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this much [14 mos] | Personal Project

My friend Nicole recently asked me if I had done any personal projects. My gut reaction was “crap, I keep forgetting!” Because I really do. I have lots of ideas (surprise, surprise) and hope to make them a reality over the next few years. I feel like I was blessed with this talent & I need to give back using it. & I will.

But for now–my personal project is going to be something I can absolutely commit to doing. I keep meaning & wanting to do something regular with my family. It’s like pulling teeth to get my hubby in front of the camera & truly, I have plenty of pictures of him & my girl. But what about me & my caroline? I have so few of the two of us together. Not very many are candid, catch us in the moment images. So I have decided to make this my personal project. I am calling it “this much.” You can probably figure out why…and indeed, it has something to do with a little nutbrown hare.

I don’t care how perfect the images are. All I want is an honest moment between me & my daughter. One that captures the phase we are in. I will make a book someday. Using either Blurb or My Publisher. But today it begins.

I am going to backtrack too. My favorite mommy&me images come from an assortment of places…some are from my point&shoot, my old&crappy camera phone, the 30D & my iPhone. I am looking for moments, not perfection. I promise to share them all.

You can NEVER have too many images of you & your kids (or soon to be kids, or pets…) Every mother deserves it. Will you do this with me? Would you post your links below if you do? Let go of perfection. Easier said than done, for me too. But I’m going to try. Who’s in?

Month 14: Giggles. Teeth. Tickles. Kisses.

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