster at the table because a booster traveled better than an entire high chair, as soon as she was at the table with us, no more throwing. Plus if she throws out in front (like it looks like she does), it’s not as much fun if it lands on a table rather than falling to the floor.ReplyCancel

  • Sara - We just got over our boy’s first cold at 7 1/2 months. I was so grateful that he didn’t get sick earlier. His sickness came though at the worst possible time. One week before we got on a plane and flew to Europe! On Tuesday, the day before we left, he was all runny nose and miserable and on Wednesday, he was fine. Missed that disaster by the skin of our teeth. But now, his whole sleeping through the night is messed up, he doesn’t eat so well and then throw in 8 hours jet lag… So like you, I just remind myself that this can’t last forever and it will pass.ReplyCancel

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