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Charlie Banana vs. FuzziBunz Elite | 5 reasons why I love Charlie Banana

Whaaaaat, you ask? You mean FuzziBunz? Well. Yep. You read that right. Many of you found me & this blog because of my love of cloth diapers. I have now been cloth diapering for nearly three years and have learned a lot along the way. Back when I first started CDing, I chose my favorite brand of the brands available to me and went with it. I still love my FuzziBunz. But I’ve discovered a new gem in the CD world!

Just as I believe that there is a perfect photographer for everyone, I also feel there is a perfect cloth diaper for every baby, regardless of my opinion. Cloth diapers are NOT one size fits all. They are all cut differently and fit each baby in their own special way. FuzziBunz worked great on my girl, but my boy is built differently. He’s got a thick middle and skinnier legs than she had. & after struggling a bit with my FuzziBunz, I decided to explore a new option. I ran into Charlie Banana at TARGET one day. (Target!!) & I bought one. Then I bought more. & now I have about a dozen of them in my stash and I love them. Here’s why:

#1-Charlie Banana diapers load from the front

My babies tend to have poopy diapers that spread up the back of the diaper, making it nearly impossible to get the microfiber insert out the back without getting dirty fingers. Because this diaper loads from the front, I can easily get the insert out without touching poop. YEA!

#2-The Charlie Banana logo tag sewn on to the microfiber insert

This tag makes it possible for me to unstuff the diaper without ever touching the insert, again keeping my fingers from getting so dirty.

 #3- The back elastic waistband of a Charlie Banana diaper is covered with fleece

A major complaint about many back loading pocket diapers are the red marks that are left on the baby when the diaper is sized tight enough. Since these diapers load from the front, the back is sewn shut. This allows the fleece to extend over the scrunched up PUL, which lies flat on baby’s back, reducing the indentations that occur with other pocket diapers.

Both of these pictures were taken after at least an hour of wear in each diaper. While both do show an indentation, the Charlie Banana’s is not as deep as the FuzziBunz Elite, and is made by fleece, not PUL.

#4-Charlie Banana’s sliding sizer

I am used to working with a two ended button sizing system which has been hidden in the new FuzziBunz Elite diaper. Most of my diapers are the original FuzziBunz OS diapers that have the exposed buttons. The exposed buttons always leave button marks on my daughter, sometimes rubbing her raw. I also find myself tucking in the ends of the elastic every time I wash, especially as she grows and the diapers are sized larger–on the 1-3 button setting. Tucking the elastic deep inside the new FuzziBunz Elite diaper is a great improvement, but they are difficult to access. This makes sizing the front a challenge. I have also noticed that the buttons on the back waistband elastic of my original FB OS diapers are starting to wear a hole through the PUL after three years of use. Since Charlie Banana does not have a sized waistband, this is not an issue.

Charlie Banana uses a sizing system that resembles a bra strap. The slider is tucked inside the fleece pocket and only adjusts from one side (the back) of the diaper. It is simple, easy and does not touch baby. It is marked S-XL and can be set at any point on the strap, not just on a dedicated sizing mark.

#5- Charlie Banana’s crossover waist snap

This crossover snap replaces the need to do any kind of elastic waist sizing. You can make it itty bitty for infants by crossing the tabs over one another OR fasten on the last snap for big babies. I could easily fit this diaper on both my five week old AND my three year old.

BUT, I love this snap for a different reason. I can never remember to bring a wet bag with me while out on the go. Using the crossover snap, I can wrap the diaper up nice & tight, keeping everything icky inside. I just tuck it into my bag like a little secured ball and unload when I get home.

You can see the fourth crossover snap on the left tab on the Charlie Banana diaper. I have one really old FuzziBunz diaper that has one, but none since the very first diaper I purchased have the additional snap.

Now some of you asked about FIT. & wanted to see how they fit on little & big kiddos. So here’s how they look.

Everett is husky. In these pictures he is five months old and weighs 20 lbs. He is 28 inches long. He is in the 90-98th percentile.

 & then there is Caroline. She is now long & lean, but with a belly. She will be three next week and is 37 lbs and 39 inches tall. She is in the 90-95th percentile.

The verdict:

FuzziBunz makes a great diaper. Charlie Banana makes a great diaper.

You have to find the one that you prefer for your baby’s body & your own taste.

