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this much [22 mos] | Personal Project

I love this age. Can I just tell you, that although almost two is exhausting, it is ridiculously fun!! She walks. She talks [a lot]. She sasses me back. She shoots me dirty looks. She tells me she loves me. She gives me giant hugs. & she is into ALL things girly. I am made to be a girly mama. Heaven help me if I am ever blessed with a little boy. I am so not into swords and pirates. Power tools, sure, but I much prefer doing hair & nails & wearing dresses. Thank goodness I have a little one who is interested too! :)

I decided it was high time for her first pedi. I am not one for getting my nails done, I usually do them myself, so of course, I was going to do the honor. :) Thanks to many suggestions on the styleberry facebook page, I landed on the “formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate & camphor free” nailpolish brand Zoya to make her piggies pink. I found it locally at our whole foods in a HUGE display of gorgeous, vibrant colors. & two weeks later, her pedi is still intact! Highly recommend! :) I might even give up my beloved OPI for this glossy, quick drying stuff. The colors were to die for. I let her pick & she chose “max.” Beautiful choice, my dear.


& of course, toes weren’t enough…she begged for fingers too. Mama’s not quite ready for that. Just toes…for now. :)

& holy cow, this is late. I usually aim for the 8th of the month (her birthday is 8.8) so I can grab her at exact monthly intervals. But life is so busy right now! Who is still along for the ride? It’s never too late! What is my [this much] personal project?

Mother’s Day (or anytime, really) goodies will be here next week! Along with some other fun things…like DIY no-sew blackout curtains! :)

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  • - These pictures are too cute!!! Sounds like you have the perfect little girl – I would not be so into pirates or swords either :pReplyCancel

  • Calla - So excited for the no-sew blackout curtains!!! We’re living at Edwards AFB, CA so they are much needed for those hot summer days when we want the bedrooms cool on an energy saver budget.ReplyCancel

  • Chona Latendresse - so lucky you! caroline looks like she’s really into it. my girl cant even stay still when i cut her nails or change clothes. oh well! girls will be girls!ReplyCancel

  • Janice Roodsari - I too love the conversations that come out of my now 27 mo. old b/g twins! We went with piggy paint but it doesn’t last too long. I’ll have to stop by whole foods and try Zoya! Thanks!
    Janice of http://mommawords.comReplyCancel

  • thalla-Marie Choxi - O I must have missed that post on fb, I just ordered some Zoya online after much debated (free shipping coupon helped) if you fan them on Facebook you’ll find amazing deals very often. I ordered the remover as well and really like it! Sephora carries Zoya as well and sometime offers coupons :)ReplyCancel

  • Alissa - Hi, I’m so glad to come across your site, your photography is beautiful I just joined in doing a [this much] post. Here’s my first bathc of self portraits ith my kids. Thank you so much for the push to do this. Are you alright with the way I’ve linked back to your site? (I don’t want to grab your content, and I don’t *think* I have.) Is there a group or something I should ask people to link back to? Thanks again. Oh- and SO cute the toenail painting. My baby girl is too little yet, but that looks fun!ReplyCancel

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