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the new garden!

One of the few things I was excited about when I learned I was moving to San Antonio was the idea that given the moderate temperatures, I would likely be able to garden year round. Upon move in, I learned that the ground here is pretty much solid clay, so I had to figure out how to make that garden a reality. Enter, father in law! He came to visit and constructed what the family calls a “square foot garden” which in my case is actually a “square foot-and-a-half garden!” He went to work in the 100+ degree heat and made me this wonderful organized box. I cleared away the sod and then my husband & I leveled it and filled it with a cubic yard of fresh garden soil that we hand bagged, carried & poured from the Fertile Garden location up the street. I put a weed screen around the perimeter, dug a barrier into the ground and mulched it. It was a lot of hard labor in some pretty intense heat. I am slowly adding all the vegetables I want to grow & cant wait to begin cooking from my garden! I guess you could say that gardening is in my blood, as my paternal grandmother had the MOST AMAZING garden I have ever seen. I will always remember her meals…which we went and planned in the garden as a kid. There is just nothing better than a carrot just plucked from the earth. I want my family to experience that first hand! I have my cooking essentials in the ground. There will be more to come, since I still have 4 empty boxes…we’ll see how this science experiment goes! It’s a first for me!


[setting up the outer walls & notching them for the dividers]

[a notched box!]

[clearing the sod]

[leveling the box]

[laid the weed screen, ready to mulch & bury the barrier]

[ready for soil!]

[thank you FIL for your help & expertise! I promise to feed you something from out of here next visit!!]

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  • FIL - Looking forward to seeing this in full production.

    See you soon.


  • Cynthia DeWeese - When exactly did you start your garden (month)? I’m wanting to start one soon, but want to make sure it’s not too late :)ReplyCancel

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