Here are some things to consider:


  • Nice & Trim cut. There is very little bulk, especially if you look at the size of the front snap panel. This is wonderful for smaller babies (especially as you transition out of newborn diapers) but may not fit bigger babies. I have several friends who had to liquidate their FuzziBunz stash because their babies were just too big. My daughter was day potty trained before the Elites were out, so I was never able to try them on her. But now, it is impossible for me to stuff a FuzziBunz Elite for her nighttime stretch. (She wears a Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold + 2 hemp BabyKicks & there is still at least two inches between the snaps, preventing me from closing them while stuffed.)
  • Dynamic. & by dynamic, I mean that every time I order FuzziBunz I feel like I get a different diaper. No two of mine from separate orders have the same fleece, PUL or inserts. They all fit differently. This can be a positive–as I feel that they are listening to us moms & what we want–trimmer diapers with less bulk–but the changes I have seen over the last three years do shake my confidence a bit. Some of their diapers have been better than others.
  • Excellent Warranty. FuzziBunz offers a LIFETIME warranty on their diapers. In the last six months I have experienced broken snaps, excessive pilling, really sticky PUL & delamination. Every single warranty claim I have submitted has been approved & I was promptly sent a new Elite diaper. Do I wish I didn’t have to use the warranty? Yes. But I did. & it was great.
  • Small Business Friendly. If you run in the cloth diapering circles, odds are you meet a lot of WAHMs. Much of this industry is fueled by small businesses and I have heard that FuzziBunz is pretty good to their small retailers. So if you want to support small business, this is a great brand to go with. FuzziBunz Elites are normally about $18/ diaper. Sometimes you can catch them as low as $15/diaper if you catch a really good sale.

Charlie Banana

  • Generous Fit. I would describe Charlie Banana as a “fluffy” diaper. It is super soft and just wraps nicely around my little guy. The fleece is softer (so far) than my FuzziBunz and it definitely covers the booty generously. However, the larger snap panel in the front does hang over the thighs when snapped up tight. You can see this on the left side of my little man’s thigh above, and on my girl’s thighs, too.
  • Consistent & Absorbent. So far, all of my diapers look and feel the same. All of the inserts are microfiber, as compared with the new minky style of the FuzziBunz Elites. I am not yet super confident in the FB minky. Right now, I prefer microfiber, though they do have a lifespan of about 18 months from what I understand. I am still using the FuzziBunz microfiber inserts from my original purchase three years ago and they are definitely not as absorbent as they used to be. I always use a Charlie Banana diaper at night, and I have them double stuffed with ease, on my five month month old who is currently 20 lbs.
  • Standard Warranty. The warranty covers most defects for the first year, excluding elastic, which is only covered for 180 days. Since I have only been using these for five months–I cannot yet talk about their wear over time. All I can say, is that I am VERY grateful for the FuzziBunz warranty. Nothing can beat it. I don’t know any other company that will replace a diaper after well over 300 washes.
  • Mass Retailer Availability. Charlie Banana caters to the masses and can be found in large retail outlets. You will find them at some Targets, & online at, Amazon & Small businesses cannot compete with the clearance prices of places like Target or Zulily, so if you are looking to support small business, this is not your brand. If you are looking to score a great deal and use some coupons/shop discount sites, this might be a good brand for you. Full price at Target they were $21/diaper but I caught them on clearance & found a 6 pack of diapers for $78. $13/diaper is a total steal.

Some FAQs from Facebook:

Is it a problem that you cannot change out the elastic on the Charlie Bananas?

  • I changed out the elastic on my FuzziBunz when Everett was born and it has not made a difference in the quality of the diaper at all. I am still experiencing some leaks, more due to the microfiber inserts wearing out. I don’t find the ability to change the elastic to be all that beneficial. I’ll have to see how much the Charlie Banana elastic stretches out by the time we are done with diapers to make the final call.

How does the Charlie Banana sizing compare to FuzziBunz? Have you used the sized options?

  • I would say it is the comparable to the the original FuzziBunz One Size diapers. The new FuzziBunz Elites are definitely smaller. I have only used the CB One Size. I prefer One Size diapers.

Are Charlie Bananas good enough to consider buying MORE diapers to add to my FuzziBunz stash?

  • YES. I think the perfect stash would have a mix of both. I like CBs for nighttime, for sure. & as Everett gets bigger & we have to start bulking up at night, I am sure I’ll lean towards the Charlie Bananas since they can comfortably fit more inserts in the pocket.

Do you have to unstuff them to wash?

  • Definitely.

Have you used Charlie Bananas with disposable inserts?

How do Charlie Bananas compare to BumGenius?

