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Ah, the baby junk. We all have it. We need most some of it. But what do we do with it all? Buy furniture that can house it & clear out cabinets so they can hide it, too! :) I get a lot of friends & readers asking me about my must-have products so I thought I would finally put together a list of stuff I love to be used as a reference. I will add to it as I find more great stuff I like & link it on the sidebar (look for the image of my big belly) to use when you need to. I have had experience with everything mentioned here, and usually several different brands of the same category of product. If something is missing it’s because I haven’t found one that I love. What is listed here is what I believe to be the best that I have found. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie & spend a lot of time researching & learning about what is available before I make purchases. I am on a budget, so everything I buy is a very careful decision.

I am also including a list of the ‘never talked about’ stuff to help with recovery & breastfeeding. Not sure why it is so taboo. I don’t have experience recovering from a c-section, but maybe there are some different things you mamas who have know about that helped you heal.

If you are just starting to build a registry I want to make sure you know about the awesomeness that is Amazon Baby Registry. I found that neither Babies R Us or Target had everything I wanted/needed. Amazon not only has pretty much everything, but it allows you to add stuff from other retailers too, using the Universal Registry feature. Just so you can add that bedding from Land of Nod. ;) Feedback from my friends & family also highlighted the value of the ranking system–Must have, Like to have, Nice to have— as a guide to what we really needed first. You can assign these rankings to every item on the registry. Often, your generous friends can even search for the best deal on the items you want & can even get free tax & shipping, which is not typically available elsewhere.

So I know this is lengthy, but hopefully it will help–now & later. Please feel free to comment below with any products that you love or you think I may have missed. I am ALWAYS looking for cool new things.

**I have updated this list as of 5/2012 to include things that I liked/changed after having my second baby. New things will have ** in front of them! Things I used with my first babe, but not with my second, have been crossed out but are still there in case you might still find them useful!

  • Bella Band I used this for a couple of weeks. The smallest size was too big on me when I needed it the most. Bummer. I popped really fast because I am so short, so I was in maternity clothes pretty early. Later on, I didn’t like anything on my belly, so its season of use was just a few weeks. Good old hair rubberband kept me in my regular pants! But I had big trouble keeping anything up. Even maternity pants.
  • Preggie Pop Drops Helped curb the nausea. Anything sour did, actually. What worked the best was exercise!
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter in the JAR My husband-the-surgeon happened to be on a plastic surgery rotation as my belly popped & started to get itchy. This was THE CREAM that the plastics guys recommend. I used it very very very liberally because it was CHEAP! & felt good! The moisture it provided was far superior to anything else I tried & I tried a bunch. And…I didn’t get a single stretch mark. And I was huge. Stock up! ;)
  • **update 5/2012: I had a whole new take on fashion with baby #2! Here’s my article about maternity fashion. :)
  • Old Navy Fold-Over Skirts I think I wore this daily. Well, almost daily. I had one two in every color. So comfortable & the way they sit on your hips & belly is so flattering!
  • Old Navy & Target Maternity Dresses. I delivered on DAY 57 of triple digit heat [that’s 57 days in-a-row of 100 & above…yep.] and it was miserable. I wore skirts & dresses as much as humanly possible. I found that the dresses that were the most flattering on me tied under my bust and had enough weight in the fabric to hug my tummy a bit. Otherwise you look like a tent. Rock the bump. It’s cute. :)
  • Gap Demi Panel Pants These were the only pants that would stay up. I bought some fancy Paige Premium Denim Maternity Jeans and they WOULD NOT STAY UP. Major bummer. Can’t say I recommend them for that reason.
  • Random assortment of a zillion cheapo tanks. I found the absolute best ones in the maternity section of Ross, of all places, after a friend recommended I check them out. The brand Miss Juli was my favorite. And they were $4-5. Beeeeautiful.
  • Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. More on that in the breastfeeding section.
  • I was hungry ALL the time. I never left the house without my stash of trailmix, which I made with Almonds, Craisins & Dark Chocolate Chips. It helped curb those ridiculously strong hunger pangs.

Along with the normal toiletries, I brought the following that I found to work really well.

