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Who is the stylebabyLOG for?

  • The stylebabyLOG is used to keep track of an infant’s sleeping/eating/diapering schedules (and more!) which makes it great for organized parents who would like ONE place to record all this information.
  • The stylebabyLOG is also an invaluable tool for parents who work outside the home & wish to have an effortless sharing of information from the child’s caregiver at the end of each day.
  • It makes an excellent baby shower gift, especially if mama is a bit Type A. :)

Why would I want to use the stylebabyLOG?

  • For peace of mind. New parents have enough to think about. Having one place to record everything we need to know about our baby is invaluable–especially during the first few weeks when it is hard to remember something as simple as when you last fed the baby. (& I swear, you forget!)
  • Useful things to note:
    • feeding times
    • side you last nursed on
    • how much you pumped & when/how much the baby was bottle fed
    • wet/solid diapers changed
    • baby’s nap length
    • baby’s nighttime sleep
    • medicines administered
    • milestones
    • first foods & amount/order of food introduction
    • schedules/routines & patterns of sleep

Will the stylebabyLOG really help me?

  • I can tell you that I would have been lost without it. I like to keep track of things. I like to spot patterns. I also like to see that my baby is on a good routine–and be able to look back at rough patches to see if I can spot any triggers in unusual behaviors (such as slightly shorter naps or later bedtimes). This information helps me adjust what I am doing, giving me confidence because I know that I can always consult the past to improve the future.
  • Though I am the primary caretaker of my child, had I been sharing the duties with another person I would have wanted meticulous information about the daily happenings without having to ask over & over “when did she eat?” or “when did she have a #2 diaper?” This is stuff I want to know, especially at 2 am when my fussy baby cannot sleep. Knowing she’d had a bowel movement at 4 pm while I was still at work would help me know that’s not what’s causing the problem, but rather a new tooth or a growth spurt. You can’t call a nanny at 2 am to ask. The stylebabyLOG keeps you from ever worrying that you might not know what’s going on with your baby.
  • Also, having a record of my baby’s first year is going be an extremely valuable resource as the second baby joins the family, as I can consult back to things that did & didn’t work with the first baby and adjust accordingly.

How did you come up with the idea for the stylebabyLOG?

  • While pregnant with my daughter, I searched everywhere for a baby log. I wanted something simple & easy to use that gave me a bird’s eye view of an entire week, making it easy to spot patterns in my baby’s sleep schedule. Finding nothing to suit my needs, I decided to make one myself.  Once I shared the finished product on my blog, I was inundated with requests from mamas wanting a blank copy of their own. Clearly I was not the only one looking for something like this! So, I published my first version & the rest is history! The stylebabyLOG concept & design is © styleberryPHOTO, LLC.

I have twins. Will I need one stylebabyLOG or two? Will this even work for multiples?

  • Each stylebabyLOG is designed to hold details about one baby. So I’d definitely say get two!
  • And YES, this is a smart product for multiples. The moms of multiples that I know are even more meticulous in their note taking than I am and have told me that it is vital to have both a firm schedule and a solid way to track details. This a PERFECT solution for keeping each baby’s information separate yet recorded & easily accessible.

When is the best time to take notes in the stylebabyLOG so I don’t forget?

  • I set the stylebabyLOG on my daughter’s dresser next to the changing pad & kept track of everything there. My daily routine included the eat-wake-sleep routine, and I always changed diapers as soon as she woke up and again before I put her down to sleep. I made most notes when I (a) changed her diaper after she woke up & (b) changed her diaper just before I put her back down to sleep (following her feeding/awake time). Recording information at these two times was great, as I was able to remember pretty easily how much & what she ate in increments of a couple of hours.

You are a pretty paperless gal, why would you want to use paper & not an app?