  • I don’t know. I was never able to get the bulky BumGenius to fit my daughter well, so I didn’t buy any. They were also only made in velcro back when I bought my first stash, so I never went that route. My BFF uses BGs on her super chunky girl and prefers them for her big baby. I have heard great things about them, but I have no personal experience with them, other than the Flip diaper, which failed for me.

Have you had any issues with the PUL getting sticky, so they are hard to stuff?

  • I have had this problem with FuzziBunz, but never Charlie Banana. I find the Charlie Banana are a piece of cake to stuff, which is part of the reason why I love them.

How does the Charlie Banana fleece compare to FuzziBunz?

  • So far, I have found the Charlie Banana fleece is much softer. But I also have so many different FuzziBunz, with so many different fleece styles that have all worn differently, that it is hard to compare directly. Overall, Charlie Bananas are much softer.

Are they your new brand of choice? Would you skip the FuzziBunz next time? Do you think they would have been just as successful on your daughter?

  • I reach for them first, yes. But I still really like my FuzziBunz. I need to see how they do in the long run before declaring them the preference. I still like my FuzziBunz, but I think the new Elites are going to be too small really quickly. I am pretty sure I would have liked them just as much on my daughter as I do on my son. I sure like the size better for her as a big toddler.

& by request–one last image of both a Charlie Banana OS and a FuzziBunz Elite OS on the largest setting so you can see the size comparison. The FuzziBunz can still be let out one more button at the waist on each side.

Whew. You still with me?? I think that just about covers it! Feel free to comment away with experience, questions or anything I missed that you think should be added. I’m always curious to see if you’ve had the same experience as I have & why or why not. :)

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  • Tracie W - I first found your website by your cloth diaper post, and then loved finding out about homemade baby food. This is a great post, and so informative. I have both FB OS and Elite, and I’ve had nothing but problems with them, and have been wondering about Charlie Banana- I think I might go pick one up and see how it fits my little guy! My go-to diaper is our BG Elemental (never leaks, I swear!) but it will be nice to get some slimmer diapers for the diaper bag :) Thanks for a great post!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - As always – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Since my first baby will not make his arrival until Thanksgiving time, I have no first hand experience to go by when trying to determine what I need to have on hand and what are the best options. I’m also the only person in my family or close friends that will cloth diaper, so they don’t have any words of wisdom either – I’m pretty sure they all think my husband & I are crazy! Your willingness to share your experience/opinions is invaluable to me!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel N - I have both in my stash as well, I do think that the Charlie Bananas don’t wear as well long term as the fuzzi bunz. The Charlie Banana that I have had for over a year is not in as great of shape as my fuzzi bunz. They are a lot easier to get a good fit on though and I find them more forgiving, maybe the elastic is stretchier? My fuzzi bunz have to be done up on the right snap in order to not leak but the charlie banana can vary by a snap without issues (great for my hubby). Also, a warning, the designs on the back of the charlie banana diapers wash off after a while. They say you have to turn the diaper inside out to prevent it but there is NO WAY I am sticking my hand inside a dirty diaper to turn it inside out. After replacing elastic that was sewn in on a bunch of my diapers I can say that the ability to change the elastics without sewing is an awesome plus for me. And I too have taken advantage of fuzzi bunz amazing warranty policy. They replaced 3 diapers of mine that had started to delaminate after 2+ years of use with brand new diapers. I didn’t even have to mail the old ones back, just sent pictures (not sure if that is the policy for everywhere, I am in Canada and shipping is expensive). That alone is worth buying fuzzi bunz to me:) But the charlie banana do have a really nice fit, I just don’t think they are quite at the level of customer service or quality of fuzzi bunz yet.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Thank you so much for such a detailed review!! My son is long & lean, and we have not had any issues (to date) with our FB OS Elites, but I am always on the look-out for other cloth diapering options to bulk up our stash a bit (we have been working w/21 dipes since he was 6 weeks old…and I am finally down to washing every other day). I will def. keep the Charlie Banana in mind once he gets a bit bigger (toddler) and gets closer to potty training. We truly are not expecting him to ever be a chunky monkey, as both myself & my fiance are tall (I am almost 6-foot and my fiance is 6-foot, 3-inches) and very lean, so the FB may be the best dipe for him, but that does not mean I am not going to try a Charlie Banana, just for funsies! Who knows? Babe #2 could be totally different!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Oh – and I forgot to mention…When I am changing a poopy FB OS Elite diaper, I never touch poop…I always grasp the front of the diaper (the art that sits right under his belly-button) and give a few good flicks and the insert slides right out (after I have rinsed the poop off into the toilet or shook out the disposable liner into the trash). No poopy hands = happy mama!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mehren - I have both and like them equally. I do find the CB easier to stuff which is a big deal in my book. I didn’t even know that about using the tag to pull out the liner! I love your reviews! ThanksReplyCancel