  • Put it all in a suitcase with wheels. Maybe some hospitals are fancy, but at our military hospital, we walk ourselves out & no one carries our junk but us!
  • Pillow for mom w/ a pillow cover you don’t mind getting rid of after.
  • Soft & squishy blanket for mom. I loved The Berkshire Fluffy Soft Throw. It could mold around me wherever I needed support.
  • SwaddleMe Microfleece, small. I preferred this super soft swaddler to the rough hospital blankets.
  • Carseat. Loved the Graco Snugride. Light & fit on the Bugaboo. I know Graco has the new 35lb seat, but my chunky monkey was out of this seat by 6 months old/20lbs. She was much more comfortable in the big seat & I cannot imagine carrying a 35lb baby around like that.
  • **added 5/2012: Snuggin Go The perfect companion for the carseat, helps keep the baby’s head safe & snug in that big car seat.
  • JJ Cole BundleMe Blankets in carseats make me nervous. With our climate I just needed the BundleMe Lite, but it was great! I also used it on our cheapo travel umbrella stroller when I flew.
  • Hand 2 Go Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer This one did not dry out my hands & I used it all the time.

I had a very rough recovery, after a pretty difficult delivery. These helped!

  • WaterPik Detachable Showerhead Forget the sitz bath…shower every few hours & use the soft mist to cleanse.
  • Tucks Pads Put them in the refrigerator. Use often. Also great for when the hemorrhoids strike. :/ The Target brand works just as well.
  • Colace (stool softener) 1st bowel movement=way worse than delivery. & I felt delivery. I also recommend having an enema on hand.
  • Pads. After not purchasing pads in years, I found new kinds that aren’t what I remember from Junior High! I had luck with Always Infinity & later on, Always Thin Flexi Style.
  • Boppy Should you happen to break your tailbone like I did, you will need one of these to sit on. I found it useless for anything else (not at all helpful for nursing for me), but sat on one for three months. (Did not use with baby #2)

Must haves for the first six weeks with baby.

  • Pack & Play I kept this right next to my bed until the nursery was done. 12 weeks. I am still really happy with the Chicco. I liked the vibrating thing that attached to the crib frame. The light was a very soft glow. Also nice to have the little animals on top for the baby to look at.
  • Eddie Bauer Quilted Playpen Sheet This is THE BEST sheet for the stiff pack & play mattress! It’s soft & plush & THICK.
  • Sheet Saver great for before the baby can move in bed. Saves you from washing sheets after little spit ups.
  • Sharper Image Sound Soother I like ocean noise, but it really bugs me when there are birds. This one’s “surf’s up” is perfect.
  • Newborn Boppy This is NOT the U shaped boppy. This is great for newborns. Watch carefully though, at 6 wks, my girl could wiggle right off. But it was awesome for the first few weeks. & we’re still using it at 10+ weeks for my little man. It’s his favorite place to lounge.
  • BabyBjorn Babysitter Total necessity. I used this on the kitchen table, in my office, while I showered & got dressed. Completely useful for an entire year. The BEST bouncy seat. Even cooler with the Wooden Toy attachment.
  • Contoured Changing Pad Turns any dresser or counter into a changing table. I have the Serta Organic version.
  • Changing Pad Cover (at least 4) There are a zillion cute soft covers. I have the magenta version of this one. Don’t skimp! Can’t have too many!
  • **added 5/2010- ZoLi Ohm Changing Pad, perfect for changing the baby on the counter. Sticky so the baby doesn’t slide, spongy so it’s soft on a hard surface & very easy to clean. I’d have two-one for the counter & one for the car.
  • Itzbeen Timer or iPhone app Baby Connect The app is a whole blog post on it’s own, but well worth the money. Even though I had no iPhone during the newborn phase, I use it now to track vaccines, milestones, growth charts, medicine & more. It’s awesome. The Itzbeen has 4 timers. Great if you need something really simple to remind you when the last feed, poop or nap was.
  • stylebabyLOG, a smart & simple notebook to keep track of all of baby’s details in one place. Perfect for mama, or to seamlessly record baby’s schedule & details from caregiver to parent.
  • Koala Baby Thermal Blankets I would recommend registering for very few blankets, as that seems to be a VERY popular gift. I have more than I will ever know what to do with, but these were really wonderful for swaddling when my newborn began escaping the SwaddleMe. The reason they are so great is because they are stretchy. You can get a really tight wrap that still gives. I used these exclusively for swaddling at first. (skipped right to the miracle blanket with baby #2)
  • Soothies Pacifier (we had a bunch, 8 or so) I am not sure I will use this next time around as I had a terrible time keeping it in her mouth. She had a much easier time keeping the Nuk in. (not used with baby #2, see above)
  • Wubbanub Soothies Pacifier Used out of desperation, as the soothie would not stay in. This pacifier has a little animal attached to it so you can prop it on the baby, next to the baby etc. It also won’t fall out & bounce on the floor like the dang soothies do. I have a love hate relationship with this thing. obviously. (not used with baby #2, see above)
  • **added 5/2012: Nuk Soft OrthoStar Pacifier this is the newborn version of the NUK genius, which has been rebranded to “orthostar.” I took these to the hospital and used from day one. I vowed never to use the slippery soothies again!
  • Nuk Classic Pacifier (6-8) Switched to this as soon as possible. Then switched to the Genius version as soon as we could.
  • Nuk Genius Pacifier (5) Available for 6 months+ only. 2 in the crib, 1 on the stroller, 1 on the car seat, 1 that floats from the cart cover to the gym bag.
  • Pacifier holder–Binkigrip for Soothie (the loop mechanism makes this one of the very few that attaches to the Soothies)
  • **added 5/2010–Bella Tunno Loop Binker Pacifier Clip– very cute prints & small loop fits through the opening on the NUK OrthoStar
  • Swing. Caroline NEVER took to hers. Partially because I never wanted to use it as a sleep prob, so I never put her in it to soothe her to sleep. When she was awake, she wanted nothing to do with it. When she was asleep, she was swaddled in bed. ::sigh:: I have the Boppy Rock in Comfort Travel Swing. (did not use for baby #2 either)
  • Thinking about Cloth Diapering? Go here: everything you need to know about FuzziBunz. My favorite baby item. For sure.
  • **added 5/2012: Newborn Cloth Diapers?? FuzziBunz are too big. I rented Lil Joeys for a month. Love them. Here’s how: Newborn Cloth Diaper Rentals.

