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Ziploc Divided Rectangle Container | FAB 50:3

I found my Ziploc divided rectangle container at my local SuperTarget.

& a note/update on random things food related…

  • caroline does still use her PlanetBox at school. We use this for play dates & random picnics.
  • I do not heat it in the microwave. I don’t heat hardly any of E’s food and if I do, it is microwaved in glass.
  • I usually have three of these in the fridge for feeding everett. I put bits of our leftovers in there and some stuff I steam just for him. I haaaaaate pulling out a dozen containers at one time & this makes it so easy. I set all three out for dinner, give him a bit of pretty much all the food & see what he’s feeling that meal, then give him more of what he’s digging. Works great!
  • I did use this container for homemade purees for the short time I used them. He was finger feeding several weeks into eating (by 7 months) and has been feeding himself for months now. This is the biggest difference I’ve seen compared to caroline–he was self sufficient faster. Part of that is my inability to sit & feed him with another child needing me, & the other part is that he is impressively coordinated and took to feeding himself right away, fighting the spoon. I was too tired to force the spoon & why bother? Self sufficient eaters work for me! ;)
  • I road tripped recently with a half dozen of these in a cooler–packed several meals in one for everett, and one per meal for caroline. I cannot tell you how wonderful it worked. We had a fridge in our hotel & we never had to eat out.

Happy Friday!! More of these to come–I swear I have a dozen in queue…just recovering from Everett’s birthday party. Yep. You read that right. wahhhhhhhhh!!! :*(

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  • Tamara - Those are great! And may I add, AMEN to self sufficiency. I, myself, wouldn’t know from experience. I’ve been following your blog for over a year now (since soon after becoming pregnant). And, actually, you were the driving force that pushed me over to the cloth diapering side. Do you have any advice on how to get my now 9 month old to eat. He started on purees around 4 or 5 months old and would eat anything that I made for him. Recently, the past month or so he’s absolutely lost interest. I’ve found that he will occasionally eat if my husband or I are pretending to eat with him. I’ve put out pieces of food for him thinking that maybe he wasn’t into being fed anymore, but to no avail. He only wants to play with food, and it never seems to make it into his mouth. I’m at a loss.ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - The baby led weaning motto is “food for fun until one” and depending on his other nutrition (breastmilk?) and how he is growing, I’d be inclined to back off for a week and see if he comes around & eats when he’s hungry. Maybe spread the liquid nutrition out a couple hours from the solid? I’m no nutritionist–please contact one for advice–but as long as it didn’t interrupt sleep, I never worried too much about how much food he was eating. Even now–he self regulates. Sometimes eats less, sometimes more. I never want to force it & shut off his internal hunger switch!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla - I have been contemplating these for my son and well family use so seeing how well they work makes it an easier decision ! I also wanted to say how amazing planet box customer service is, we have had a problem with ours leaking even the little bowls and they emailed me right away and within a few days if trying different things there sending out a new one so greatReplyCancel

  • lindsay - um, what? birthday? man o man, that flew by! excited to see it! thank you again for another favorite thing :)ReplyCancel

  • alison - We use these and Easy Lunch boxes (Amazon) for everything…soccer tournaments, road trips, school lunch…you name it. Love how sturdy they are and inexpensive.ReplyCancel

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