  • emily - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Charlie Banana’s, however the new style (the ones that were sold at Target) don’t fit my son as well as the older style. The older style leg elastic adjusted the same as the fuzzibunz and the front wasn’t as wide as the new style is. All in all CB > FBReplyCancel

  • kate - I only have experience with CB and FB sized diapers, so the elastic/sizing issue is moot. My daughter is long (97th percentile height) and lean (50th for weight) and the only fat on her body is a single chunk roll on her thighs. At eight months, about 17 lbs and 30 inches, she still fits her CB smalls, while the FB smalls no longer snap around the thigh. Mind you, after her recent growth spurt, her torso thinned out again so we were back to overlapping waist snaps for a few days! When it came time to order replacements for the smalls, we opted to get more CBs instead of FBs. I think CBs are under appreciated in the cloth community because they are sold by mass marketers, but they really are a great diaper.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I won some CB at a Twitter party and they quickly became a favorite of ours. We’re also big Fuzzibunz fans. My daughter is a few months over 2 years old (and potty trained most of the way). She’s also a mere 23 lbs. She’s long, lean, and tiny. Both diapers fit her GREAT! I dont get the same kind of fit with BG on my daughter that I do with these diapers. The only other diaper that I swear by is our Rump-A-Rooz diapers. Very great post comparing the two. :)ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - You should try Applecheeks. As I was reading your comparison of these 2 brands, I kept thinking to myself, you don;t have that problem at all with Applecheeks. Yes they are a 2 size system, but their resale value is great, so you could fund almost your entire next size selling off your first size (we have both sizes anyways because I have 2 in diapers) But you don’t have to unstuff a dirty diaper at all, and the way the snaps are designed you don;t need sizing elastics. and you have no blowouts. In 7.5 weeks of diapering a baby, and 3+ months of diapering a toddler, I haven’t had a poop leak at all. We have had some pee leaks from my super-soaking 2 year old, but that’s the nature of any diaper if they overfill it.ReplyCancel

  • christa - you are going to laugh, but I never thought to use the tag to pull out the insert in my charlies and I have been using them for 5 months! BAH! Learn something new every day in the diapering community! I love Charlie Banana. I have the sized ones for our baby and he is still fitting in the small. I do have 1 one size and it seems to be very trim in comparison to my other one size diapers, which is very nice!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie McG - I have both too, and I must give the edge to FB mainly because of the liner. The CB liner doesn’t hold as much “liquid” as my FB’s, My son always leaks when he wears them. I will start using them more because the plastic liner on 3 of my FB diapers are starting to tear… all the same colour, the light teal colour form 2009… so I’ll swap out the liners from them and use it in my CB’s.
    We use the CB swim diaper too, no complaints there. I was drawn to CB mainly because they had black diapers, and the disposable liners (I use the Grovia disposable liners). They are trim and perfect for travel.ReplyCancel

  • Maggie - so glad to know about the new lifetime warranty policy on FB snaps! I’ve had my fitted FBs for almost 4 years… using them on the third kid. I just had a snap break a few weeks ago. Luckily I kept the diaper and didn’t throw it away! Sent in the warranty form and it was approved even without the original receipt. THAT’S good customer service. I’ve heard from several business owners that the “original” FuzziBunzs were manufactured with more quality than what’s being put out now. Besides having to replace elastic around the legs and getting new inserts after 3 years I’ve had no issues with quality of sewing or PUL delamination. I’m hoping to finish out on our third child without buying ANY new cloth diapers!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Carver - I’m not a huge fan of either diaper. The CB do look nicer than the FB. But I will never purchase a CB diaper because they copied Fb 100%

  • Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Review - […] If you’re a FuzziBunz momma and want to know more about how this diaper compares, check out Styleberry’s comparison. […]ReplyCancel

  • Jay - Thank you for such a thorough post. This answered all my questions.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole' - Hi! I am having my firts baby in January and we are having a co-ed: It’s a PARTY, not a shower! celebration and we are just planning on registering for diapes. We need to decide what to register for and I am really interested in the Charlie Banana’s, but wondered if the outside mateial gets moist or does it take a long time to dry out? How do they compare to the GroVia(I read your post)? I don’t understand everythng, b/c of having no experience :( I really need HELP knowing what to do! Can you give me some basic idea’s of how many we will need and what is best???ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - The shells of both dry pretty quickly, but the CBs will take longer than the Grovias because they are fleece, not mesh. :) See the First CD link in the side bar for all your questions!ReplyCancel