  • 4moms Cleanwater Bathtub The best, best, best bathtub. Warm, clean water is constantly flowing to your baby. Genius design. Nothing else like it. Watch the video. I hung the tub from the reservoir drain hole, way up high in my laundry room just to get it out of the way. You can see it here. If you travel a lot or don’t have a lot of space, try the Puj Tub. Also really smart.
  • Bath Sponge for Newborn Necessary for a newborn to use the 4moms tub. Or any tub.
  • Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub This was a wonderful transition tub when the baby is too big for the baby tub & too little for the regular bathtub. We used this from 5 months-10 months old.
  • **added 5/2012: SheaMoisture’s Organic Olive & Marula Baby Head to Toe Lotion, lovely scent without all the icky stuff that is in most of the baby soaps & lotions at the store. I buy mine at Target.
  • J&J Bedtime Bath & Lotion The scent is heavenly. (not used with baby #2, ingredients found to be harmful to baby)
  • Aquaphor I always put this on my girl’s face at night. I put it anywhere that looks like it needs serious moisture. She’s never had diaper rash, but when she’s looked a little red I have even put it on her bum & it’s cleared the redness every time. Magic stuff!  (not used with baby #2, see above)
  • J&J Safety Swabs Really great for safely cleaning little ones.
  • JJ Cole Diaper & Wipes Caddy I kept this on the counter downstairs (with our makeshift d/s changing table) for diaper changes on the first floor of our home. It was nice to be able to move it wherever I needed it, bathtime included, with all the essentials right there. (not used with baby #2, used CD’s from the start + costco wipes + ZoLi Baby Ohm, linked above)
  • baby towels (6) I haven’t found a brand I like. Just get plenty, as I never seem to have enough clean.

