Did you bring the camera?

I am a serial instagrammer. I will admit that I am addicted. I am AMAZED and INSPIRED by what can be created using the iPhone. & I love using mine. But I IG for one reason, and one reason only: my family. We’re on a particularly bad stretch of work hours for my hubby…which will be the case for half of this year (uuuggghhh). I IG because he says he feels closer to us when he can see what we do all day. I know that my parents and his parents and everyone we love feels connected, since the military keeps us far away. I IG for them. I love the iPhone. But…it’s kept me from my other love. My heavy, expensive love of fancy photography. & last weekend when we were at the hospital and sat waiting…waiting…waiting…under these gorgeous windows and I knew I had to put down the phone & get out my big camera. It was way too beautiful here.

Part of the reason I have been saving for the 35L is because I wanted something a little lighter to carry in my bag. I LOVE my 24-70L. But I had become almost too comfortable with it. & it is heavy. I was ready for some new glass. So after saving for what seemed like FOREVER I finally got my new baby. I was so inspired by Andrea’s lila was here blog and I knew she shot only prime lenses while on the go. They are just easier to carry. BUT…once I popped the 35mm on my camera I realized how lazy I had become. Whaaat? I had to MOVE to zoom? Ugh. I took the lens off after a week and took a break. It was pushing me. Forcing me to try new things that made me uncomfortable. I could no longer do my typical series…wide, zoom, shoot from the top, shoot from below. Bam. Series. Well, that worked with the 24-70. But not so much with the 35. So I have been playing and failing, a lot. I thought that I didn’t like it for about a week there, but then…we created these. & I finally feel like I know what we can do together. I am very excited at the challenges ahead. This lens and I are going to do some great things.

These are my little people. We visit daddy on his overnight call days. But sometimes (often), he gets called to so something important just as we arrive at the hospital and we just hang out, knowing that someone else needs him more than we do at that moment. So we play. We run. One of us crawls (at 7 months?! omg). We talk. We eat. We argue. Luckily for me, it’s a beautiful place to stop and wait for his smile.

Boy, am I glad I decided to grab the camera on this day. I even just switched back from my new smaller diaper bag to my fab Kelly Moore Bag so I can have it with me even more. :)

Did you take yours today? Well, don’t forget it tomorrow!

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