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a safer way to bathe the babes| Simple Human Sensor Pump

Maybe I am the only uncoordinated mother out there, but cleaning my girl’s booty has always been a challenge. From the time she was itty bitty & in the bathtub that went in the sink, I just couldn’t figure out the best way to hold her with one hand & hold/squeeze/squirt/set down the soap bottle with the other. Once she graduated to the big bathtub I tried to wash her while she stood up, and getting soap in my hand was even more of a challenge. So I thought & I thought and…….


I remember seeing one of those sensor pumps that you could set by the kitchen sink that squirted soap just like the kind you see in public bathrooms. Why couldn’t I put my favorite baby wash in one & use it in the bathtub? Hmm. So the hunt began. Being the bargain shopper that I am, I went to my local Homegoods & scored exactly what I was looking for, at 50% off. Meet the Simple Human Sensor Pump. The device that made bath time safer.

I ended up getting the bigger of the two, as I liked the tall & narrow shape. It has four separate settings that determine how much liquid comes out with one squirt. I have found it to be an essential part of our bath time routine. If only I had found it sooner!

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  • Cassie - such a great idea! I dont have any babies yet but I sure am getting tons of great ideas from your blog :)ReplyCancel

  • Renee Booe - Thats such a good idea.ReplyCancel

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