  • My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow Dumbest name ever. Nerdiest design ever. But the dang thing works. It’s the only one that did. (did not use for baby #2)
  • Medela Freestyle Pump I think a pump is a necessity if you are going to breastfeed. I did not want to be tethered to a bag. This is the only Medela one that isn’t. It also has really soft suction cups (called the ‘softfit’) which are different than the other Medela Pumps.
  • Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags Loooved the convenience of these. Pop them & all your pump equipment (& even pacifiers/bottles) on the bags, add water, microwave for 3 minutes—STERILIZED. So nice. No need for any fancy sterilizer. I used the bags about 20 times each. They recommend 10, but I used them more.
  • Medela Bottle Set 5oz I had this set, plus the four bottles that came with the pump & this is all I ever needed. Total of seven 5oz bottles. I bought the 8oz Set somewhere around 6 months, but we hardly used them. She never took in more than 5oz pumped breastmilk in one feeding. Ever.
  • Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags These are superior to the Medela bags because they lay completely flat, so you can maximize freezer space. Medela freezer bags are bottom heavy, so they do not fit well in the freezer. (But I cannot store milk, thanks to my excess lipase problem, so I did not use for baby #2)
  • Medela Contact Nipple Shield We had problems with caroline’s latch in the early days & I was fitted for a shield by a lactation consultant. I did not like using it & was able to wean off of it by 6 weeks, but it was essential to our success. They do come in different sizes, so a proper fitting by a LC is a good thing.
  • Soothies by Lansinoh Gel Pads (2+ packs) These gel pads were awesome for cracked/sore/bleeding nipples. Put them in the refrigerator. Change often. Put a Nipple pad over them so when you leak, you still have protection.
  • **added 5/2012: Bamboobies, super soft breast pads with a layer of PUL so they do not leak through onto clothes. I used these instead of disposable pads with #2. LOVED them! I had eight pair and used for seven-ish weeks.
  • Lansinoh Disposable Nipple Pad I suppose I could have been more green & used reusable pads, but I leaked a LOT and these were thin & very absorptive. Much better than the other disposable options. I will probably use reusable cloth pads next time. Maybe.
  • Lansinoh Lanolin This will be a product I will use the rest of my life! But not on my boobs. Though it is great for that too. It is the best chapstick! But very healing for sore nipples, during pregnancy too.
  • Skip Hop Splash drying rack. I kept this in the cabinet, as it was small enough to fit. I like stuff put away & not all over the place!
  • **added 5/2012: Haven Nursing Cover by Petunia Pickle Bottom beautiful print. Smart wide shape. Light so I could see while nursing baby #2 all over town. ;) Mine is Misted Marsielle.
  • Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover I made the mistake of getting this one in black eyelet. Well, sure is chic. But it blocked ALL the light & I could not see what I was doing. Useless. I ended up usually going to the car to nurse if I was out & about.
  • Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. I wore this during pregnancy & after. I went from a LG to a SM, so don’t be shocked if you need several different sizes over your expanding/contracting self.
  • Medela Comfort Nursing Bra This provides little to no support, so don’t plan to wear it out of the house. I wore mine 24/7 for a long time. It was by far the most comfortable at first. Perfect sleeping bra.
  • Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra I would not have been able to fit into this any earlier than 6 months Postpartum. But here’s my confession: I love mine so much I still wear them!!! **update 5/2012: I was smaller with baby #2 and fit nicely into this nursing bra by 9 weeks postpartum!
  • Maternity tanks. I was not a nursing “top” kind of gal. All I did was make sure I wore a tank under whatever regular shirt I was wearing. I pulled the tank down & the top up. Discreet & easy. Cheap too, as I said above & I totally still wear them! P.S. I never found a “nursing cami” that gave me enough support to wear without a bra.

  • Anka High Chair by Svan I love this high chair. It is so convertible & sturdy & has a very small footprint in the kitchen. Plus it does not scream BABY like so many others do. A HUGE benefit of this chair is that it makes your kids sit upright. I really do not like the majority of high chairs because more often than not, the seat is leaning back on an angle. Not ideal. I love that the tray pops off & this can be used in place of a booster seat, sliding right up to the dinner table for family meals. My only small gripe is the fabric seat–I wish it would wipe clean, but I wash it 1-2 times a week & even after sitting with beet stains for days & days, it washes up perfectly clean. Must-have. I have the Espresso w/ Cream cushion.
  • Bumkins Super Bib Not the cutest, but definitely covers the most surface area on the shoulders. Also very flexible & you can wipe clean. I am not a fan of cloth bibs. I like to use our bibs for a couple of days. These work the best for that & look the best after a ton of washings & dryings. But they need new designers.
  • Gerber BPA free Divide N’ Dine Plates So far my favorite. Each section (except the littlest one) will fit at least 2 one ounce baby cubes or more.
  • Gerber NUK forks & spoons Perfect size for self feeding. Spoon is not too deep or wide. These actually came in a set with the plates.
  • **update 5/2012: favorite sippy post here. (see below)
  • Sippy Cups. This will eventually get a post of its own. I stopped bottle feeding breastmilk at 8 months & nursed exclusively. I began giving water in a sippy cup. We started with the Avent line, which was a great transition cup. First cup was the Magic Cup, soft white spout. Second was the handle free Klean Kanteen with the white spout. Then we switched to the Avent hard green spouts, not soft as they say they are. Now we use the Nalgene sippies. They are great.
  • Thinking of making your own baby food? Go here: for more on homemade baby food.