      • Nicole' - One more question :)Why choose an All-In-Two versus an All-In-One, if both go straight into the laundry???ReplyCancel

        • Elaine - Great question Nicole. I’m curious to know the answer to that one as well. Looks like I’ll be doing some more research! :)ReplyCancel

        • Elaine - So here’s what I was able to find…

          Hope this helps…

          Cons of AIO’s-

          The inside soaker can collect build up making it less absorbent over time. And since the soaker is sewn in you may have a hard time cleaning off the build up.

          AIOs may not be for every type of wetter. They may be not absorbent enough for extremely heavy wetters

          May not be good overnight diapers for your child, unless they are very light wetters

          Expensive. All in One Diapers run more pricey then other types of cloth diapers

          Bacteria may cling to the inner soaker of your AIO. Since the parts can not be taken apart, your AIO may not be cleaned as good as it should be

          Longer drying times, since the diaper has more layers to it.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole' - Also, do you still use the Flushable Liners?ReplyCancel

  • April J - Would you prefer a FB or a CB for a boy?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - CBs are bigger, but my boy is smaller than my girl. Both are giving me the same result right now, so I really don’t have a preference, except that I can stuff the CB bigger at night, and my little guy is a much heavier wetter than my girl was.ReplyCancel

  • Jacqui - Hi there, I’m looking for a better nighttime solution for my 1 year old daughter. Up to now, she’s been doing FuzziBunz with one hemp insert and until about a month ago, it worked great, but recently she’s been leaking every. single. night. Are you using the Thirsties prefold + hemp doublers with a Snappi/cover or inside a CB diaper since you mentioned they don’t fit in the FuzziBunz? Or something else altogether? Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - for my little guy (10mos) I use a CB with two hemp inserts. With my big girl (3yo, not night trained) I use a thirsties wrapped around two hemp inserts in an original FB OS, which has stretched a LOT. Both work great with zero leaks for us!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten - Shawna – your cloth diaper posts were so helpful to me before I had my little one last May. I have a number of different brands since I inherited a bunch of diapers from friends, but the majority are FB and CB. My question to you is this – my 9 month old boy is big(above the 98th percentile) – 27 pounds and 32 inches long, and all of the diapers we have for him are starting to look a little snug. I’ve got a couple of snaps and elastic adjustments to go, but there is no way he’s going to fit in these when he’s 30 months old (the range the CB OS gives on its website). I know Everett is a big boy too – are you finding that your OS diapers are still fitting him well? I really don’t want to invest in a whole new batch of large sized diapers down the line. Maybe I should start potty training him now ;-) Any advice?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - You know–everett is not big. He’s tiny, especially compared to his sister! I am not the best to give you any guidance here, but keep in mind potty training might solve your “will it fit at 30m” dilemma. I’m hoping to PT by two again. I would ask Liz at Go Baby Go for some bigger diaper recommendations. I know there are a lot of great options, I have just never had to explore them since my babies are fairly slim on the bottom!ReplyCancel

  • Arika - I was first wondering if you knew any used cloth diaper sites other than ebay and craigslist? I also wanted to ask how the cb’s were holding up and if you noticed a difference in the inserts in how much urine they hold.ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Diaper swappers is the only one I know about, but I have never used it personally. We use both microfiber inserts during the day & notice no difference. I will say that the charlie banana are holding up better at one year of use than the fuzzibunz. I’ve just had a bad run with defective FB and I am tired of having to replace them (for free).ReplyCancel

  • Annissa - Thank you so much for this thorough comparison. My daughter has been having this crazy rash and I wanted to switch to cloth diapers. But which one!? You did a wonderful job answer all my questions and, with all my research on each brand, I am finally confident and ready to make the switch.ReplyCancel

