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Come On, Clean Out That Closet!!

Okay okay, I have admittedly been slacking off on the posting! I am not fortunate enough to be one of those paid bloggers so I am working on the parts of my life that do have the potential to be profitable! Don’t get me wrong, I know this blog is a necessity in my business so don’t think I am going to abandon it…I have just been working on some real life stuff lately!

I was reading an issue of House Beautiful this week and came across this article & it was fabulous! I swear every month my BFF & I have the following conversation:

“I just spent a whole day cleaning out my closet & have FIVE bags of stuff to donate! ”

“Oh yeah??!?”

“YEAH, and it was SO liberating…I don’t know why I hung on to half the crap in my closet!”

So…in honor my my BFF…I thought i would share & hopefully inspire you to declutter, scale back & make your closet beautiful, so you can emerge feeling the same way every morning! Enjoy!

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  • Rachael - Shawna, thank you so much for posting this! Great article and extrememly helpful as I am in that place in my life right now!ReplyCancel

  • Laurie - Feel free to donate winter stuff to me!! If we PCS to Colorado I’m going to freeze. I haven’t puchased any warm clothing since 2002!!ReplyCancel

  • Fitori - Thank you, thank you. I do feel honored :) I see a continued closet-cleaning project on my MLK Day in my very near future. Is it weird to print this and keep it in your closet?? :)ReplyCancel

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