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If you read the stylebabyLOG FAQs, you know this product was created for my first daughter. I meticulously took notes through most of her first year and recorded them in the original stylebabyLOG. I remember using google to search, time & time again, for examples of newborn schedules. I found absolutely nothing. I always thought it was helpful to hear and see what other mamas were doing with their babies–and I was surprised that there wasn’t more information out there to consult. (But then I realized that there were very few good ways to organize/take notes about the scheduling and it all made sense!)

So in an effort show you just how I used my stylebabyLOG, and give you some ideas about newborn scheduling using an eat-wake-sleep routine (similar to that discussed in BabyWise and The Baby Whisperer), I decided to publish a scanned copy of my original stylebabyLOG. My caroline was born in August of 2009 and is now a feisty, sassy, healthy two year old. But before you dive into the archives, here are some things you should know:

  • I am not a sleep/breastfeeding/parenting expert of any kind. I have no professional credentials in those areas–other than being an organized, motivated, well-read mom. I am married to a surgeon, so I have his knowledge and access to medical journals to use as part of my/our parenting decisions. This stylebabyLOG is filled with notes about what happened in my house during the first 40+ weeks of my daughter’s life. It is what I did, & it worked for me. Please consider it nothing more than “one mom’s way to raise a newborn.”

On Sleeping:

  • I followed a hybrid approach with my infant, drawing upon both BabyWise and The Baby Whisperer as my two guides. I followed an EAT-WAKE-SLEEP routine from the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital.
  • You will see late night feedings called “dreamfeeds” throughout the stylebabyLOG. This is a concept from The Baby Whisperer and I always fed a pumped bottle at this feeding, using milk from the day before. I pumped at about midnight each night before I went to bed.
  • I did not really follow a schedule until about 9 weeks. For the first 8 weeks we were on the eat-wake-sleep routine, with no wake time at night.

On Eating:

  • I exclusively breastfed until my daughter was 6 months old, when I added my homemade baby food into her diet. She remained on breastmilk until she was a year old, when we transitioned to organic whole milk. She was never given formula.
  • I made all of my daughter’s food. You can find more information about my whole system and how to make homemade baby food here: Homemade Baby Food by styleberryBLOG & Homemade Baby Food/Breastfeeding FAQs.
  • I was unable to store my milk thanks to my problem with Excess Lipase (which caused the milk to sour within 24 hours). I was still able to breastfeed my daughter for 14 months despite this challenge.
  • On this routine & schedule, my daughter thrived and has been in the 50th percentile and above since birth. She has spent most of her life between the 75th & 90th percentile for both height & weight.

On Diapering:

Other tidbits:

  • The margins on the right hold information about overnight sleep. If there are two numbers, the first number refers to the first stretch of sleep, the second refers to the second stretch of sleep & there was a feeding in the middle–with no awake time between the two stretches other than to eat. In the early weeks, you might see three “overnight sleep” stretches with no awake time.
  • Feel free to comment on the pages with the Newborn/Infant scheduling information. I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.
  • It didn’t dawn on me to use a highlighter to track sleep until week 27 & I didn’t track sleep at all until we started a rough “schedule” at 9 weeks.
  • My daughter slept in a pack & play in our room until 12 weeks. After that she slept in her crib in her room.





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