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this much [15 mos] | Personal Project

kicking. my. self.

I did something really stupid last week. Really not smart. I am trying to fix it. It’s not working. Please learn from my mistake.

I showed my daughter the LCD monitor on my camera. & she saw babies. Herself, to be exact. But given her current obsession with babies…this is disastrous. I mean the girl will stand for five minutes and watch my slideshow picture screensaver screaming ‘beebee!’ & ‘mama!’ & ‘daddy!’ And guess what she wants to do the second she sees the camera…

yup. ‘BEEBEEEEEE!’ & she swiftly heads in my direction & grabs it to look at the BEEBEEs. Then she touches the screen like it’s my iPhone, in an attempt to swipe her way through the images. Then gets frustrated it doesn’t work. ::sigh::

& then what? Mama gets NO PICTURES.

So, I figured this month’s image should document this. Here we are…

Month 15: Determined to get what she wants. & doesn’t give up.

[ISO 4000, so a wee grainy. But I still liked it in color. this is me letting it go, remember?]

& shortly after, she noticed another ‘BEEBEE!’

She looooooves babies. Can’t imagine where she got that. ;)

OK, time to add your links! Who joined me this month?!?

p.s. the first week of every month is when my project will be posted here!!

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