  • Burp Cloths (2-3 dozen) I really liked using the “prefold” cloth diapers as burp rags. They were absorbent, did not stain and I could get a lot for cheap. I still use them ALL the time.
  • The Miracle Blanket This is an amazing product. If you are a swaddler, this is a MUST. My babe would not sleep well if not swaddled & this helped us with many, many hours of sleep. In fact, once she muscled her way out of this, I even put a large SwaddleMe on the outside of it & it was perfect!! No escaping!
  • The Company Store Ultimate Flannel Mattress Pad (2) for the crib. I love the company store. I love this mattress pad. I think their linens are very, very good quality.
  • Serta Organic Mattress I am a believer in buying this as clean & clear of any chemicals as you possibly can.
  • sheet for crib (4)
  • Chair in nursery. I love my IKEA Poang. I am not a fan of the looks of gliders, and this does everything I need it to. I sewed a fabric slip cover out of a throw in the clearance section of Marshalls, seen here, and it is just perfect. And affordable.
  • **added 5/2012: Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Video Monitor. Clear & reliable monitor that accommodates up to four cameras. It can be set to view just one camera, scan through all cameras on seven second intervals, or set to the quad view–with a visual of all the cameras at once, but sound only on one, which you can choose.
  • Monitor. I have the Sony BabyCall. It’s fine. I have a problem with walking through the line of communication–it will beep if I am in between the receiver & the monitor. It is very strange, but it drives me nuts. I thought a video monitor was excessive, and now I really wish I had one. As soon as I can bring myself to spend the money, I will purchase the Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Multiview Monitor. You can see live feeds from four different cameras on one screen. I would love this for kids rooms & the playroom. I have seen it used live in person & it works really well.
  • Kirkland Baby Wipes These are the best. They are thick & sturdy. There are coupons twice a year for $4 off (900 wipes for $14.99) & I usually buy 4 boxes, which last me until the next coupon comes out.
  • Lovey. Or Transitional Object, if you want to get technical. Caroline’s Angel Dear Monkey has really been a comfort to her. She even has a big ‘Napping Blanket” now too, which is the only blanket I allow her to have in bed. I adore this brand & we have multiples…for emergencies! Very soft, even after a zillion washings.
  • Bumbo Seat Important developmental tool for building strength to sit up. Also a great travel high chair!

  • Moby wrap & Ergo baby carrier. See this post on Baby Carriers for more detail.
  • Diaper bag. This requires it’s own post, which I will do soon. I have had experience with a bunch of bags & will cover them soon. The bag I carry everywhere is the Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall. I like it a lot.
  • Pacifier Wipes To clean pacifiers when they fall into icky situations. (eh, second baby did not get these.)
  • Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover Hands down, most used item when out on the go. My girl prefers the cart to the stroller, so we use this everyday. It is large enough to fit the costco carts. I have had experience with a couple others (the Floppy Seat faded terribly after one washing so I returned it & the Eddie Bauer didn’t even fit the carts at Target, where I bought it.) This one is very expensive comparatively, but I was able to get it for around $50 on They go really fast when they are there though, so act fast. It took 10 minutes to sell out the day I got mine.
  • Buggy Bagg High Chair Cover The quality of this brand just cannot be met. I have this & love it. I’ve washed it a bunch & it still looks new. Again, got on for about $20.
  • Tiny Diner Placemat Love this. It suctions to the table in a restaurant. Goes right in the dishwasher & rolls up like a tube for transportation.
  • Zoli OTG Feeder. Read this post for all you ever needed to know about the transportation of homemade baby food.
  • Bugaboo Cameleon & Graco Snugride adapter. Plenty more on that here.
  • BOB Duallie. Love. Perfect double stroller for rigorous walks/runs. More here: Finding the right Double Stroller.