  • Well–this is just one part of my life where nothing but paper would cut it. I could never find anything that would give me the kind of chart that the stylebabyLOG provides. Electronic input seemed great in some apps, but the output was never what I wanted it to be; it was difficult to reference the data. I liked being able quickly jot down a note and flip actual pages in just a few seconds. I liked being able to tell my husband to look at the book if he was upstairs with her if he had a question about the day. Plus, there was no way I wanted to look at a bright screen after a 4 am feeding.
  • Also, not everyone has access to (or interest in) technology. I suppose if you have an iPhone AND and iPad, it might be pretty easy to use, but most parents who work outside the home take these tools with them during the day, leaving a nanny with…a pen & paper.

How big is the stylebabyLOG? 

  • Its pages are 8.5 x 5.5″ (fold a piece of printer paper in half if you need a visual) and it is about half an inch thick. It comes with an entire year’s worth of blank pages and a notes section. It is designed to show half of the week on each side of the spiral binding (saving counter space) but can open wide to show the entire week on one page.

What are your favorite pens/highlighters to use with the stylebabyLOG?

  • Sharpie Fine Point Pen-most of the notes you see in my original published stylebabyLOG are written with this pen. It is NOT the fine tip sharpie marker, but rather the “pen.” It does not bleed through the pages.
  • Papermate Intro Highlighter -the perfect width for the stylebabyLOG charts and most importantly, one of the few that did not bleed through my pages.

Are there plans for boy/girl versions of the stylebabyLOG?

  • I’ll never say never, but this tool is designed for mama & is part of the styleberry brand, in the pink & green color scheme that you are familiar with. My stylebabyLOG was opened to the current week’s page about 95% of the time, so I never saw the cover anyway. BUT…there might be special editions in the future. ;)

I have another question…how can I ask you?

  • The best & most efficient way is to comment below & I will answer as soon as possible.
  • You can also send me a message at shawna [at] stylebabyLOG [dot] com.
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  • Rachel N - Will this be avaliable for online sale? And if so will it be able to ship to Canada?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - The stylebabyLOG will be available for purchase online by December 2011. At launch, it will be available for shipping in the US only, with shipping to locations outside the US coming in the near future. :)ReplyCancel

  • Varinda - When I place an order, does it generally ship relatively quickly or is there a bit of a wait for turnaround time?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I ship it the same day or the day after. The only exception will be when I have my second babe in a couple of weeks (or likely most of the month of February) when shipping will likely be delayed at least a week. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Varinda - Perfect! Thanks for your help! :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin Walsh - Hi Shawna

    Do you ship to Johannesburg, South Africa and do you know the costing of this?

    Thanks ErinReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Hi Erin! I most certainly can. There is a $10 international shipping charge, which I will send upon receipt of your order! :)ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I’m so happy to have found your website! I was in the middle of trying to revise my daily “log” and found your stylebabyLOG, I just ordered one!

    My little girl was born 3 weeks early and we’ve been exclusively breastfeeding thus far. We had issues with her weight dropping, so I pumped and gave 1 oz. additional at every feeding. The good news is that it worked! She is past her birth weight and actively gaining, the sad news is that she doesn’t take in enough at the breasts (she gets too tired) so I need to continue with the additional 1 oz. Nursing and pumping combined (after every feeding) is driving me crazy, it is just so demanding and I’m not taking care of myself or enjoying my baby at this point. I’m exploring supplementing with formula just for the additional ounce, but after reading your blog and comments from others, I need to stay true to myself and keep chugging through. Maybe the I’ll try the 1 time a day pumping. Also I will research babywise, it sounds like exactly what I need.

    Any suggestions on how to keep my girl awake for her feedings? I’ve tried patting her with wet wash cloths, stopping the feeding and retrying, etc.ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie - Also, I feel conflicted on when to feed vs. when to let her sleep. If she needs to eat ever 3 hrs and it takes an hr to feed and put her down, she’s only getting 2 hrs of sleep.ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I don’t have any advice on this one, since I have no experience to draw on! But babywise might help you get on a great routine based schedule, helping you find how often she is really hungry. Just don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for you–it’s not for everyone! You have to do what works for you!ReplyCancel

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