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Happy Father’s Day!

& this year the tradition continues. With a new addition, of course!


Gosh, how fast they grow!

Father’s Day 2011



Father’s Day 2010


Hope you have a special one!

(we’ll be celebrating tomorrow…because Dr. Daddies don’t get Father’s Day off. Boo!)

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  • Megan - You closed the comments on your pregnancy weight loss story, but I just HAD to comment. I found it via Pinterest. The main reason I am writing is because I was scrolling along reading the post and then it was like, “I KNOW HER!”. I played soccer with Erinn in high school and was very good friends with her brother. What a small world! I was an athlete and always very thin and fit. Unfortunately married life had me put on too much weight and then I got pregnant before I lost it. That left me in an ugly place with an ugly relationship with my body. Stretched skin that wont bounce back doesn’t help. I worked hard and dropped all of the pregnancy weight (didn’t get to the marriage weight), did a triathlon and BAM! pregnant again. Here I am again with all this extra weight, wondering how I let this happen AGAIN! At any rate it was refreshing to read your take on this. Being a mom doesn’t mean I have to be frumpy. This doesn’t have to be my lot in life. Oh and super cute Daddy pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Tori [at] - super cute! and i need those bows! :)ReplyCancel

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