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Megan - Hi Shawna! You might recognize my name or my husbands name (Dathan). We have ordered the StyleberryLog from you multiple times for friends and once for ourselves. I was wondering if you are going to sell them again or if maybe you had just one left around or possibility a store that has some left to buy?? I am due with baby #3 in 5 weeks and I know how much of a lifesaver it was last time (!!!) so I was hoping to be able to have one to use this time as well! Thanks!

-shawna- - I’m sorry, I do not currently ship to singapore. Best wishes!

H Y - Hi, this seems like a very ghood idea!! How much is shipping to Singapore please? amd how many weeks/sheets is the log? a year?

-shawna- - Not at this time. In the future, if I decide to give the product more attention, I will add color options, but for now there is one that is consistent with my branding. :) Food for thought: It’s always folded over–so the cover isn’t usually visible anyway!

Tiffany - Any chance you are making one of these in blue? Thank you!

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Morgan @ A Bright Idea - I need another baby now so I can order this! LOL

-shawna- - Hi Heidi! Soon you’llbe able to purchase them at Go Baby Go, down in Alamo Heights, but right now I offer free shipping, so online ordering is the way to go! :)

Heidi - How can I purchase these in person? I live in your area. I have a couple of baby showers coming up and these would be great gifts! You mentioned Market Days but I’m not familiar with that. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog today…lots of great local resources as I’m new to the area!

Varinda - Hi! I’m trying to order one as a gift but where can I put the recipient’s address?

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Carrie - Yay! So excited for you to get this out there and so excited for all of us who get to use it! Congrats on your accomplishments!!

Calla - I LOVE this!!!! My lactation consultant said “why do you track?”. I track because I’ve lost my mind! I stopped tracking because she made me think I didn’t need to…HUGE mistake! I’ll be getting one once baby #2 is coming along.:-D

Megan - WOW! I know you’ve put a lot of time into this and it truely shows! You are a true inspiration – these look amazing!

Erica - You are such an amazing woman, I LOVE it!!

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Tara - Thanks Shawna!

Trena - You are so clever!!! Love this and want to get some for new
moms! How soon can you send them a friend had baby today?

-shawna- - no backdrop. I shot into a window, put the book in front of it. It was sitting on a white desk. I used a car windshield reflector to add light. :)

Tara - AWESOME!!! Quick odd question, how did you take these photos? White backdrop???

Whitney - Fantastic job! I will be placing a few orders for some pregnant girlfriends, for sure.

Sara - Yup, put me on the want list! I should have had this with my first, could not figure out a good way to keep track of all this in one place! Of course I didn’t know I’d want to keep track of all of it until after I had my baby and then i didn’t have the time or where-with-all to make one up. Hope you ordered a big box of these! They look beautiful.

-shawna- - At Market Days, in person, they will be at a special launch price of $25 each. Once they are online for good, they will be $30 + free shipping (no tax if shipped outside TX) :) & they are not going anywhere! I plan to have them as long as I can keep up with the business & still be a mama!

Sarah Shalley - Can’t wait. Do they have a price yet? I have several babies I need to buy for. Oh, and then there’s ME! Hmmm…are these going away? I want one for future kiddos.

Suki - Oh I can see this coming in handy for the soon-to-be-born baby over here. Since I have to leave him in my mothers care after 8 weeks this will be awesome to have.

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