  • I always changed my baby in the car as I dislike those public changing areas. I had a changing station in the back of my car that included a changing pad, Diapers & wipes.
  • Bin (mine is just a nylon bin from Homegoods) to keep all the toys & books organized in one spot. I hand her new ones as she needs them to keep quiet. I am not a fan of food-in-the-car…what would I do if she started choking? [shudder]
  • Thule Car Organizer I have the front seat organizer, but I keep it in the backseat on the floor full of wipes, diapers & an emergency food stash.
  • This Baby Einstein Toy has been a LIFESAVER! We’re on our second one, as my daughter pushed that button so many times that the sticker wore off & the music stopped playing. It’s her favorite. It stays in the car.
  • Sunshine Kids XTSL Convertible Carseat I did a ton of research & chose this seat. I switched my daughter at 6 months & she’s been happy ever since. She sits pretty upright (again, I am not a fan of reclining anything) and is still rear facing at 15 months as per new AAP data that states toddlers are more than five times safer riding rear facing. The seat itself is quite narrow, and is the only one that can sit three carseats across in a typical minivan. I like its slim profile, and that it has a steel frame. It is sturdy.

  • Lands End Do-it-all Diaper Bag This was a gift and it was definitely one of the best gifts we received. I never travel long distances without this bag. I love it for a few reasons: (1) it holds a TON, (2) I can wear the baby in the ergo in front & wear it as a backpack while boarding the plane so I am not a wide load, (3) it fits under the seat & opens extremely wide, old doctor’s bag style, (4) I can hang it over the handle bars of our cheapo stroller in the airport, (5) the changing pad is big, which is great for diaper changes in the airport & on the airplane, (6) it has a ton of zipper compartments to I can keep it all organized. This bag is awesome.
  • Stroller for flying, we have the Chicco Capri. Not suitable for everyday use, if you like to go on long or rigorous walks.
  • **update 5/2012: Much prefer GroVia to the Flip for hybrid diaper systems when traveling. Here is my GroVia vs. Flip Comparison.
  • Flip Diapers with G-Diaper Disposable Inserts This will be a blog post of its own, but this is how I diaper when I travel.
  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes My inlaws have been using these for years & I recently got on board. We have a bunch of these cubes, each family member has their own color. We each pack ours in whatever way we want, then organize them in the suitcase for the most efficient use of space. I love these! Especially nice for keeping Caroline’s stuff separate & organized.

  • Trumpette Socks Not only are these ridiculously cute, but they are the only socks that would stay on.
  • Pedipeds or See Kai Run Smaller shoes. Really great for little feet, as no others stay on or have soles that are as soft! Robeez are ok, just not quite as cute, but they are getting there (as evidenced in the Halloween pictures!)
  • Hanna Andersson Night Night Baby Sleeper, Organic Cotton I picked up some of these at Costco when Caroline was 7 months old. Because of the way the hands & feet can be folded, she can still wear the exact same jammies, 10lbs & plenty of growth later. They wash better than any other brand I have tried & nothing has ever left a stain. They still look brand new, 8 months later. & she still wears the same size, 18-24 months.

  • Newborn- Playmat. I fought having one, but it is really an essential. Loved the Skip Hop Garden Floral Activity Mat.
  • 5-8 months- Exersaucer. Fought having this eyesore too, but ohhhh the time it gave me to get stuff done! Loved the Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Jungle. She still plays with it at 15 months old!
  • 10 months- Standing learning table. Love the LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table. & just an FYI-all the second hand kids stores usually have these. I got one in perfect condition & cleaned it with bleach. Paid $20, retails for $50. Hint: find a second hand store in the nicest part of the city you live in. I bet it will have the best stuff! I only buy all plastic stuff second hand, as I know I can sanitize the heck out of it.
  • 1yr- walking toy. We have the Ikea Toddler Wagon (thanks cousins!) and it has been great.
  • LeapFrog is my favorite brand of toys. By a long shot. They are so educational and are truly the only toys that keep my daughter’s attention. Some of them can even be programmed, using your computer, to say your child’s name & a bunch of custom greetings & favorite songs/pets etc. Caroline adores them! Some of her favorites right now are the LeapTop, Violet, My First Book (both of them), Fridge Farm & Fridge Phonics. I would consider all of these to be necessities. They are a HUGE hit in our house (which = productivity for mom!) ;)

Alright mamas. What did I miss??

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