  • Elaine - Hi there Shawna! Love your blog. You are so explanatory! I love all of your pictures and videos. Really thorough. I just have a question for you. I am new to cloth diapering and am going to be purchasing the CB brand of diapers for my chunky son. He is 7 1/2 months, 21 lbs, 27 inches tall, and thighs are about 12.5 inches. I am curious as to how the CB’s have continued to fit your son, who appears to be a chunky little man as well. I am going to be purchasing the grovia hybrids as well for use when out and about. Thanks for the great idea on that. Would love to know if these have continued to fit comfortably as well. And has the quality held up on both brands thus far? Thanks again!!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - My little guy is actually tiny! He’s always been below the 25%ile and they work find for him. They are a bit roomy, but I haven’t had any problems! My experience has proven that CB’s do not stand the test of time. My metal sliders have corroded, causing the elastic to tear and it is so hard to replace.& due to some poor performance & customer service, I can no longer recommend FB either. I’d give BumGenius a look if i was starting over.ReplyCancel

  • Chila - I LOVE my Charlie Banana’s. They fit my 4.5 month old like a dream and so far no leaks. I found them on clearance at my local Target for 43 dollars per 6 pack box! And the singles for only 8 dollars. Of course I could not resist and I’m so glad that I didn’t pass them up. My new favorite for sure, right now. I loved this review. Thanks for being so thorough.ReplyCancel

  • Janna - Hi Shawna, I bought a few CB to add to my FB stash after reading your helpful review. I’ve been really happy with them, and actually do prefer CB to FB for many of the reasons you pointed out. However, a year later I’m finally having to adjust the sizing for the first time. The metal sliders are corroded or something, making it almost impossible to slide them! I’ve been super careful to wash as directed, using Rockin Green soap only. When I pulled on the sliders, they were so stuck that the elastic ripped! I’m so disappointed. I’ve emailed CB, but I’m not sure what to expect. How have yours held up?ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Did you wash your CBs on hot? The tag says warm only and just wondering what you did since your normal wash routine includes hot with cold rinse…ReplyCancel

  • Anna - Hi, I just wanted to suggest that with the fuzzibunz, the elastic isnt ment to go right aginst the back of the baby. The fleece on the pocket of the fb diaper is longer for that reason. It is ment to hang out the back of the diaper, between the elastic and baby’s skin. Its not as neat looking but that is how it is ment to be worn. I never knew that either before talking to the lady at our cloth diaper store as well as seeing it always hang out the back of other baby’s diapers and always wondering why these ladies dont tuck it in. Anyways maybe try the fleece sticking out the back of the diaper to prevent red marks :) It works for us and wetness doesn’t ever go up his back so no wicking either.ReplyCancel

  • PUL Fabrics In Cloth Baby Diapers: A Brief Guide | Cloth Diapers Content Webpage - […] For even more great information on all in one cloth baby diapers be sure to go here: address. This great site is equally useful: baby diaper secrets. […]ReplyCancel

  • Bethany Ward - Hi Shawna, You may remember meeting me in Tx a few years ago… I’m married to JB, Lauren’s brother. She shared your blog with me a few years ago and it’s been a great resource! We are expecting our first baby in February and I’m currently trying to decide which brand of cloth diapers to use. I have friends who love their fuzzibunz & bumgenius, but I love this post about Charlie Banana and think I would like them for many of the same reasons you’ve mentioned. I was all but sold on Charlie Banana until I came across some reviews that said they don’t hold up well over time compared to FB & BG. I’ve read that the elastic stretches out, they lose their absorbency and the waterproof coating flakes off. It was disappointing to hear. It’s been a year since you’ve written this post, and I’m wondering how you think they hold up compared to other brands? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Hi Bethany! My experience has proven that CB’s do not stand the test of time. My metal sliders have corroded, causing the elastic to tear and it is so hard to replace. I have also had some really poor luck and customer service fro FB, so at this point, I would say go the BG route! Good luck! & congratulations!! We sure miss your SIL around here!!ReplyCancel

  • Aisha Sequeira - I noticed that your first two comments were about unstuffing the dirty inserts. Have you heard of Diaper Dawgs?

    Not all diapers that take the struggle out of touching dirty inserts provides the best fit for any certain baby leaving parents opting to choose fit over dealing with unstuffing nasty inserts.

    I myself picked my cheaper pocket diapers because they fit better than diapers that were designed to self-agitate inserts out but never did!

    Diaper Dawgs let me use the pocket diapers I prefer without me having to sacrifice the sanctity of my fingers!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole' - Hi Shawna! Would really like to know if you are still happy with the charlie bananas after using them on Everett for this long???ReplyCancel

  • Rosy - Does charlie banana diaper fit from birth?ReplyCancel

  • Brittany - Hi there,

    I’ve been using CB’s for about a month now. I’m considering using them at night time. I’m concerned about leakage though. Any tips and recommendations?ReplyCancel

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