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DIY Rag Wreath…to conquer the boredom.

My daughter has decided her meals need to take foooooooorevvvvvvvvvverrrrrrr to consume. & I am bored. Problem is…if I get up from the table, she just stops eating & resumes her much more fun than eating activity. ::sigh:: So I have felt like a prisoner at the kitchen table for nearly three hours a day…sitting…watching…barking at her to eat. & I realized that I needed to change something about the situation because it was no good for anyone. Time to find something to do while she was eating…that I could do while still maintaining some soft of eye contact & conversation with her. Enter my latest project: the DIY rag wreath.

This was completed over the course of three meals. No creativity required. Just a wire wreath form ($3, Michaels), a bunch of fabric scraps, a scissors & the ability to tie knots. I first found the idea during Kelly Moore’s awesome 12 days of DIY series. Then Julie of ZozoBugBaby had a box o’ scraps sale (I purchased one!) and well…this is what happened:

This is made out of about 95% Zozo scraps & I needed a bit extra to fill in the gaps & make the flower & leaves. I also learned that it goes faster if you use longer strips–like 1 or 2 x 5ish inches. I made the mistake of starting with strips too small & it was taking forever! So make them a little longer than you think. You can always trim.

I made the flower out of a long ruffled strip, like I showed you how to sew here & how to make into flowers here. :)

I kind of don’t want to hang it outside…it’s too cute! ;) Happy…..spring? Sure feels like it down here! & you could totally do this with seasonal fabrics/colors for a fun holiday project for the front door! Halloween…Thanksgiving…Valentine’s Day…ooh. So many ideas!

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  • Andrea - Love it. That’s exactly how my ZoZo wreath turned out, except you have that super cute flower, nice touch!ReplyCancel

  • Abbi Z. Meadows - So cute! I made one of these for my hubby’s grandma…all black and white fabrics with a red, wooden “L” for Laura Lee. They ARE so easy!

    I wouldn’t hang it outside, either!! I say put it on the door to the baby’s room…a lot of those same bright colors! :)ReplyCancel

  • Veronika - So cute! I love all of the colors and that cute little flower!
    I was catching up on some of your posts since I just found ya and do you live in/ or from SA, TX? Because that is where I live so that makes me extra happy to have found your blog :)
    I like following along with someone I can relate to!
    On another note, I do have a link back to you for P52 on my 1st P52 post… should it be in every post? (that way I know to add it and also for the future. Thank in advance!)ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - i adore this wreath! you make it sound so easy but i’m afraid about the finding all those scraps of fabric!!!! i have no fabric and don’t really “deal” with fabric. i’m a bit slow in that area. but i’ll keep it in the wheelhouse and maybe somehow i will find a super cute box of dirt cheap fabric swatches or something??? i dont’ know, but i lurve it!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Rose - So adorable…thinking of doing it for a group project, but could you estimate about how many yards total of fabric you would need if someone was to buy fabric by the yard in various patterns?ReplyCancel

  • heather - I laughed out loud at your story because that happens EVERY DAY with at least one of my girls. Oh my gosh, I’m so tired of reminding them to take bites/chew/swallow. My 2-y-o can hold food in her mouth for hours and hours (no exaggeration). So gross. Oh, and I love the wreath! I want to make a wreath for a friend of mine, and I think this is the one!!ReplyCancel

  • kim - This is so cute, cant wait to do one. Im going to use a wire coat hanger I have laying around, and Im going to bend it into a heart. Also thinking about making a candy cane!ReplyCancel

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  • Caroline - Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! Today I did a post on my blog about DIY projects for spring and I included a link to your this fabulous wreath!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Paula - Bought a wire frame & some scraps yesterday to start a wreath for an online friend that is undergoing chemo treatments for ovarian cancer. We belong to a food board and many of the board members are participating in the project, Wreath of Love for Elsa. We are using blues, teals, & cream.

    Several years ago another another friend made her own with varied pinks when she was going through chemo for breast cancer.ReplyCancel

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