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this much [18 mos] | Personal Project

From all the reading I have done, I was very aware of just how powerful modeling is when it comes to teaching behavior. This month, more than any other, it has become evident that I don’t even need to teach my daughter what to do…she learns by watching. Over & over again I was surprised, mostly pleasantly, at the things she would come up with. One of her new favorite words is “neen-ying.” She squeals this, more than anything else (go figure) the moment I grab anything white & start wiping. HA! She is even begging for baby wipes as soon as she cleans her plate of food, just to clean up her spot at the table. This is MY GIRL! Yea! Soon after the cleaning phenomenon hit, she began throwing things away. This did NOT always end with good results…as anything on the floor soon ended up in the trash…yeah…not so great. But she is on the right track. No doubt.

Much to my surprise, she came stumbling out of our bathroom one day with not just a make-up brush, but also one of my Bare Minerals containers. Now, I SWEAR I never ever taught her what they were for. But clearly she had watched me enough, because everyone, I mean EVERYONE (including daddy & rusty the boxer) were getting blush on their cheeks. I was even more surprised at the knocks the the makeup jar (just like I do to get more powder out) and the swirls before application. ::sigh:: She is SO girly. & I LOVE IT. :) This has become a daily occurrence. & yes, I have had to dig the brush & BM jar out of the trash on several occasions. :)

Caroline at work:

& swirling before application, then application to the decolletage ’cause this white girl needs some bronzer. ;)

Now who is still with me? Be sure to link below if you are joining me in this project! It’s never too late to come along for the ride…’cause every mama needs pictures of her & her babe.

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  • Chelsea McCown - I was anxiously awaiting yours, I LOVE this!! What a cutie!! I use BM too and love it!! Here’s mine for this month :)

  • Emily - Absolutely adorable!! Are you ready for the next 4 yrs cause this is exactly what you have in store :) Next will be the hair-styling. With my long hair it can keep a child occupied for over an hour, lol.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I use Bare minerals too. My son loves putting on chapstick. I can’t get a swipe from my tube without a request from him. I even switched over to the non-tinted stuff so he wouldn’t have “rhubarb” lips!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Love it – so great! This weekend hubs and both had a cold – Abby learned really fast what washing your hands was … everytime we blew our nose and put hand santizer to wash, she’d start rubbing her hands together mimicking our every move – little sponges!!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - Love it! My little man who is 2 also loves to clean…so I arm him with the swiffer duster (or the swiffer broom) and he goes to town. So he doesn’t get much cleaning done but he is learning good habits!ReplyCancel

  • Tori @ - I should have read this before we talked yesterday so I could have told you how hilarious it is that she swirls and taps…now THAT cracks me up and THESE pics will be memories forever! I’m sure you’ll cry looking at these one day when she’s headed off to college! These made me laugh. I love the 2nd one one the best…..the way she’s standing and her cute little arms! :)ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McCown - I looked at back your last month’s this much post, and oh my goodness, her hair is getting long!!!ReplyCancel

  • @themom_ - at what age did she start wearing headbands? :) my little girl (almost a year old) hates them. any tips? :)ReplyCancel

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