Digital Negatives | The Gift of Modern Portraiture

Back in my former corporate life, I sold birth control for a major pharmaceutical company. It was a wonderful experience and in many ways, it is why I am in the position I am in right now. I learned a lot and even traveled the world. I earned “points” selling Mirena (which is AWESOME, by the way) and was able to purchase my first camera, a Canon Rebel xTi. Then, I earned a spot in the President’s Circle & they sent me to Germany, where I used my camera & fell in love with photography. Every single job in life takes us where we are meant to go.

Three times a year we had meetings which, though mostly a snooze, filled us in on the latest updates regarding our products. I always sat in suspense waiting for the marketing/branding presentations, as that was a huge passion of mine. I spent as much time with the marketing team as I could & took to heart the “you are the brand to our customer” message. I loved it. I loved representing my products. But I yearned to be the face of MY OWN brand.

Here I am today, six years later, representing my very own brand. I spent a lot of the time after I had my daughter trying to figure out what the next step for my business was & how I wanted it to look.

Fresh. Modern. Simple. Bright. Refined.

I decided to make my core product an all digital negative collection. I wouldn’t want to have my pictures taken & then have to choose which to prints to buy. I want them ALL. I want to share them with my friends & family. I want to put them on my blog. I want to post them on Facebook. I want to print as many as I want. I want canvases. I want to put them on my Christmas card & Baby Announcement. I want to OWN them. Forever. Especially if they are of MY BABY. I will love every single one and thinking about choosing a select few snapshots of the fleeting times in a child’s life—no way. This mama says NOT GONNA HAPPEN. You SHOULD own them all. I WANT you to own them all. So you will, if you choose to work with me. It’s this simple: THEY ARE YOURS.

Then I decided that, of course, they need to be presented in a very unique way. I think DVDs are soon going to be obsolete, so keeping with the fresh & modern goals of my brand, I decided to use a Flash Drive + simple, bright, refined boutique packaging. I want you to love the gift of modern portraiture as much as I do. What do you think?

next up on my agenda…a beast of a post on home-made baby food & a new blog header…both long over due!!

**UPDATE 8/2011: Recently this post has received a lot of attention around the internet & my inbox has been flooded with emails regarding specifics about my product presentation. What I will share is this:

I came up with this idea all on my own, in an effort to create something original in a stale community of lackluster product presentation. This post was meant for my clients. I found my resources after searching long and hard all over the internet, looking for the perfect items to create exactly what vision I had for my brand.

If you are a photographer, I encourage you to be creative.

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